Posted by: nhfalcon | June 5, 2012

Still Chipping Away…

And likely will be for quite some time. Phew (wipes sweat away from brow)!

* – first and foremost, a belated Happy Memorial Day to you and yours.

* – RIP, Junior Seau.

* – RIP, Carroll Shelby.

* – RIP, Donna Summer.

* – RIP, Robin Gibb.

* – RIP, Goober Pyle.

* – RIP, Richard Dawson.

* – RIP, Maurice Sendak.

* – RIP, Robert Gene White. What a way to go! 😉

* – oh, and a belated Happy Mother’s Day, too.


* – forget about MILFS – how about a GILF?! 😉

* – Sofia Vergara is single again! YES!

(what? 🙂 )

* – we’re shutting down ice cream stands now? Seriously?! With armed “Environmental Police”?! Un-fucking-real.

* – if I ever have a daughter, I pray to whoever or whatever will listen that she does not become “Julia.”

* – give the kid credit for cheek. 🙂

* – yeah, that Scott Walker has been a real albatross around Wisconsin’s neck, huh?

* – I’ll be curious to see where this move by Governer Brewer leads.

* – I think I just became a Jon Lovitz fan.

* – well, at least we know where Will Smith’s limit is for taxes.

* – tax breaks for illegal aliens? What an awesome idea!


* – I’m not a big fan of Bill O’Reilly, but I agree with him here: “illegal alien” is not a racist slur, it is an accurate depiction of a human being who has entered out country without going through the proper policies and procedures. Period.

* – 53,000 dead people on the voter rolls in Florida. Yeah, tell me voter fraud isn’t an issue worth dealing with.

* – nice to know there are no terrorists in the OWS movement.

Oh, whoops!

* – but, James Carville, you sai the Democrats wouldn’t lose again for another forty years! I read your book.

How’s that working out for ya? Sucks to eat crow, doesn’t it?

* – now this is a kickass ad for Obama:


* – but, of course, Obama’s done an awesome job. Just ask anybody in the world.

(oh, btw, the maker of the video cites the sources for his claims here)

* – three years now without a budget. way to go, Senate Dems. Way to go.

* – speaking of the lack of a budget, get a load of this:

So, after that I have to ask: Is DWS really a human being, or is she just a Liberal tape recorder with some meat wrapped around it?

* – I have a lot of respect for myself, Senator Boxer, ma’am. You, on the other hand, I have absolutely ZERO respect for.

* – speaking of Senator Boxer, ma’am, check out this bill she’s working on.

Constitutional rights? Freedom? What’re those?

* – Oh, and you just knew I was going to chime in on the Elizabeth Warren thing, right? Sexist that I am, and all…


* – Obamacare and the “war on women” in the same article? But it’s not an attack on the GOP? No way!


* – I know I said a couple of posts back that I wasn’t all that worked up about the “Ann Romney has never worked a day in her life bit,” but I still must say Kemtee did a brilliant job commenting about it.

* – LEGOs are the enemy, feminazis? Seriously?

* – every so often Anderson Cooper actually behaves like a journalist:

* – what’s up with CNN? Two anchors taking Obama stooges on? Take this Ashleigh Banfield, for example…

* – a third CNN anchor?! Don Lemon, whassup?!

* – now Lawrence O’Donnell, on the other hand

* – don’t even get me started on Chris Matthews

* – then there’s Michelle Golberg from the Daily Beast

* – how does a bully get to be a spokesperson for anti-bullying?



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