Posted by: nhfalcon | March 16, 2012

Your (semi-) Daily Dose of Reality v.3.16.12

Yes, I know, it’s been over a week. Hey, absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? 🙂

* – ‘cuz there’s no better way to start off a post than with one of the finest asses in creation…


* – yeah, this about sums up my visual color spectrum:

* – just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water

* – there are worse people you could take leadership lessons from than James T. Kirk.

* – RIP, Robert B. Sherman.

* – well, after this, I guess I’ll have to re-do that Mock 1st Round, huh?

* – this is where the entitlement mentality leads to, folks. People winning million-dollar lotteries but continuing to use food stamps because nobody came around and said, “Hey, you don’t qualify anymore.”

Nobody should have to tell you that, you dimwit. You should have the brains, the integrity, and the decency to figure it out on your own.

I weep for the future.

* – oh, I bet GM employees are just thrilled about making the Volt now, aren’t they?

But, of course, that’s Rush Limbaugh’s fault.

* – where the fuck did this president learn his math? $8,000/year for gas? What “typical family” spends $8,000 a year in gas? That’s a little over $150 a week! Cookiemaker and I spend less than half of that every week on gas, and we both travel 40 – 50 miles a day, five days a week to get to work.

* – “…the U.S. Senate has not passed a budget since nearly a year before Apple released the original iPad

How’s that for perspective?

* – watch out for that door, Dennis Kucinich. I hear it likes to hit people in the ass, if you know what I mean…

* – speaking of a politician who needs a door to hit him in the ass

* – exactly how the fuck is chanting “USA, USA” after winning a basketball game a “racial incident“?

* – “You get what you deserve, white boy!”

Had you heard about this prior to reading it here? My money says you didn’t. I wonder why…

* – seems a certain Mr. Rock has his panties in a wad, doesn’t he?

* – here’s hoping, Maine. Here’s hoping…

* – so, if the Tea Party is considered a “hate group,” why isn’t OWS?

(you don’t really have to answer that…)

* – don’t worry, folks, the very idea of voter fraud is a sham. Don’t worry your pwetty widdle heads over it.

* – “Under the Texas law signed last year by Governor Rick Perry, voters who arrive at the polls without one of seven acceptable forms of photo IDs issued by the state or federal government, including concealed carry handgun permits, would be given a provisional ballot, according to the Texas Secretary of State’s website.

Those ballots would count only if voters bring an approved ID to the registrar’s office within six days of the election.” (italics mine)

But it’s a racist law.

Seven different forms of acceptable ID. A provisional ballot given to you if you don’t have the ID. You’re given six more days to get an acceptable ID after the election so that your ballot counts.

But it’s a racist law.






* – how proud he must be.

* – not all teacher’s unions (or any other kind of union, for that matter) are devils, but they’re not all angels, either.

* – let’s promote Marxism in the classroom! Yeah – great idea!

* – ya know, for a group of people who they do what they do because they love it…

* – 1984, anyone?

* – of course, Michelle. Of course Let’s Move doesn’t tell people how to eat or how to stay active.

* – OK, as much as I am not a fan of abortion, I am totally NOT ok with this.

Doctors should not be allowed to withold information from patients. Period!

* – OH. MY. GOD! I will NEVER drink Pepsi again!

* – would these be the things Nancy Pelosi was talking about in regards to having to pass Obamacare in order to find out what was in it?

* – but that’s ok, because Obamacare will be totally worth it, because it’s going to cost less than $1 trillion… oh, oops.

* – and now on to the Sandra Fluke portion of our show…

Is Ms. Fluke being run by the White House?

What if she’s a fake?

Apparently Ms. Fluke was very focused (or  – far more likely – willfully blind) as she made her way to her meeting with Nancy Pelosi…

But, then, Libs have always had a knack for changing the subject, haven’t they?

Who is this man and what did he do with the real Bill Maher?

Kemtee and Bo, as per usual, weigh in brilliantly on the subject.

Godfatherpolitics doesn’t exactly pull any punches, either.

Of course, you knew Michelle Malkin was going to throw her $.02 in, right?

I think I need to pay more attention to Mark Steyn.

How’s that bailing on Rush Limbaugh working out for you, Carbonite?

If only seven people show up to a protest, does anybody hear it?

Have we ever had a more arrogant presidential administration?

Our country was founded on certain freedoms, the first of which is the freedom of religion. The ability of a religious person to follow their conscience without fearing government intervention has long been a protected right for Americans. It is unfathomable to picture a country that would deny religious freedoms.” – from a Family Research Center letter to President Obama.

If only Rush’s last name was Kennedy

(as an aside, it must be nice to be able to joke about Chappaquiddick…)

‘Cuz, ya’ know, he ain’t the only misogynist out there in media-land

I swear I’d stop pointing out all the hypocrisy here, if only I didn’t have so much material to work with.

So, is “slut” really all that offensive to liberals?

This pretty much does sum up the whole liberal moral outrage hypocrisy, doesn’t it? –

But this is OK?! –

“Cut off their ovaries”?! That’s ok?! 

At the end of the day, though, does Georgetown actually cover contraception for non-birth control related issues, anyway?


I said it a second ago, but I’ll say it again: have we ever had a more arrogant administration?






* – but it’s perfectly ok for a lib talk show host to mock someone’s religious beliefs after the tornadoes that ripped through the South a while back.

* – are these last tapes of Andrew Breitbart really that big a deal?

* – this puts that last question in a little more context.

* – oh, IF ONLY the media would ask Obama questions like these!

* – yes, The One’s tenure has been brilliant, hasn’t it?

* – oh, I bet this was an interesting debate!

* – you know, I’ve noticed Glenn Beck is pulling fewer and fewer punches lately (Stu follows up with the percentage of Republicans who believe Obama is a Muslim here).

* – you’ll have to forgive me if I don’t shed a tear for these poor, poor Congressmen and -women.

They can’t earmark anymore. They can’t score a littel free grub anymore. The spotlight’s always on them. They can’t make deals anymore and instead have to actualy live up to the principles the campaigned on. Oh, boo-hoo.

* – just call Chris Christie “Butter,” ‘cuz he is on a roll! 🙂

And he doesn’t back down, either.

* – I do so love Bill Whittle…

* – interesting conversation:

* – oh, BTW, I just found a couple of new favorite blogs: Conservatives Under 30 and Chicks On The Right. Check ’em out.



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