Posted by: nhfalcon | June 29, 2012

Holy Crap! I’M CAUGHT UP!!!


* – well, there’s something you don’t see every day.

* – cool, yet scary.

* – on the flipside, here’s how to maintain some degree of privacy.

* – I think I just became a fan of rugby, crisps, or both:


* – the 100 hottest women of 2012.

* – Debra Messing is single! Yes! 🙂

* – women are more moral than men.

You’re shocked, I know. 🙂

* – speaking of which, I’m sure Hillary was thrilled when this pic got released:

Two of those three women are porn stars, btw (don’t ask me how I know that 🙂 ).

You just know that when ol’d Bubba got home Hillary lit into him, right? “You silly sonofabitch! I don’t care if you screwed one or all three of them or not! We’re still married, you dolt, and I’m the Secretary of State of the United States of America, and now that picture is floating around for the whole world to see! How do you think that makes me look? I’ve got a hard enough time being taken seriously by countries that view women as secondhand citizens or property, even, and now you just made my time dealing with those bigots even MORE difficult!”

* – the Star Wars that I used to know…

(hat tip to Saintseester)

* – if you own one of these records, you might be very, very rich.

* – time has not necessarily been kind to the men of the 80’s

* – I knew there was a reason why I liked Robert Downey, Jr. … 🙂

* – RIP, Adam Brown.

* – RIP, Richard Lynch.

* – I’m sure there are people who want to say “RIP, Rodney King,” but the bottom line is that the guy was just a scumbag.

* – RIP, Ray Bradbury.

* – nice work, Jimmy Kimmel:

* – add Amanda Bynes to the growing list of Hollywood Idiots.

* – does MSNBC have even a shred of objectivity?

* – “I’m done (denying the liberal bias in the news media)” – Greg Kandra, Emmy Award-winning writer and producer for CBS News

* – you know, the kind of bias Andrea Mitchell obviously has.

Joe Biden is “one of this country’s most dignified, and greatest political leaders…”?!?!


* – oh, believe me, I’ll get to Nanny Bloomberg, but I just wanted to point out that New York isn’t the only place subject to nanny-state idiocy.

* – now on to Nanny Bloomberg…

As you might imagine, Glenn Beck had something to say about this.

As did one of his employees.

(I’m normally not a fan of McDonald’s, but in this case, I’ll make an exception.)

“[I]f government‘s purpose isn’t to improve the health and longevity of its citizens, I don’t know what its purpose is.” – Nanny Bloomberg.

No, Nanny, you clearly do NOT know what the purpose of government is. And just as clearly you have never read this nation’s Constitution. I suggest you do. THEN you will know that the purpose of government is.

* – thanx, Chief Justice Robers. Thanx for nothing!

* – sorry, but you’re gonna have a real hard time convincing me that there’s any silver lining in this Obamacare decision.

* – really, Time magazine? Really?

I think this is a more appropriate, image for the times, actually:

* – five myths about conservatives.

* – I think I want to move to Sandy Springs, GA.

* – on the flip side, remind me to never live in Tennessee.

* – I love Bill Whittle. I just freaking love him:

* – great call on the “Dennis Miller Show” about the false choice presented by liberals between individualism and the “greater good.”

* – Glenn Beck thanks Barack Obama?!

Yep, and for the same reasons, so do I.

* – hey, all you Republicans we voted into office back in 2010? This is NOT what we voted you in for!

* – hey, Mitt Romney, this is an excellent example of why you were my least favorite candidate for the Republican nomination this time around.

Your not steering my away from this sentiment, Mitt:

* – you did not kill Osama bin Laden, Mr. President…

You gave the order. I’ll give you that. At great political risk to yourself, no doubt. But political risk and real risk are two different things. Political courage and real courage are two distinctly different things.

* – oh, well, if they promised to give up violence, then by all means, release them.


* – entertaining conversation between Sean Hannity and an OWS organizer.

(all the rapes and whatnot in Zucotti Park is the fault of the NYPD infiltrating these people in to make OWS look bad?! And they call Glenn Beck a conspiracy theorist?!)

(and those Occupy folks are such nice people, too…)

(no, seriously, they really are…)

(really, they’re as lovely a group of people as you could possibly hope to find…)

(oh, and they’re really smart, too)

* – you know, if you don’t even know who a guy is, you probably shouldn’t be protesting him. Just sayin’…

* – I’m amazed the mainstream media didn’t jump all over this. Finally, some proof that there’s at least one racist idiot in the Tea Party. You’d think that’d be a godsend for them.

* – yup, all business owners are greedy scumbags, aren’t they?

* – so, how’d that Wisconsin recall work out for ya? 🙂

Yeah, that Walker’s a real radical, isn’t he?

I mean, what that evil bastard has inflicted upon the poor people of Wisconsin

* – besides which, when unions start preventing their workers from getting raises (yes, you read that right)…

* – nice piece by the Trifecta crew on education:

* – and there are those who wonder why some teachers get a bad rap

* – perhaps the greatest high school commencement speech of all time.

* – interesting debate between Ron Paul and Paul Krugman regarding fiscal policy.

* – thank you, Paul Ryan. You are correct: spending does not equal compassion. Input does not equal outcome.

* – you don’t mind the IRS dipping into your 401k to help solve the debt crisis, do you?

* – um, how do you buy something if there’s no monetary system?

* – so, if working for Bain Capital is really so bad

* – if I wanted America to fail…

* – so, just how much better has life in America gotten for women under Obama?

* – Senate Democrats pay their female staffers less than their male staffers.

Huh. Weird…

* – gender-selective abortion?! Seriously?! Can you say “war on women”? You’re talking about killing somebody because they’re a woman! HELLO!

* – just when I thought I might change my mind about The View

Joy Behar had to go and open her dumbass mouth again.

* – yeah, um, so just how “green” was Solyndra, anyway?

(oh, and according to Krugman, Solyndra was a “tiny, tiny misstep.” After all, it’s not like “a billion dollars was a lotof money.” Facepalm!)

* – and just how “green” is wind power?

* – could the original global warming alarmist, Dr. James Hansen, have been any more wrong?

* – the real history of US/Mexico relations?

* – I’m starting to think Obama has something against Poles

* – national security spending versus entitlement spending.

Read it and weep, Libs.

* – remember that pic I posted a while back of how overwhelmingly white Obama’s Chicago campaign office is?

Yeah, well, there are some lawyers who think it’s so white it may violate civil right laws!

Now THAT is what I call delicious irony! 🙂

* – oh, dear god, Elizabeth Warren, please just shut the hell up!

Just go back to flipping foreclosed homes, ok?

* – I wonder how this situation would’ve ended if all the gun control nuts had their way?

* – some of the best quotes from the Obama administration.

* – so if Obama’s policies worked the way he thought they would

* – who inherited what, again?

* – another day, another czar.

And another.

* – you know, when even MSNBC is ripping the “Life of Julia” ad…

(nice counterpoint to “Julia” by Michelle Malkin here, btw)

* – well, now that Obamacare has been upheld, what do we have to look forward to?

* – wow, Michelle Obama and I have the same fantasy! Weird…  🙂

* – he’s rewriting presidential biographies, fer crissakes!

* – he’s asking that people send what would have been their birthday gifts or wedding gifts to be campaign donations to him instead!!!

* – “They [Republicans] baked all this stuff into the cake with those tax cuts and a prescription drug plan that they didn’t pay for. So all this stuff’s baked in with all the interest payments for it. It’s like somebody goes to a restaurant, orders a big steak dinner, martini, all that stuff and then just as you’re sitting down, they leave. And accuse you of running up the tab.” – President Obama.

And mere days after saying that, he goes and does this.


* – way to stay classy, B.O.

* – go, Jack Rafferty (of CNN, no less!), go!

* – I will agree with him on this, though.

* – I’ll end with this… I’ve never been a “birther.” At first I just thought the accusations ridiculous. Desperate. Childish flailings of sore losers. Then, as Obama started to govern (sorta. You know, when he wasn’t too busy campaigning. But I digress…), there were SO many other reasons to point to to show that the man was unqualified to be President of the United States. Finally, now that we’re three-and-a-half years into his reign, I mean, regime, I mean, term in office, what’s the point? Even if he was born somewhere else, why kick him out now? There’s only six months left to go, and there’s reason to believe we’ll kick him out then, so just let it drop.


Not so fast.

Why do his Occidental College transcripts show he claimed foriegn citizenship to ge a scholarship?

Why does a promotional booklet from his literary agent back in 1991 state that he was “born in Kenya“?

Finally, why is it apparently very easy to prove the birth certificate released by the White House is a fake?

I mean, just who the hell is this guy, really?

Just sayin’…



  1. Another good one, my friend.

    Am swiping Cap’n ‘Murrica for future use.

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