Posted by: nhfalcon | August 8, 2012

Now, Where Was I… ?

* a very belated Happy Fourth of July to you all.

I’ll let Ronald Reagan say it far better than I can.

* – speaking of Ronnie, here’s forty of the greatest quotes ever.

* – you want reasons to love America? Here’s 76 of ’em!

* – still made in America, baby!

* – very classy, Mr. Bolt:

* – be careful in the water out there

* – this woulda freaked me right the eff out!

* – that’s a little too close to home!

* – and this is even closer!

* – they named a hurricane Fabio? Seriously?

* – there’s gonna be a How To Train Your Dragon TV series? Cool!

* – a Marvel universe TV series? Hmm…

* – a Brady Bunch reboot? From Vince Vaughn?

* – I finally finished Season One of Games of Thrones. Good stuff! I like the books better, but the show does do them justice.

* – so, there’s going to be a Taken 2, hmm? Interesting…

* – hmm, maybe this new Superman flick will be decent, after all.

* – Hobbit-y goodness!

* – I just found a reason to LOVE quantum physics:


* I’m not sure I wanted to see a woman who’s had eight kids naked, anyway…

* – happy birthday, Neil Armstrong!

* – RIP, Ernest Borgnine.

* – RIP, Ben Davidson.

* – RIP, Gore Vidal.

* – RIP, Jon Lord.

* – RIP, Norman Sas.

* – remember Joe Delaney.

Now that’s heroism!

* – speaking of heroism, if you’re going to take something away from the Colorado movie theater shooting, take this away.

Don’t take heart in anything political that could be gleaned from this. Don’t take it as a way to make a stand for or against gun control. Take heart that the silver lining in this horrific tragedy is that there are still some true heroes left, people whose first instinct isn’t to run for their own lives, but to save others’.

* – as much as I dislike Obama, this is totally unacceptable!

* – you know, I used to like James Earl Jones…

* – on the other hand, every so often Jon Stewart will pleasantly surprise me.

* – I’m still waiting for the day I can do one of these posts and not have to reference nanny state idiocy.

* – but that would be too much to ask, wouldn’t it?

* – someday, maybe

* – or not

* – I’m pretty sure this is NOT what welfare is supposed to be used for

* – just when I thought Mayor Bloomberg couldn’t be any bigger of a douche nozzle

Seriously, Bloomberg? No, seriously?!

* – speaking of Bloomberg and his efforts to keep us all from getting fat, I seem to recall “the experts” telling us that it was hard for poor people to eat healthy because the healthy stuff is too expensive compared to fast food.

Wanna try again?

* – great idea, judge, but what if the only way to meet your ruling is to hire blacks and latinos that aren’t qualified to do the job?


* – THIS is what the “shellacking” in 2010 got us?!?!?!

Kill me.

* – look out! Those ever-rising CO2 emission levels are going to kill us all!

Oh, wait

* – funny, I thought the science was settled by now. Huh.

* – but, what about the glaciers?!

Yeah? What about them?

* – can conservatives be environmentalists?

* – yeah, you knew this little Weiner was gonna rear his ugly little head again sooner or later, didn’t you?

* – yeah, that Scott Walker sure is an evil bastard, isn’t he?

* – nice work, New Hampshire.

* – I love Chris Christie (yes, I’ve said that before. What’s your point?):

* – way to go, Rep. Louie Gohmert!

* – I think I like Foamy the Squirrel…

* – apparently Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN) missed the “freedom of religion” part in the Constitution.

* – can somebody please explain to me why Andrea Mitchell still has a job?

* – more Mitchell idiocy.

* – right next to the word “hypocrite” in the dictionary is a picture of Debbie Wasserman Schulz.

* – speaking of hypocrisy, how does the media get away with bashing Ann Romney for a $990 shirt, but yet let Michelle Obama slide on a $6800 shirt? A little help, please?

* – wait, I thought Bain and outsourcing were evil?

* – you know, outsourcing? That evil, evil thing that only Mitt Romney does?

* – yes, only Mitt. Never Obama.

* – we’re supposed to be in a recovery, right? You know, “moving in the right direction” and all that?

* – 70 facts about the economy Obama doesn’t want us to know.

* – I really like this woman:

* – didn’t Obama once tell us to jusge him by the people he’s surrounded himself with?


* – so, unemployment dropped in every state that elected a Republican governor in 2010.

I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.

* – we’re gonna start giving food stamps to Mexicans now?!

* – 13 interesting facts about Obamacare, straight from the law itself.

* – and just who exactly is going to bear the brunt of the cost for Obamacare? I’ll give you a hint – it ain’t those evil rich people.

* – but I’m sure it’ll be good for the job market.

Oh, wait

* – so, can we keep our current insurance or can’t we?

* – so, is it a tax or isn’t it? Because you told us it wasn’t, but the Supreme Court disagrees with you.

* – well, is it or isn’t it?

* – well, Nancy, what is it?

* – so, President Lightbringer, how’d that whole “You didn’t build that” thing work out for ya, huh?

Going back to Ronald Reagan for a second…

(Just a bit of a difference, huh?)

But he was just taken out of context…

(btw, shouldn’t unemployment be below 6% by now?)

Some great demotivational posters.

Jesus H. Christ, even JFK, LBJ, and Bill Clinton got it!:

* – a “laser-like focus” my ass!

And now back to bashing Obamacare…

* – “freeriders,” Nancy? Freeriders?! That’s rich, coming from someone who relies on enabling freeriders to keep getting elected.

* – “It doesn’t matter what it is, because it’ll be so wonderful!”

Oh, really?

* – but at least the doctors love it.

Oh, wait

* – but we should believe Barry about his healthcare bill, because, you know, he’s never lied to us before

* – or broken any promises

* – do you need any more reasons to repeal this thing?

* – ah, Bill Whittle…

* – remember…


* – can somebody – anybody – on the Left clearly define for me exactly what The Rich’s “fair share” should be?

Thought not.

* – funny stuff right here:



  1. Kira Davis is one of the best vloggers out there. Thanks for posting that.

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