What I Stand For

Federal Government Limitations:

* – term limits for all Senators and members of the House of Representatives. Senators will be limited to a maximum of two consecutive six-year terms and members of the House of Representatives will be limited to a maximum of three consecutive four-year terms. Once removed from office, whether from reaching the end of term or from being voted out of office, a Senator or a member of the House of Representatives will not be allowed to run for public office again.

* – permanent removal of all czars.

* – eliminate all “non-essential” federal government jobs (if they’re “non-essential,” then why do they exist?)

* – dissolve the Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Authority. Turn the security of the nation back over to the military and the federal law enforcement agencies that were responsible for it prior to the creation of the DHS and TSA.

* – dissolve the Department of Energy.

* – dissolve the Department of Education and return the administration of schools back to the states

* – outlaw gerrymandering.

* – get out of the way of state governments when states experience an emergency (hurricanes, floods, oil spills, etc…). Let the governors of those states do their jobs without having to wait for federal government permission first. Be prepared to react to the requests of those states at a moment’s notice.

Government Spending:

* – start passing federal budgets that get gradually smaller every year, instead of gradually bigger every year.

* – cut the salaries of the President, the Vice-President, every member of the President’s cabinet, and every member of the Senate and the House of Representatives in half.

* – never increase the debt limit. Indeed, seek to lower it.

* – seek a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.

* – seek a line-item veto amendment to the Constitution.

* – privatize Social Security.

* – implement Paul Ryan’s plan for MediCare and MedicAid.

* – no more subsidies for businesses – any businesses.

* – sell off Amtrak.

* – privatize airports and ports.

* – no bailouts of any kind – not for businesses, not for cities, counties, or states, and certainly not for foriegn countries. There is no such thing as “to big to fail.”

* – cut all foreign aid that is military in nature completely. Cut all other foreign aid in half.

* – reduce military spending by one-third. When determining what to keep, start at “the bottom” and work your way up. In other words, make sure our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines are properly compensated, trained, and equipped, and that they and their families are taken care of when injury, death, and/or retirement occurs, and work your way up from there.

Economic Policies:

* – dissolve the IRS, repeal the Sixteenth Amendment of the Constitution, and implement either a Flat Tax or a Fair Tax.

* – never implement an estate tax, a value-added tax, a mileage tax, an internet tax, or a pension tax.

* – no more “stimulus” bills.

* – no more quantitative easings.

* – stop printing money.

* – return to the gold standard.

Health Care:

* – repeal Obamacare.

* – enact real tort reform.

* – allow all health insurance companies to do business in all the states they choose to do business in.

Foriegn Policy:

* – withdraw from Afghanistan, immediately and completely.

* – withdraw from Iraq, immediately and completely.

* – withdraw from Libya, immediately and completely.

* – withdraw from the United Nations and expel them from the United States.

* – withdraw from NATO, SEATO, and any other alliances the United States is currently a part of.

* – continue alliances with our friends – England, Israel, Canada, Japan, etc… – on an individual basis. America will remember who its friends are. If those friends are threatened – and request assistance – America will respond.

* – continue the War on Terror as a covert operation. The war will be global in scope. Wherever anti-American terrorists are found – Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia, anywhere – they will be hunted down and killed. The only exception will be within the borders of the United States. Any terrorists found within the borders of the United States of America will be tracked down, arrested, and tried in a military court.

* – the drug cartels of the world will be considered terrorists and targeted as part of the War on Terror.

* – no more nation-building. No more regime change. No more “exporting democracy.” No more wars of humanitarianism. The United States will leave the rest of the world alone, so long as the rest of the world leaves the United States alone. If another country attacks the United States, however, the United States will respond with the full force of its military might and do everything in its power to destroy the attacking country. When the war is over (assuming the United States is victorious), the United States will not help that country rebuild.

* – the enemy of my enemy is not my friend!

Energy Policies

* – take the reins of our domestic energy producers and start utilizing our natural resources. Allow drilling on our land and in our territorial waters. Start building nuclear plants. Continue to explore and develop fracking, clean coal, wind, solar, tidal, geothermal, hydro, biofuels – all of them. Get this country as engergy independent aspossible as soon as possible.

* – re-prioritize where we get our oil from. Canada is actually the #1 source of U.S. imported oil, but Mexico is #2, and I’m not exactly sure we should be rewarding a country that sends us so many illegal aliens and illicit drugs with our oil money. Saudi Arabia and Iraq are Numbers 3 and 6, and I’d prefer to remove ourselves from Middle East entaglements as much as possible. Venezuela is #4, and Hugo Chavez is obviously no friend of the United States, so why are we doing any business with him, much less that much business for that important a resource?

* – no Cap & Trade ever.

Social Issues:

* – leave Roe v. Wade alone.

* – allow homosexuals to serve openly in our military.

* – legalize gay marriage. Allow states to opt out if they want.

* – legalize marijuana and prostitution. Allow states to opt out if they want.

* – lower the legal drinking age to 18. Allow states to opt out if they want.

* – make the death penalty a federal law. Allow states to opt out if they want.


Border Control


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