Posted by: nhfalcon | July 29, 2013

First Question!



  1. Hahahaha. A very awesome fan story. It really is. You can be proud of being a NON fair weather fan. That’s a sore spot for us, really. I love my Saints and I’m happy to have folks join me, but I loathe the band-waggoners.

    Okay, next question, since you’ve described yourself as a big reader. What is the best novel you’ve ever read and why? Also, did you have a favorite when you were younger that you’ve revisited and found it lacking when re-read from a more mature point of view.

    I guess that’s two questions, really.

    Geaux Saints! I’m going to the dome opener against the Falcons on Sept 8. Cannot wait, since Sean Payton will be back after his false imprisonment/banning/what the hell ever.

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