Posted by: nhfalcon | February 22, 2012

Your (semi-) Daily Dose of Reality v.2.22.11

* – ladies and gentlemen, the Kate Upton 2012 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover:


‘Nuff said.

* – I think I’m gonna start drinking Jack soda…


* – OK, you know what? As much as I like big breasts, this woman needs psychological help:

* – being in the retail / customer service business, I love this and this.

* – yes, I think it would be cool to make an airsoft machine gun out of a soda bottle:

That just rocks! 🙂

* – I am proud to say I know the John Anton in this article, and of what he has done for Down’s Syndrome awareness.

* – thank you for what you did while you were a part of the Red Sox, Tim Wakefield.

* – RIP, Gary Carter.

* – yes, I’m a geek. I’m more excited by the NFL Scouting Combine than Spring Training. Shoot me.

* – I’m somewhere in the middle on this whole Jeremy Lin controversy.

For those of you who don’t know, Lin is a Taiwanese-American basketball player who plays for the New York Knicks in the NBA. He’s one of those classic American underdog stories. He played his college ball at Harvard, hardly a college basketball powerhouse. He wasn’t drafted. He’s been cut by two other NBA teams prior to his time with the Knicks. He’s come out of nowhere to lead the Knicks on a great run and has turned in multiple impressive individual performances along the way.

“So what’s the controversy?” you may ask. Well, a few days ago a writer for ESPN put up a story on the network’s website using the phrase “chink in the armor.” Later an ESPN on-air personality uttered the same phrase. The writer has been fired and the on-air personality suspended because, of course, “chink” is a derogatory term for someone of Chinese descent.

Now, on the one hand, I do think both the writer and the on-air personality were stupid for using the phrase. I understand why they did (they were both discussing weaknesses in Lin’s game), but they should have seen this potential controversy coming, thought twice, and used a different phrase. On the other hand, I think ESPN is completely overreacting. Neither individual meant anything racist (the writer – the fired writer – has an Asian wife, fer crissakes!) by it. If anything, ESPN should have simply offered an official apology and moved on.

As much as I think ESPN overreacted, I do think Glenn Beck is going a little overboard here (though I don’t necessarily disagree with his overall point).

* – smooth, Rosie, real smooth.

Not that you would’ve known that had happened if you hadn’t come here or stumbled across it somewhere else. If a conservative had said it, it would’ve been front page news, but because a lib heroine said it…

* – some pretty good conservative rock acts out there…

* – well done, Andrew Breitbart! 🙂

* – why in the hell does Keene, NH need its “own tank?”

I know Keene. I lived near Keene. I’ve worked in Keene. Trust me – they do not need anything even remotely resembling a “tank.”

* – as much as I love the guy, I gotta disagree with Chris Christie on this one.

* – now this is the Chris Christie I love!:


* – I think I’m liking Rep. Raul Labrador of Idaho, too.

* – I know I’ve said many times before that not one of the current Republican presidential nominees thrills me. That being said, I’m starting to lean towards Rick Santorum. No, he’s not perfect. Yes, he done things, said things, and voted for things that I don’t agree with. But at least he’s never instituted universal healthcare in his state, like Mitt Romney did. Or attacked capitalism, like Newt Gingrich did. Or believed that America deserved 9/11, like Ron Paul does. And he doesn’t try to shy away from or spin or say “well, you gotta put that in context!” when he’s confronted about something. Whether somebody thinks he’s right or wrong, he stands by his convictions and doesn’t let the media bully him or control the conversation.

For example, most recently:

* – I’ve missed Ann McElhinney…

* – electric cars that pollute more than gas cars?! No! It’s not possible! Oh, the horrors!

* – wait a minute, wasn’t the high price of gas a bad thing under GW? So what’s different now?

* – so, how’s that Obamanomics working out for you?

* – Bill Whittle is my hero…

(neither one of those individuals is Bill Whittle, but, given the topic of the immediately preceding video, I thought the pic was appropriate 🙂 )

* – oh, and not only do we suck, but we’re also “demons.” Way to reach across the aisle and be non-partisan, Maxine Waters.

* – are we slowly becoming Nazi Germany?!

* – Obama’s father served in WWII? Really?

Obama’s father was born in 1936. The war started for America in 1941. It ended in ’45. Apparently the military had less stringent age requirements back then. And apparently Obama’s father was one hell of a 5-to-9-year-old, because I’m pretty sure he was the only one his age to serve back then. Amazing we haven’t heard more about him. You’d think the only little boy to serve in the history of the American military would have a little more recognition. Weird…

* – how in the world did America survive before we became the entitlement society?

* – “You are right to say we’re not coming before you today to say we have a definitive solution to that long-term problem. What we do know is, we don’t like yours.” – Timmy “tax-cheat” Geithner.

Way to lead, Timmy. Way to lead.

* – newsflash for Barbara Boxer: the right to religious freedom is in the Constitution. The “right” to insurance isn’t.

* – 98% of Catholics are using contraception, anyway? Really?

* – “The Republican candidates’ response to the contraception question should have uniformly been ‘Are you f-ing kidding? We’re at war, insolvent, heading to war with Iran… Insert looming crisis and you’re asking about rubbers?!.'” – great comment by “SoCalRobert” on this blog post by GayPatriot

* – nice piece by Reason magazine on the whole “Catholicism / contraception” kerfuffle.

* – “So where do you stand on this issue, Falcon?” you might be asking. Well, I think I’ve mentioned before that I personally don’t think contraception should be covered by health insurance, period, but if an insurance company chooses to do so of its own free will, that that’s its business, not mine. What I object to in this specific instance is the government demanding that any business – whether said business is religious or not is actually irrelevant to me – must provide free contraception to its employees (and, not for nothing, apparently only to its female employees. After all, we’re not hearing anything about male employees getting their contraception for free through this mandate, are we?).

Let’s clarify a few things, shall we?

1) Your employer-provided heath insurance is exactly that: employer-provided. You are contributing comparitively little to the cost of your health insurance. Chances are very, very good that your employer is paying for anywhere from 66% to 80% of your health insurance. As such, I think they have the right to have some say over what health insurance companies they contract with, and what insurance packages they purchase from those companies.

2) The money that your employer is paying for your health insurance is not your money, its your employer’s money. Just because it’s listed as part of your compensation package doesn’t mean you have control over it. After all, if you did, you could say to your employer, “You know what, instead of contributing $10,000/yr towards my health insurance, why don’t you just pay me $50,000/yr instead of $40,000/yr?” But you can’t say that, can you (well, you could, but do you really think you’re going to get the answer you want)?

3) Many employers, depending upon the size of the company and/or the state they do business in, offer their employees a range of insurance options to choose from. HMO, PPO, Universal Health Care, Aetna, Blue Cross / Blue Shield, etc… As such, if you work for one of those employers, choose the pacakge that offers you contraception coverage (if applicable).

4) Not for nothing, but you could always buy your own health insurance instead of being “forced” to accept the coverage your employer purchases for you.

(oh, wait, that would defeat the whole “I want something for nothing” part of the argument, wouldn’t it? Never mind. Moving on…)

5) If you don’t like that health insurance package(s) your employer is paying for the vast majority of, go find another employer. Nobody’s holding a gun to your head and forcing you stay at your current job.

“Are you kidding me?” some of you are screaming right now. “Do have any idea what job prospects are like out there right now? Unemployment is 8.3%!”

Well, then, maybe instead of bitching you should show a little gratitude, huh?

What it all boils down to, to me, folks, is choice. You have a choice over where you work. You may very well have a choice over what health insurance you have at work. You have a choice over whether or not to have sexual intercourse. You have a choice over whether or not to use some form of contraception when you have sexual intercourse. You have a choice of what kind of contraception to use (and therefore how much your intercourse is going to cost you financially).

The only choice that wouldn’t be available under this mandate is whether or not somebody else pays for your sexual intercourse.

(and all this from a bunch that’s constantly screaming they want the government out of their bedrooms and their uteruses…)

* – hey, Jessica Ahlquist – if you find something offensive, don’t look at it. But don’t tell me I can’t look at it, m’kay?

* – we’re calling 7-year-olds racists now? Seriously?

* – so, who are the real racists?

* – I’ll close with this wonderful speech by Allen West:



  1. I loves me some Lt. Col. West.

    And good points. I had conveniently missed the whole inherent sexism in the mandate argument. Hmm.

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