Posted by: nhfalcon | March 6, 2011

J.A.R.D. v.3.6.11

* – I probably would have been like this if The Hobbit was being filmed when I was a kid:


* – RIP, Jane Russell.

* – I knew Cameron Diaz and I had something in common. 🙂

* – for those who don’t know but want to, here’s the 2011 Oscar winners.

* – are these Hollywood’s worst Best Picture Oscars?

For what it’s worth, I would absolutely agree that Chicago should not have beaten The Pianist and there’s no way Shakespeare In Love should have beaten Saving Private Ryan.

* – a film based on ’80s hair metal? Sweet!

* – I don’t think Phil Collins has anything to apologize for, do you?

* – be careful what apps you have on your phones out there, Droid users.

* – hey, a place with something for both the guys and the gals:


* – they are doing some pretty amazing things with robotics nowadays, aren’t they?:

* – the first high school Tea Party club (and note that they’re not all white. I see an Asian there, and one kid looks like he might be of Middle Eastern descent and another one looks like he might be of Latino descent, and there’s even a girl in there! Huh! What’s up with that?!).

* – there’s a Latino Tea Party leader? No WAY! The Tea Party’s a bunch of racist, sexist, homophobic, Christian bigots – didn’t you know that?

* – apparently the President does.

* – hmmm, it would seem Arizona is on to something here.

* – I know it will shock some people, but Glenn Beck can admit to being wrong and apologize for being so.

* – uh-oh. Looks like Life ceral is racist:

Better call out the dogs…

* – we could save tens of billions of dollars if we just eliminated government waste and redundancy? Huh! Whodathunkit?

* – was the financial crisis of ’08 the result of economic terrorism?

* – no, Michael Moore, that’s not your money, nor is it my money, nor is it the American people’s money. They money belongs to the people who earned it.


* – jeez, pal, tell us how you really feel:

* – this week’s Allen West porn.

* – there seems to be a theme going here…

* – so which is better, public or private?

* – and now for our weekly Chris Christie porn:

* – are collective bargaining rights more like antitrust violations than civil liberties?

* – the 10 worst-paying states for teachers.

I notice that New Jersey, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Indiana are not on that list.

* – but, is there any correlation between the best-paid teachers and the best-performing teachers?

* – those pro-union protesters in Wisconsin are so peaceful, aren’t they?

* – what’s that law about the first side to invoke Hitler..?

(at least the guy apologized)

* – hey, if you want to use the Constitution to teach people how to read, fine, but teach the Constitution as it’s written, not as you’d like it to be written.

* – and now for our weekly Bill Whittle porn:

* – I have dear friends on both sides of the handgun issue – those who believe easy access to hand guns is not good for this country and those who believe government has no business dictating ownership one way or the other. I have gained valuable understanding from both arguments. I have made my final decision. Certain Americans, especially those who are more likely to become victims of crime, need to own and become proficient with handguns:

I can’t discuss it further right now.  Gotta get back to the firing range………  
It’s my turn to pick up the brass behind the shooting stations.




  1. Looking at the 10 worst paying states for teachers is interesting, but a dollar to dollar comparison of teacher salaries is pretty meaningless when not factoring in cost of living in an area. I am sure that $46,000 average salary for a teacher might be unlivable in CA or NY, but in rural Alabama, say, that’s a LOT of money.

    I truly believe we have to completely rethink our education system. We continue to throw more and more money and blame at it, yet our kids are still sliding further and further behind. What we are doing is not working, and clearly will not work in the current climate of the country. Students do not strive to compete anymore. We especially need creative ideas to help those kids in areas where the parents do not seem to care about or stress the benefits of WANTING TO LEARN.

  2. Heh! Right after Lea and I got married, some friends of hers from San Francisco were in town, and we had them over for dinner. Of course, the Bay Area is one of the most expensive places in the country to live, so we talked about that a bit. They estimated our house would sell for $500,000 there. We sold it for $62,000.

    When it comes to salaries and costs of living, you definitely need apples to apples.

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