Posted by: nhfalcon | May 23, 2012

Chipping Away…

Still got a ton of stuff to catch up on and the next couple of days off, so…

* – RIP, Greg Ham.

* – what if Darth Vader had been a good father?

* – ok, yeah, this is kinda cool:

* – a warm and fuzzy T-rex?

* – well, congratulations to Chandler Harnish, aka “Mr. Irrelevant” of the 2012 NFL Draft! šŸ˜‰

* – I love Chris Christie…

Sweet, simple, unapologetic, and to the point.

* – why hasn’t the media been reporting on this stuff?

* – so, the War on Terror is over, huh?

We did remember to tell al-Qaeda and the Taliban, right… ?

* – let’s talk transparency, shall we?

* – so a Democrat from my home state tweets about hoping Dick Cheney gets executed and hoping there are cellphone cameras there when it happens so he can watch and there are no screaming hysterics about “civility”?! Oy!

* – yes, I’m still harping on the whole voter ID thing:

* – remember that “Green Police” Super Bowl ad?

Not so funny now, is it?

* – it’s been too long since we’ve had some Bill Whittle, hasn’t it?:

* – almost a half-million dollars in fines for school bus “excessive idling“? Really?

* – the government’s killing pigs on private farms now. Seriously?!

* – so just where do we get our oil from?

* – how do you reduce something by 35% when you don’t know how much you have in the first place?

* – yeah, how are those shovel-ready jobs working out for ya?

* – congratulations, Mr. President. You are now our first $5 trillion man.

Way to go.


* – I wasn’t about to take the Buffet Rule seriously anyway, but when the guy who’s pimping it (that would be President Obama, incase I’m being too subtle for you)Ā paid less in taxes than his secretary

* – and the Obama hypocrisy on tax breaks for the wealthy continues…

* – thank you, Mr. Axelrod, for confirming what we already knew about the economy you and your cronies have exacerbated for us.

Priceless! šŸ™‚

* – budget? We don’ need no stinking budget!

* – yes, Michelle, we know. Your husband is The Lightbringer.


* – so, um, if The One is all about equality for women (cuz, ya know, us evil conservatives are not), then why is he paying his female employees less than his male employees?

* – and we’re the racists?! Do you see any black people in these pictures? This is Obama’s Chicago campaign HQ, fer crissakes!

* – you know, when a member of your own party is unsure if he’s going to vote for you

* – sorry, but I gotta disagree with AZ on this one. How the hell can somebody be pregnant before conception?!

* – well done, Georgia.

* – you know, when Barney Frank starts backtracking on Obamacare…

* – um, Harry? Just because you love junk mail doesn’t mean all old people love it, ok?

* – ok, can we stop with the whole “Obama ate dog meat!” thing? Seriously? Please?

Yes, I’m actually defending Obama here. This is a stupid, useless issue. The man did not grow up in the United States. He grew up in a country and a culture where this was (is?) normal. It’s be one thing if he had lived here in the States at the time, but he didn’t , so just drop it, all right? There are FAR more important things to bust on this guy about!

Not that this isn’t funny, though:

or this:


* – let’s also drop the “Ann Romney never worked a day in her life” thing, too, ok? I have no doubt that Hilary Rosen meant Ann’s never been employed by a company. Was it still a stupid thing to say? Yes, it was. Even the President admitted that. Being a stay-at-home Mom means you work hard. It means you do know how to balance a budget. Yes, Ms. Rosen stuck her foot in her mouth, but it’s not something worth trying to make into a campaign issue. Move on.


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