Posted by: nhfalcon | December 22, 2011

Your (semi-) Daily Dose of Reality v.12.22.11

* – first things first: HOBBITY GOODNESS!!!

Less than one year!!!

Yes, Little Man and I will be fighting over these when they get released. 🙂

* – oh, yeah, there’s a new Batman film comng out soon, too…

* – yes, they are making an Expendables 2:

(and yes, I will watch it 🙂 )

* – it just ain’t Christmas without Larry the Cable Guy…

* – now, you know I love my Falcons, but not to the point where I can let one of them being an a-hole slide.

Hey, Dunta? Just shut up and play football. Try earning that fat contract we gave you a couple of years ago, huh?

* – oh, btw, don’t even ask me how my fantasy team did this season (grrr…)

* – Kim Jong Il is dead.

Sayonara, motherfucker. I hope you and Osama bin Laden are forced to butt-fuck each other – sans lube – for the rest of eternity.

Not that I felt strongly about those guys or anything…

* – well, if not the Taliban, then who, Joe?


* – I still really have my doubts about this new National Defense Authorization Act.

* – maybe Ron Paul and I aren’t quite so far apart on foriegn policy as I thought…

* – sorry, Sarah, but – as much as I like you – it is too late for you.

* – if Obama’s our 4th-best president, then we are good and truly fucked!

* – so, just what is the deal with this payroll tax debate, anyway?

* – here’s a couple of nice defenses of free market capitalism by Ryan Messmore and Jeb Bush.

* – hey, how come none of these OWS types are occupying Congress?

* – nice to see fewer and fewer Americans are buying into this class warfare crap.

* – hmmm… Fewer illegal aliens = lower unemployment. Weird…

* –

* – how about some more of the wonder that is Bill Whittle:

* – thank you, Attorney General Holder, for reaffirming my faith in that when all else fails your side will always resort to playing the race card.

* – by that logic, there are now at least 91 racists in Congress.

* –

Seasonally appropriate, no?

* – Oh, I almost forgot…


What? There’s a Santa hat and a wrapped Christmas present right there! And a decorated Christmas tree in the background! What were YOU looking at?





  1. Merry Christmas, Falcon. Looks like we are going to have an heart-racing end of the football season this year, despite sluggish starts by both our teams! With the 49ers in there, it feels like old times.

  2. I thought The Expendables was lame. I was so disappointed.

    Saw a trailer for The Hobbit at Mission Impossible night before last. Looks great. (Of course, it would.)

    Merry Christmas, NHFalcon!

  3. Seester – I hear you. Monday night should be interesting. I think you’ll beat us, but then we’ll take out the Bucs and still get into the playoffs as either the #5 or #6 seed. We still need some work on our “D.”

    Bo – my expectations for “The Expendables” weren’t very high, so I found it acceptable. If I find it for a decent price somewhere, I’ll probably pick it up on DVD. I don’t plan on seeing the second one in the theaters when it comes out, but I’ll rent it from Redbox for a buck when it hits the shelves on DVD.

    Merry Christmas to you both!

  4. Who would give money to Arnold Schweirtzneger? If you go see Expendables 2, you are. He is a failed governor, who commuted the sentence of a murdere and cheated on his then pregnant wife with the maid. Really! Do you want to reward this dispecable human being?

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