Posted by: nhfalcon | March 13, 2011

J.A.R.D. v.3.13.11

* – so I saw Jeff Dunham live this past Wednesday night. It was a surprisingly long show. He had two opening acts, one which was on for all of five minutes, and the other for about twenty minutes or so. Then there was a fifteen minute intermission, and then Jeff came on to finish the show. I’d say Jeff was on for about two hours, and it was a great act.

This was his first opening act:

This was his second opening act:

* – please tell me this isn’t real…

* – as you may have guessed, I am less than thrilled about the NFL lockout currently underway (grrr…..)

* – well, if this is hockey’s version of cheerleaders, maybe I need to start going to more hockey games! 🙂

* – YES! Another celebrity hottie becomes single!

* – oh, those clever Chinese…

* – I think I need to start drinking SmartWater…

* – yes, you actually can fly a house with a bunch of big balloons, just like in Up.

* – nice comeback by Jon Cryer in regards to this whole Charlie Sheen FUBAR.

* – hey, as conservative as I may be, I’ve never been afriad to call out Republican idiots, and I’m not gonna stop now.

* – Republican idiot, Part II.

* – Republican idiot, Part III.

* – Republican idiot, Part IV.

* – the itch that’s destroying America

* – I can’t believe we’re still having this conversation.

No, Mr. President, we are NOT more concerned with the color of your skin than the content of your agenda.

* – OMG, this was a shocking statement coming from MSNBC!:

* – umm, somebody should have proofread this…

* – this wasn’t the best marketing move…

* – neither was this…

* – I’m starting to become a little more intrigued by this Herman Cain guy…

* – hey, I’m as big a fan of Chris Christie as anybody (really, Falcon? I never would’e guessed 🙂 ), but “hot and sexy“?

* – don’t you hate when facts get in the way, MSNBC?

* – I’m sure by now you’ve heard about the undercover videos that have put NPR in a bad light. But, have you heard that one of the people questioning the way those videos were edited – and therefore whether or not they were fair – is Glenn Beck?

He’s such a right-wing tool, isn’t he? 

* – this is pretty much how I’d look to handle our energy problems. Open up our own domestic resources and diversify, diversify, diversify.

* – speaking of which, how’s handling gas prices working out for ya, B.O.?

* – some interesting perspective on typical Tea Party approaches to handling the debt.

* – wrapped up in the health care bill – a $105 billion slush fund. Nice. 

* – an interesting, quick little take on unions.

* – I have mentioned how much I love Andew Klavan, haven’t I?

* – ah, the peaceful pro-union protesters spreading love and sunshine and rainbows and unicorns…

* – they’re so warm and fuzzy, aren’t they?

* – aren’t they?

* – well, Governor Walker certainly made his move, didn’t he?

* – Iowa has followed suit.

* – nice job by Megyn Kelly  with Jesse Jackson, here.

* – I don’t agree with everything in this piece, but it has some interesting information.



  1. Falcon, come on. The purpose of unions is to destroy the companies they work for? Really?

    • Of course not, Mrs. C. That’s the equivalent of cutting off your own nose to spite your face.

      However, whether they intend to or not, sometimes the actions of unions can drive a company out of business. A case can be made that the actions of the UAW are at least part of the reason why GM had to be bailed out.

  2. Thank you for sharing Jon Cryer’s comment back to Sheen’s junk about him. Sheen has gone over the edge and then some. Cryer proved to be funny, and thankfully didn’t stoop to Sheen’s level. Love Cryer even more now!

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