Posted by: nhfalcon | February 7, 2013

Random Is As Random Does

* – 3D printers: cool? Scary? Both? Neither?

* – the company I work for sells a big, $300 version of this. I think I like $50 better. 🙂

* – an all-encompassing ID bracelet at Disney? Hmm…

* – yeah… this whole Disney / Star Wars thing might not turn out too well:

* – the Russians did a live-action version of The Hobbit back in 1985?! Seriously?


* – Terminator V, Arnie? Seriously?

* – a S.H.I.E.L.D. tv show? That could be cool.

* – Robin Williams might be coming back to sitcoms?

* – Sofia Vergara’s back on the market, boys!

* – did this mom go overboard with the rules for her son’s Christmas gift (I don’t think so)?

* – “How to Win A Fight With Your Significant Other.”

Really? Is that not just one of the crappiest titles you’ve ever heard? How about “How to Avoid a Fight With Your Significant Other”? Or “How to Reach A Mutually Beneficial Compromise With Your Significant Other”?

By the way, the article itself is fine, imho, but the title just sucks.

* – people got pissed at Brent Musberger for this? Seriously? OY! Grow up, America!

* – RIP, Stan the Man.

* – RIP, Earl of Baltimore.

* – RIP, Chris Kyle.

* – RIP, Ed Koch.

* – RIP, Ralph the doorman.

* – RIP, Phillip Drummond.

* – RIP, Dear Abby.

* – now I’m glad I don’t live in Indiana.

* – ok, I lived in New Hampshire for around 12 years, and it deserves SO much better than this waste of humanity!

* – Louisiana is starting to look attractive, though.

* – well, Glenn Beck is getting ambitious now, isn’t he?

* – nice shot here by Jay Leno on the sale of Current TV.

* – and here by Jon Stewart (who’ll be heard from again later in this episode…).

* – remind me not to watch NBC anymore.

* – well, now I’m glad I don’t do business with Bank of America.

* – thank you, Corporal Boston.

* – thank you, Ted Nugent.

* – thank you, Daphne Jordan.

* – thank you, Celia Bigelow.

* – thank you, sir.

* – “The good thing about Newtown is, it was so horrific that I think it galvanized  Americans to a point where the intensity on our side is going to match the  intensity on their side.” – former Democrat Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell.

“The good thing…”?!

Fuck you, Mr. Rendell!!!

* – exactly how in the fuck can you be shot by an unloaded gun?!

These are the people who want to pass gun legislation. And they wonder why we don’t take them seriously?!

* – so why did those evil Republicans hold up the Hurricane Sandy relief bill?

Oh, gee, I don’t know

* – maybe John Boehner isn’t so bad, after all…  🙂

* – boy, that Mitt Romney was such a liar, wasn’t he?

* – something tells me Jose Serrano (wasn’t that Dennis Haysbert’s character in Major League? Oh, no, wait, that was Pedro Serrano. Sorry…) wouldn’t have proposed this when G.W. was in office.

And yes, I’m aware there have been other attempts to repeal the 22nd Amendment, and that some of those attempts have been initiated by Republicans. They were asshats, too. Questions?

* – don’t even get me started on Michael Bloomberg.

* – It matters, Hillary. It matters. The fact that you asked that clearly shows why you were never qualified for your position in the first place.


* – thank you, Rand Paul.

* – thank you, Jeff Duncan.

* – ah, yes, the joy and wonder that is Obamacare.

* – I’m so glad it’s bringing healthcare costs down and… wait… what? $20k a year?

* – and covering more people and… wait… what?

* – and how about that fiscal cliff deal, huh?


* – at least we had enough sense to ditch the “trillion-dollar coin” idea. May be the folks at Treasury were watching Jon Stewart that day?

(Stewart was on a small roll lately, btw…)

* – well, at least The Deal appears to have dismantled part of Obamacare.

* – though it’s debateable as to how much good it will do to resolve the debt problem.

* – and how about Head Start, huh?

* – it’s about time some of Emperor… excuse me, I meant President… Obama’s executive orders got bitch-slapped.

* – Obama using straw men? Nah…

* – the economy SHRANK in Q4 of last year, people. Got that? It SHRANK! In the final quarter of 2012. But somehow that’s still Bush’s fault, right? Couldn’t possibly be associated with Obama’s policies, could it?



* –


Yes, Mr. Obama, we do deserve better!

* – can we make this guy an honorary American and then elect him to some high office somehow?:

* – it just wouldn’t be one of these posts if there wasn’t some nanny-statism.

* – you know, like banning water bottles.

* – or woodstoves.

* – or suspending kindergarteners over Hello Kitty bubble guns.

Or Lego guns.

Or pretending to throw hand grenades to save the world.

Or playing cops and robbers.

Or… oh, Jesus, it’s just fucking STUPID!


* – well, at least this isn’t New Zealand

* – thank you, Chicks On the Right:

* – thank you, Pat Buchanan.

* – to follow up Buchanan’s point, if this had happened in reverse, don’t you think you would’ve heard more about it?

* – there are such things as black conservatives? Who knew?!

* – saving the best for last, the Bill Whittle portion of our show:


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