Posted by: nhfalcon | December 31, 2012

I Gotta Do This More Often

…if for no other reason than to make sure it doesn’t take multiple days to do a new post! OY!!!

* – because I haven’t done so in quite some time, I’m gonna start off with some gratuitous sex. You’ve been warned…


Hmm… That’s a tough one. Let me think…  🙂

* – I definitely needed to know this about Jennifer Aniston! 🙂

* – Danica Patrick is single again! YES! 🙂

* – well, I finished dead last in my fantasy football league. Fucking kill me. Eli Manning – who I took with the 2nd overall pick of my league’s draft – did absolute dick for me practically all year long. Hakeem Nicks was injured pretty much all year long. When I traded for Ben Roethlisberger in an attempt for better QB production, he promptly got injured. Yeesh!

Next year’s gotta be better… right?

* – now, my Falcons on the other hand…


13 – 3. Home field advantage throughout the playoffs.


* – yes, I saw The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey on opening night (DUH! 🙂 ). I liked it. I thought it was a good movie. There were many deviations from the book, and several of them were nothing more than an excuse for Peter Jackson to show off his CGI chops, but I still enjoyed the movie. If you’d like to give the soundtrack a whirl without actually buying it, click here.

* – speaking of The Hobbit, yes, I would like to live here.


* – what do you really know about the Middle Ages?

* – RIP, Larry Hagman.

* – RIP, Jack Klugman.

* – RIP, Charles Durning.

* – RIP, Reinhold Weege.

* – RIP, Gerry Anderson.

* – RIP, “Macho” Camacho.

* – RIP, Rick Majerus.

* – RIP, Alexandra McHale.

* – RIP, Navy SEAL. Job well done.

* – RIP, Stormin’ Norman. Godspeed.


* – dry white rice might saved the cell phone I just dropped in a puddle? Really?

(I work in the cell phone biz, folks. It’s no guarantee, but yes, rice is worth a shot)

* – imagine having your smartphone in your contact lenses.

* – ain’t technology great?

* – what you once thought was science fiction

* – speaks volumes about our education system:

* – the original Boston Tea Party was an act of terrorism? Really? Oy-vey…

* – so, just how brutal, bigoted, and racist was the white man when he came to the New World?

* – nice Thanksgiving commercial…

* – great answer by Marco Rubio (with an even better follow-up by Dan Calabrese).

* – Hillary faints and gets a concussion just before she’s due to testify about Benghazi? Really? How convenient…

* – not that I ever have, but remind me to NEVER buy anything Harry Belafonte does.


* – really, Martin Bashir? You know, for someone who tries to portray himself as an intellectual, that was pretty immature. Grow up.

* – speaking of “intellectuals,” did you hear that Chris Matthews was glad Hurricane Sandy happened?



* – well, Glenn Beck was certainly on a roll after Hurricane Sandy, now, wasn’t he?

* – oh, hey, btw, about that global warming thing? Yeah, it stopped back in 1997. Thought you’d wanna know.

* – but, by all means, let’s consider a carbon tax.

* – did you know the CIA had a Center on Climate Change and National Security? They opened it in 2009.

They shut it down a month or so ago. I wonder why… ?

* – every so often the Swedish come up with some good ideas.

* – oh, Milton Friedman, we miss you. We so need you now!:

* – this is a perfect example of what free market capitalism can do. A couple of guys who had an idea and ran with it. It cooks your food when you’re camping. It charges your gadgets with the energy it creates from cooking your food. It cooks your food and charges your gadgets from being fueled with kindling. It’s fairly inexpensive. It’s eco-friendly.

And there’s not a multi-million dollar federal loan to be found anywhere. Imagine that.

Who built that one, Mr. President?

* – hell, we’re not even in the top ten anymore for prosperity as a country.

* – meanwhile, our federal government is spending money on shit like this.

* – and it was supposedly Paul Ryan who was gonna push Grandma over the cliff?!?!?! Have you seen this?

* – not that government-controlled health care would ever result in death panels, though. Oh, wait

* – yeah, how’s that Obamacare working out for you?

* – It’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it?

(please tell me you can recognize the sarcasm there)

* – not that it will affect the medical industry at all, though. Oh, wait

* – yeah, I could see Obama doing this back in 1620…


* – speaking of the Annointed One, he won re-election, in case you hadn’t heard. Yippee-fucking-skip. Do I think we’re fucked? Yup, yup, I do. And for those Libs who think I’m overreacting and being a sore loser, I’d ask you to remember how some of your heroes reacted when Bush was re-elected.











* – still don’t think this ass is just a ridiculous narcissist? He mentioned himelf 63 times at someone else’s funeral!

* – speaking of the re-election of The One, here’s is the brilliant Bill Whittle’s reaction to it:

I fucking LOVE this guy! I wish he would run for President…

* – a nice, concise reaction to the election by Bo.

* – how do you believe these clowns about anything after this Benghazi goat rodeo?

* – Dear Speaker Boehner,

You’re not helping. Please step down and let somebody who actually believes in the principles of the party he claims to represent take over.



* – Don Gaetz can go, too.

* – elections have consequences.

* – the private sector was certainly glad Obama got re-elected, huh?

* – “… we’re going to make the Senate a more meaningful place.” – Harry Reid.

Say what?!?!?! How’re you gonna do that, Harry? You finally gonna pass a fucking budget? You know, that little thing you’re required to do by law? The most basic function of your political body? The thing you have done in over 1300 days?

* – it’s not too early to think about 2016, is it?

* – you’ll have to forgive me if I don’t shed any tears over Eric Holder potentially leaving his position.

* – having Nancy Pelosi go, too, wouldn’t bust me up, either.

* – I’ll miss Ron Paul, though.

*- sad to see you leave the front lines, Sen. DeMint.

* – now this is my kind of Republican! 🙂

* – and now that Obama’s been re-elected, we have that wonderful fiscal cliff to worry about





* – classy, Steny Hoyer, real classy.

* – it’s not a revenue problem. It’s a spending problem.

* – Jesus, even the Chinese are cutting taxes!

* – and what about a “regulatory cliff,” too?

* – who do you think runs their states better, Republicans or Democrats?

* – I wonder how lower taxes impact state economies?

* – glad to see the Left isn’t using any language that would incite violence or anything

* – funny, I thought only right-wingers were supposed to be racist? Weird…

* – is it just me, or is a civil rights leader using the n-word more than just a little hypocritical?

* – I don’t think Malcolm X liked Democrats very much:

* – I hope the GLBTQ community doesn’t expect Obama to be their savior in the next four years.

* – I hope nobody expects their taxes won’t go up in the next four years.

* – and now for a random act of journalism:

* – like I needed another reason to want the US to get the hell out of the UN

* – oh, goody – it’s nanny-state time! In today’s episode, we’re going to fine a 3-year-old $2,500 for peeing in public!

We’re also going to give a man a hard time for having a vegetable garden in his front yard.

We’re also going to fine somebody $97,000 for using their own driveway.

Don’t even think about having a treehouse.

Heaven forbid you have a burger stand!

Pardon the pun, but people are getting their panties in a twist over this?! Seriously? Jesus, but we as a nation need to grow up and learn how to differentiate the innocuous from the malevolent.

Who’s up for Nanny of the Year?

Well, you know, in a country run by idiots

* – oh, and let’s just toss out the Fourth Amendment while we’re at it.

* – are we becoming Rome?

* – an interesting article on Perception vs Truth.

* – I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas. I wish you the very very best New Year.

Oh, and P.S. – yes, I am very much aware of the Sandy Hook tragedy that took place a couple of weeks or so ago. Yes, I’m familiar with all the debate raging about it now in regards to gun control. Yes, I had many articles bookmarked and ready to be linked to to support my side of the gun control argument. I obviously chose not to use them.


Twenty-six people are dead. Twenty of them six- or seven-year-old children. I refuse to cheapen and trvialize their memories by using them to help me try to win an argument.

Here endeth the lesson.

This is the closest I will come to forming an opinion on this issue at this time:



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