Posted by: nhfalcon | November 1, 2012

So, What’s Been Going On Lately?

Oh, not much… (snort!)

* – yeah, I’m really not looking forward to Windows 8.

* – my Falcons are now 7 – 0 and my man-crush Matty Ice is starting to look like a legit MVP candidate.

* – I’m thinking the NFL is keeping an eye on this kid:


* – my fantasy football team is 3 – 5 because Eli Manning is fucking killing me!

* – RIP, Alex Karras.

* – RIP, Gary Collins.

* – RIP, Natina Reed.

* – RIP, Sylvia Kristel.

* – one of the better commercials I’ve seen in a while…


* – I know I’ve said it before, but just allow me to reiterate that only reason I’d want to work in porn is for the money.


Swear to god.

* – these guys were almost James Bond.

* – another Die Hard movie?

Sure, why not?


* – another Conan flickwith Schwarzenegger?!

* – political BS aside, I do want to see this:


And this.

* – Hobbit tv spots!



* – so, Disney’s bought out Lucasfilm, huh? Interesting…




* – yeah, I’d go to this theme park.

* – Iron Man 3, baby!


* – there are Republicans in the American entertainment industry?! No way!

* – of course, sometimes that kind of political allegiance in Hollywood can backfire on you.

* – that doesn’t seem to be holding David Letterman back, though.

* – well, that didn’t work out the way you thought it would, did it, Madonna?

* – how’s that foot taste, Eva Longoria?

* – really, libs? This is the best your messiah can do for a campaign ad?:




* – of course, these aren’t necessarily the brightest bulbs in the closet, anyway…


* – this is another beauty.

* – yeah, you’ll have to forgive me if I don’t take the mainstream media’s news outlets too seriously

* – I’ve asked this before, but the question bears repeating: how does anybody take Chris Matthews seriously?

Let me ask that again.

And again.

And yet again.

How many times do I have to ask this?


* – Soledad O’Brien isn’t much better (though she is admittedly prettier).

* – who is this person, and what did she do with the real Barbara Walters?

* – who is this person, and what did he do with the real Piers Morgan?

* – who is this person, and what did he do with the real Matt Lauer?

* – maybe they’ve been taking lessons from Jake Tapper

* – this is about a half-hour long, folks, so pour a drink and pull up a chair. Don’t worry, though, it’s worth it:


* – “It is a paradoxical truth that tax rates are too high today, and tax revenues are too low and the soundest way to raise the revenues in the long run is to cut the tax rates…. [A]n economy constrained by high tax rates will never produce enough revenue to balance the budget, just as it will never create enough jobs or enough profits.” —John F. Kennedy, 1963

* – “…we are in the midst of a huge recovery,” Michelle? Really? Huh. Weird. What country are you living in, again?

* – so, can a president turn around a bad economy in one term or not?

* – ya know, when Bill Clinton admits “we’re not where we ought to be“…

* – I think Chris Christie has said it best:


* – yeah, that Obamacare makes a whole lot of sense, doesn’t it?

* – to say nothing of the myths about Medicare

* – yes, the White House told companies to break the law to cover its ass, and then assured them that if they got sued, it would cover their costs. Awesome.

* – so, how about that first presidential debate, huh?:



(the altitude excuse is the best one, imho. 🙂 )

* – too bad the prez couldn’t have had his teleprompter with him, huh? How unfair.

* – Saturday Night Live actually did a couple of good send-ups of the first presidential debate and the VP debate.

* – and there are those who wonder why I like Paul Ryan.

* – have we ever had a VP with less class than Joe Biden?


* – Biden was in porn?



* – yup, that Mitt Romney is a real scumbag, isn’t he? I’d hate to have him for a president, wouldn’t you?

* – he has no sense of humor, either:


* – seriously, what a slimeball, huh?

* – I mean, not going where the media wants you to go to when you give charity…

* – not like Obama and Biden. Oh, no, not at all. I mean, those guys are Boy Scouts

* – they never lie. Never.

* – they’re either lying or incompetent.

* – how the whole Benghazi thing has not become a bigger deal just blows my mind.

* – did you get that, everybody? The results of the Benghazi attack were not “optimal.” The deaths of four Americans were not “optimal.”

* – where are the cries of “RACISM!!!” over this?!

* – racism? What’s that?

* – $57k is “indentured servitude?” Really? Sign me up!

* – oh, btw, global warming ended 16 years ago!

* – if anything, it’s been cooling.

(bring on the cries of “that’s why we call it ‘climate change’ now!” Uh huh…)

Must be because those electric cars are so great for the environment.

* – hmm… nanny-state much?

* – yeah, how’s that higher education working out for you?


* – voter fraud? What voter fraud?


* – great piece by Bill Whittle:


* – I’ll leave you with this excellent site I found a couple of weeks back: One Grateful American.



  1. Where have you been? Your falcons are tearing it up, aren’t they. My saints, not so much.

  2. Life changes, ‘Seester. I’m a homeowner now, and there’s always stuff to do. Little Man’s in the 2nd grade and has homework now, plus he takes karate lessons and is now in the Cub Scouts. Whew!

    Yes, I’m pretty happy with how ATL is playing thus far. It’s hard to complain about 7 – 0. 🙂 Some of those wins have been ugly, though, and the schedule isn’t going to get any easier. I certainly don’t take your Saints for granted. And the Falcons still have to win at least one game in the postseason to prove anything. Here’s hoping!

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