Posted by: nhfalcon | December 10, 2011

Your (semi-) Daily Dose of Reality v.12.10.11

* – first the obligatory non-political humor…

I can’t believe somebody actually made that dress, much less wore it…


Not so much humorous, but it is seasonal. Again, not trying to offend anbody, just sayin’…

* – some funny LotR pics

* – I don’t think that was in the script of that particular episode of Mythbusters…

* – RIP, Harry Morgan.

* – Fort Hood was “workplace violence“?! You’re joking, right? (facepalm!)

* – what if Tim Tebow were a Muslim?

* – I’ve mentioned that I love Chris Christie, haven’t I?

“Why the hell did I call on you?” 🙂

* – can’t forget Andrew Klavan…

* – and, of course, the suite wouldn’t be complete with out Bill Whittle:

* –

I just got done reading “The FairTax Book” by Neal Boortz and John Linder. Between the material in that book and things like the image above, put me in the FairTax column!

* – this sheds some interesting light n the idea of “income inequality”, as well.

* – like I needed any more proof that Sheila Jackson Lee is just plain batshit crazy

* – oh, btw, remember all those “patriotic millionaires” who thought they should be taxed more, who thought they should contribute more to help solve the nation’s problems? Remember them?:


Uh-huh. Yeah. Right.

Hypocritical pricks. They don’t want to be taxed more. They don’t want to help. They just want to look good and say the right things, but when put to the test they fold like a bad poker hand.


* – as long as I’m linking to Gay Patriot, here’s a good one regarding Obama’s recent speech in Kansas and the idea that free market capitalism has “never worked.”

Of course free market capitalism has never worked, Mr. President. America became the most powerful economic country in the history of the planet out of pure shit luck.


* – and just how did those booms in the 20th century come about?

* – how about the irony in this?

Now that is just fucking AWESOME! Where are your precious “99%” principles now, sweetheart? Money talks, huh? 🙂

* – I’m sorry, what party protected Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae  – you know, big evil corporations – again?:

* – hey, instead of Obamacare, how about we follow Florida’s lead?

* – and now for the equally obligatory political humor…

I actually have no issue with gay marriage whatsoever, but I do love to point out liberal hypocrisy…

and this gave me an excuse to put up a picture of a hottie. 🙂


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