Posted by: nhfalcon | January 10, 2012

Your (semi-) Daily Dose of Reality v.1.10.12

* – I think they needed a bigger boat. 🙂

* – now where was I when Pamela Anderson was doing this?!

* – RIP, Bob Anderson.

* – now this is my kind of woman!

I can’t believe anybody ever seriously considered filing charges against her for her actions!

* – I wonder if this movie will ever wind up in a theater near me, or if I’ll have to wait for it on DVD?

* – sorry, Glenn Beck and Rick Santorum, but I’m gonna disagree with you on this one.

Actually, I’ll agree with one thing Beck said there – “My solution is take government out of marriage entirely.”

Exactly! Marriage is about love. Period. It’s not about politics. It’s not about religion. It’s about love. Religion (or even politics, I suppose) might be part of the equation if that’s what the particpants in the marriage want, but ultimately it is about love.

* – I’m not entirely sure I’m on board with Dennis Miller here, either.

Where do I fall on the idea of a nuclear Iran? I don’t like the thought, but I also think we should be done with being the world’s policeman and I also think we don’t have the right to tell the rest of the world what they can and cannot do. I think I would basically make it very well-known throughout the world that while I might not stand in the way of Iran having nukes, if they ever decide to use one on America or it’s allies I will obliterate Iran with everything in the American arsenal.

* – I definitely don’t agree with Rick Perry here.

* – going back to Iran, what do you think the odds are of them ever returning this favor?

At least they were gracious enough to say “thank you.”

* – the tale of two Ron Paul supporters: good and bad.

* – so, I need a photo ID to buy drain cleaner in Illinois now, but not to vote there? HUH?!

* – what’s the definition of “poor” again?

* – remember the pepper-spraying of the OWS types at UC-Davis a while back? Here’s another take on the story:

Now, about 1:25 into that vidoe Bill Whittle claims the students were told to leave ahead of time and that if they didn’t, pepper-spray might be used to enforce their removal. I was unable to find any evidence supporting Whittle’s claim about the likelihood of pepper-spray being used, but I did find the letter announcing to the protesters that they had to leave here (I’m assuming that is the letter Whittle is referring to). A follow-up letter immediately after the event can be found here.

Earlier in the video Whittle talks about context. I’ve seen video on YouTube (and here and here, as well) of what transpired just prior to the actual spraying, and I think it’s quite likely that the protesters knew the pepper-spray was coming and chose to sit there and take it. If in fact that was the case, then my sympathy for those protesters is severely limited.

Do I think the pepper-spray was overkill? Yes. However, when it’s all said and done, in my opinion, it boils down to the basic concept that choices and actions have consequences. The protesters were told that if they didn’t disperse they were going to be pepper-sprayed. They chose to not disperse. They then suffered the consequences of their actions. There was no ambush here. The actions of the police were obvious and deliberate and the protesters were given reasonable opportunity to avoid getting sprayed. Given that, I think the protesters are as much to blame for getting sprayed as the police.

* – can we please disband the Department of Homeland Security ASAP?

I mean, c’mon, seriously?

No, seriously!


* – ah, the nanny-state

* – am I possibly taking my man-crush for Chris Christie too far?


* – and it would be just silly to even ask that question in regards to Bill Whittle…

* – c’mon, now, Bill, don’t be too hard on the president. After all…


* –

Now, even I balk at calling Obama a dictator. After all, there’s a possibility he’ll be voted out of office in about 10 months or so, and even if he gets re-elected the Twenty-second Amendment of the Constituion guarantees that we’ll be rid of him by January of 2017 at the latest.

Then again, given the lack of disregard he has for the Constitution based on the most recent round of appointments he’s made…

Godfatherpolitics’ take.

Glenn Beck’s take.

The Heritage Foundation’s takes, Pt. I and Pt. II and Pt. III.

* – RIP, the Bill of Rights?

* – now, wait a minute, I thought us “Obama-haters” were in the minority


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