Posted by: nhfalcon | December 1, 2011

Your (semi-) Daily Dose of Reality v.12.1.11

* – sorry, but I’m in a “I feel like objectifying women” mood. Deal…

I have no idea what a fap hand is, but I want one!

As would I (among other things…).

So many different uses! Who knew?!

I think it’s time for me to go back to school. 😉

And to church, the mall, and the pumpkin patch.

* – ok, now that I have that out of my system, let’s move on…

How true…

* – ah, the 90s

* – seven life lessons from Star Trek.

* – these Siri parodies just keep getting better and better…

* – RIP, Chester McGlockton.

* – A Charlie Brown Christmas almost didn’t happen because – among other reasons – it had overt religious references in it.


And that was back in 1965! Can you imagine somebody trying to put a Christmas special on one of the major networks today that blatantly points out the whole reason behind Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Christ? Oh, the horror!


* – remember Anders Behring Breivik? The guy who slaughtered all those people in Norway back in July? Yeah…

He’s not going to jail.

See, he was insane when he killed all those people, so it’s not his fault, so it wouldn’t be right to put him in prison. Instead, we’re going to put him in a psychiatric ward where he can hopefully be rehabilitated.

Fucking kill me.

* – so, the fed has decided slaughtering horses is ok? Huh?

* – Obama now has a lower approval rating than Jimmy Carter. There’s something to be proud of.

* – cuz, ya’ know, when you’ve lost Chrissy “Tingle” Matthews, you’ve seriously fucked up as a liberal leader.

* – the mainstream media “leans a little to the left“? Really? Gee, thanks, “Tingle,” I never would’ve figured that out on my own.

* – boy, those Limbaugh protesters really showed him, huh? 🙂

* – yes, I’ve heard about the latest Herman Cain accuser. Like all the other accusations, I’ll believe this one when it’s proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.

* – so, now that Occupy LA has been shut down, we find that they left behind 30 tons of debris.

30 tons?! I’m willing to bet every Tea Party rally in the history of the movement combined  hasn’t left a tenth of that!

* – two words that cause all Liberals to shit themselves – entitlement reform.

* –

‘Nuff said.


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