Posted by: nhfalcon | January 19, 2012

Your (semi-) Daily Dose of Reality v.1.19.12

(I’m slipping back into that once-a-week-blogging thing, I’ve noticed. I gotta watch that…)

* – over the past couple of weeks I’ve tried to catch up on my DVD watching. I’ve caught Green Lantern and Colombiana via Redbox. I love Redbox, especially when movies like the aforementioned two are “meh,” at best. Next up? Killer Elite, Atlas Shrugged, and maybe the Conan reboot.

Stay tuned…

* –


* –

More Hobbitty goodness!

“I will give you a name,” he said to it, “and I shall call you Sting.”

* – for those of you who are having a hard time figuring out what religion you should be:


* – boy, that Tim Tebow is such a right-wing, anti-choice, religious zealot, scumbag, isn’t he?

* – RIP, Sarah Burke.

* – for the last FUCKING time: freedom of religion does not mean freedom from religion! Got it? You don’t like a sign in your school that mentions “the Heavenly Father?”


* – oh, and if a private institution doesn’t want to perform your wedding, it shouldn’t have to! I don’t give a shit if you’re gay or not. Go find another fucking church! M’kay?

* – that being said, I think the Pope is an effing idiot for issuing this statement.

* – and now for this week’s nanny-state entry: we’re arresting Amish.


* – oh, and it’s illegal to collect rainwater (depending on where you live), too.


* – oh, and we’re fining oile refineries for not using fuel they don’t have.


* – give me a hand, will you? I’m having a hard time deciding…

What? I was asking which babydoll I should get for Cookiemaker! What did you think I was asking?


* – debunking the myths of homeschooling:

Yes, I’m seriously linking to something about homeschooling. What about it? My sister’s three kids are all homeschooled. My sister has her Master’s from the University of New Hampshire, and so does her husband, both in biochemistry. My sister was salutorian of her high school’s graduating class. Her husband now works for a biochemical company. Their daughter just won a presidential academic scholarship for college.

So put that in your pipe and smoke it!

* – been another heck of a year for shark encounters, huh?

* – thanx to the annual CES show in Vegas, it was also a heck of a period for Tech advances, huh? For example…

an app that lets you see the latest rover photos from Mars on your smartphone

new concept cars

superhero-like body armor

imagine your glasses having a heads-up-display built into the lenses

a cell phone you can wear as a watch

potential medical breakthroughs

* – look, I’m any but a prude, but even I have an issue with the idea of teaching sex ed to kindergarteners.

* – maybe I should be paying more attention to Adam Carolla

* – one of the better articles I’ve ever read (hat tip to Kemtee for bringing it to my attention).

* – speaking of Kemtee and her brilliance, here she nails it yet again.

* – but we’re the ones who are dumb, huh? Yeah, here’s what I think of that:

* – and we’re losing out on this oil for what? For shit like this:

* – and our media does exactly what about it?

Who cares about the oil pipeline? Don’t pay attention to SOPA! Ignore that new breaking scandal about another Operation Fast and Furious. Didn’t you hear – Newt asked his second wife if they could have an open marriage! Where are your priorities, man!

* – speaking of SOPA, this is funny, yet sad and poignant at the same time:

* – what’s that? The Tea Party went after a Republican? Ohmigosh! If I’m a liberal, my world is all topsy-turvy now! Nothing makes sense any more!

* –

* – speaking of Debbie Wowherbrainisfullof Shit

How’s that for delicious irony?

* – something tells me the OWS folks should be upset that Obama is going to give his convention speech at Bank of America Stadium.

They should be, mind you…

* – how about that Occupy movement, huh?

“This is what the Occupy encampment has become: a band of homeless protesters with no place to go. Amid accusations of drug use and sporadic theft, they’ve been sleeping on church pews for weeks, consuming at least $20,000 of the donations that Occupy Wall Street still has in its coffers. Their existence is being hotly debated at Occupy meetings: Are these people truly “Occupiers” who deserve free food and a roof over their heads?”

“We are all aware that the NYPD destroyed the tent homes of many Occupiers in just one night,” someone recently wrote on, Occupy’s General Assembly website for New York City. “However, where were they living before Zuccotti Park? Are we paying for housing for homeless people who may be relocated to City shelters?”

* –

* – so, now it’s “racially insensitive” to do anything on MLK Day excep to honor the late, great Dr. King?

* – and, of course, Michael “Jabba” Moore had to throw his two cents in about racism.

* – my father sent me this link. My Democrat father…

When a Democrat sends you something like that, you know shit is fucked up!

* – does anybody else see the hypocrisy in Lawrence O’Donnell complaining about Mitt Romney using a teleprompter?

* – so, after all that, do I really need to say that I’m anxiously awaiting 2016?

(you know, there’s just too much shit that I’ve let pile up over the last eight days. I’ll try finishing this up tomorrow…)


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