Posted by: nhfalcon | October 1, 2012

Meanwhile, Three Weeks (or so) Later…

* – first of all: HOBBIT-y / LOTR GOODNESS!!!

* – my Falcons are 4 – 0! Hell yeah!

* – my fantasy team is 1 – 2 (with a shot at being 2 – 2 after tonight’s game). Woo.

* – kinda blows the cheerleader sterotype right out of the water, doesn’t it?

* – if only. Oh-HO, if only…

* – Peter North is worth $10 million.

That’s why I want to be a porn star. No other reason. No other reason at all.


* – well done, Christian Bale, sir. Well done, indeed!

* – RIP, Charles Xavier.

* – RIP, Andy Williams.

* – they’ve made A Christmas Story II?! SERIOUSLY?!

* – there will be an Atlas Shrugged II. Yes!

* – there are Republicans in Hollywood? Who knew?

* – hmm…

* – warrantless cell phone tracking? Sure, why not?

But, remember, Bush was evil for coming up woth the Patriot Act.

* – seen the new Obama flag? Un-freakin’-real…

Yes, I know other presidents have used the flag to pitch their election campaigns. Reagan and Bush did it in 1984. Lincoln and Johnson did it (and, in my opinion, both tickets were disrespecting the flag when they did so). The difference, in my mind, is that Obama has a track record of arrogance and narcissism that convinces me that his use of the flag isn’t to invoke patriotism for the country but rather to invoke worship for him. Remember him asking people to take money that they would’ve used to buy birthday presents or wedding gifts and instead donating it to him? Remember the kids singing “Barack Hussein Obama / mm-mm-mm” and him not distancing himself from them? How about the teacher essentially telling her students to sign a pledge that they’d vote for him? Haven’t heard him distance himself from that, either, have you?

* – somehow, in the last post, I missed linking some of the speeches from the RNC I wanted to include, so…

* – and now for some fact-checking:

The Blaze looks at some comments from the DNC.

Here are some just from Day One of the DNC.

Well, Joe, since you dared us

How about some healthcare bedtime stories?

How about the president’s acceptance speech?

(a GREAT critique of the preseident’s speech by Glenn Beck is right here)

(oh, and not for nothing, but did Barry basically just copy Jimmy Carter’s 1980 speech?)

Or the president’s wife’s speech?

What about Clinton’s speech?

(yeah, about that Clinton economy…)

Education Secretary Arne Duncan’s speech?

How many new jobs have been created under Obama?

Hey, B.O., when you take money that was borrowed to pay for wars and use it on something else, you’re not saving any money, ok?

* – so, the Libs loved to point out how the RNC broke the rules down in Tampa, but seem strangely quiet about how the DNC did something very similar in Charlotte.

Weird, huh?

* – I think Anderson Cooper is becoming one of my favorite “journalists.”

* – Jon Stewart has his moments, too. 🙂

(they’re such tolerant folks, those Libs…)

(and very “pro-choice,” too…)

* – something tells me Jeremy Scahill is never going to be invited back on MSNBC again.

* – how does anybody take Chris Matthews seriously after this?

* – or MSNBC in general?

* – never mind that Bill Maher apologized to a Republican; I find it amazing the arrogant douche nozzle apologized to anybody, period!

* – so, when Mitt Romney makes a birther joke, it’s a horrible faux pas, but it’s ok when Barack does it?

Nope, no double standard here…

* – no favoritism, either…

* – maybe I should just start watching Univision

* – oh, and there’s no liberal bias in our educational institutions, either.

Nope, none at all.

* – don’t even get me started on that teacher’s strike in Chicago

* – “The economy was losing 800,000 jobs every month, and a lot folks wondered whether we were headed for another great depression. Now this is what Barack faced on day one as president. That’s what awaited him, but instead of pointing fingers and placing blame (italics mine), Barack got to work…”

After a statement like that, I gotta believe Michelle is just reading from a teleprompter, too.

* – let’s ban profits! Great idea!


* – love Bill Whittle. LOVE HIM!

* – “The government is the only thing we all belong to.”

That’s from an official DNC folks.

Kinda says it all, doesn’t it?

* – you knew I wasn’t going to be able to escape some nanny-statism, didn’t you?

* – can we please just ditch the TSA already?!

* – yeah, that Obamacare is gonna be awesome, isn’t it?

* – death panels? What death panels?

* – a pretty powerful piece is defense of pro-life men by Laura Hollis.

* – and take it away, Stephanie Cutter

* – so, if I like PB&J, I’m a racist?! Seriously?!

* – yeah, Obama was “uniquely qualified” to help smooth out relations with the Muslim world, huh?

* – it’s worked really well lately, hasn’t it?

* – nice shot, Mrs. Palin! 🙂

* – godDAMN, this guy’s GOOD!:

* – in conclusion, no, I didn’t forget 9/11:

A great audio essay about 9/11 from Glenn Beck is here.

(and then there’s NBC’s priorities on display here…)

(don’t even get me started on the New York Times…)


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