Posted by: nhfalcon | November 16, 2011

OK, So I Lied…

this is the last of the really big posts!

(maybe… 🙂 )

That may or may not be me in a similar situation…

I don’t care who you are, that’s funny right there!



* – dude, it’s a vagina, not a clown car!

* – Pamela Anderson is going to play the Virgin Mary in a Christmas special.

I kid you not.

* – RIP, Karl Slover.

* – look for a new Toy Story short in fron of The Muppets movie coming out later this month.

* – you knew there was a Toy Story short in fron of Cars 2, right?

* – you knew there was a new Mater short in front of Cars 2, right?

* – speaking of which, this looks like it’ll be worth buying come the Spring of ’13:

* – on a more adult level, the next attempt at American Pie looks like it just might be worth it…

* – click on some of these ads. This is some funny stuff (especially the radio bits)!

* – these things are killing my appetite for Thanksgiving.

* – so now we’re ok with Americans kids in American high schools being told they can’t wear American-themed clothing at school on Cinco de Mayo.


* – yeah, this seems like a good guide for governance (I’m being serious here, not sarcastic).

* – god, but I can’t wait for Obamacare to kick in to high gear, can you?

(that was sarcastic)

I mean, it’s done such a bang-up job so far, huh?

(more sarcasm)

* – that Glenn Beck is such a scumbag, isn’t he? And a misogynist, too.

(yes, more sarcasm)

* – the following quote was uttered in Hawaii this past Sunday: “When I meet with world leaders, what’s striking – whether it’s in Europe or here in Asia… (emphasis mine)”

God, but that Michelle Bachmann is such a twit, isn’t she?

What, it wasn’t Bachmann? Oh, well, Palin then. She probably think she can see Russia from Hawaii, you know.

Huh, not Palin, either? No? What about Rick Perry? I mean, the guy can’t even count to three…

No, not Perry? I know, Bush! Must be that good ol’ reliable moron, George W, Bush, right?

No? Well, who, then?

Barack Hussein Obama (mmm, mmm, MMM!).

Huh, weird. I mean, I thought he was the smartest guy in the room…

* – been a while since we heard from the nanny-state, hasn’t it?

* – hey, Nancy, when a 60 Minutes report accusing you of insider trading also accuses John Boehner of the same thing, exactly how is it a “right-wing smear“?

* – wait a minute, I thought giving bonuses to executives was wrong? Then why is the government ok’ing it?

* – I love how whenever a Republican tries to get something done that isn’t jobs-related the Libs work themselves into a tizzy by screaming, “But I thought they got elected because they were going to create jobs! How does this create jobs?!”

But, when their messiah decides to kill thousands of jobs (oh, and btw, The One has told us how many times that he has a “laser-focus” on jobs?) by not agreeing to let Canadian oil flow into the U.S., nobody utters a peep about it.

* – hmmm, a little crony capitalism going on here?

* – and now for the “Occupy” portion of our show:

Nice. These are the “best” people in America (according to Van Jones)?

Is there more to the “Occupy” movement than we think…

Meanwhile, some alleged OWS types in Portland, OR are speeding, doing pot, and bringing incendiary devices to the party.

Cops are getting their hands cut and their radios stolen and disease is running rampant.

Don’t forget the shootings.

OWS’s rap sheet to date.

Now people are dying at these movements. Great.

They got a hell of an anthem though, don’t they?

And these are people who have great ideas like requiring the goverment to provide jobs for the unemployed and writing a new Constitution.

I knew I liked Frank Miller for a reason…


I gotta get this shirt!

See, it’s about perspective, something these OWS types apparently don’t have.

Ah, the irony…

Instead of occupying Wall Street, these clowns should be occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Do I think the private sector is made up of nothing but individuals as pure as the driven snow? Of course not. There are a lot of scumbags on Wall Street (among other places). But where is the protesting of the government? Do you really think the government is made up entirely of people as pure as the driven snow? Do you really think there’s no crony capitalism? No corruption? No insider trading? No writing of legislation purely for the sake of scratching somebody’s back? No lack of accountability?

C’mon, really? I know some of you OWS supporters out there are smarter than that!

But we should be more like China. Really?

I wonder what the Founders would think of this idea of income inequality…

* – I’ve said it before, but I will say it again and again as many times as I have to – I don’t care how much you disagree with Obama (or anybody, for that matter), this kind of stuff is utterly unacceptable!


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