Posted by: nhfalcon | November 9, 2011

The Last of the Really Big Posts…

maybe.  🙂

As usual, let’s start off with some humor, shall we?

Our flight home from Orlando was cancelled because of that freak Nor’easter, so this resonates with me (althought we at least had power when we did get home).

My store started playing its Christmas music two days ago, so I find this particularly appropriate.


Another *snort!*


Ma’am, if you look like THAT, I’ll kiss any body part you tell me to! 😉

Well, when you put it that way, English is pretty effed up, ain’t it?

* – they need to allow more commercials like this in the U.S. …

* – let’s be honest, nowadays this is the only kindo f work Lindsay Lohan is going to get.

* – Halloween and cheerleaders. Doesn’t get much better, does it?

* – they’re gonna bring back In Living Color? Really? I mean, I liked the show back in the day, but…

* – Jurassic Park IV? Really?

* – yeah, this is a pretty cool / funny video game trailer:

* – RIP, Heavy D.

* – RIP, Joe Frazier.

* – RIP, Bob Forsch.

* – RIP, Dorothy Rodham.

* – RIP, Andy Rooney.

* – farewell, Saintseester. You will be missed.

* – are these the top 25 ways to win an argument?

* – were we told the truth about the bin Laden mission?

* – people think Bill Maher is funny / smart why?

* – nice bit by Glenn Beck here on anti-semitism and illegeal immigration (trust me, there’s a legitimate tie-in there).

* – Booker T. Washington on black victimhood.

* – I know I’ve said this before, but why is nobody calling out the race-baiting regarding Herman Cain?

* – yes, I’m aware of the sexual harassment allegations against Herman Cain. No, I don’t like them. Cain is my guy. I hope he gets the nomination, and if he does, I hope he becomes the next President of the United States. However, if these allegations are proven to be true, then he immediately loses my support. Sexual harassment in unacceptable. Period.

That being said, let’s remember that he is innocent until proven guilty, and so far none of the accusations (we’re up to what, five now?) strike me as all that reliable. Bialek admitted she had her hair done before her press conference and was smiling throughout the entire thing. Is a press conference about sexual harassment something to smile about? Karen Kraushaar works for the Obama administration. Hmmm, interesting. Cain is also not the only person she’s filed a complaint against. Now, obviously it’s entirely possible she’s been harassed by more than one guy, but am I the only person who finds it “curious” that she files the same complaint against consecutive employers?

* – glad to see the Left doesn’t endorse violence.

* – for those who care, here’s a breakdown of where the GOP presidential candidates stand on some of the issues.

Here’s another breakdown.

* – flat tax fever – catch it!

* – what’s so good about a flat tax? Let’s ask Steve Forbes.

* – exactly where the fuck does Nancy Pelosi come up with this math?

* – really, Barry? How do you figure?

* – we’re taxing Christmas trees now? SERIOUSLY?! AYFKM?! And why just Christmas trees? Why not Menorahs? Why not whatever the symbols are for Ramadan and Kwanzaa? Why just the Christian holiday?

Oh, and btw, yes – it is a CHRISTMAS tree! It’s NOT a “holiday” tree! No other winter holiday uses a tree in its symbology, so why the fuck can’t it be a Christmas tree?

Here endeth the lesson.

* – I’m waiting for the day to go by when Obama doesn’t put his foot in his mouth.

* – why aren’t we hearing more about this administration refusing to comply with a subpoena?

* – congressional approval? We don’t need no stinking congressional approval!

* – wait a minute, weren’t these the same people screaming for “net neutrality”? Why, then, are they censoring YouTube?

* – hmmm, jobs and cheap oil or save the environment? Jobs and cheap oil or save the environment? Hmmm…

* – could it possibly be a good thing if corporations didn’t pay any taxes?

* – yeah, communism is great, isn’t it?

* – and now for the Occupy Whatever portion of our show…

Now why would ACORN – excuse me, I’m sorry, I mean the New York Communities for Change – be shredding documents? Hmmm…

Here’s the Declaration of the Occupation of New York.

And I thank you for your service, sirs!

Just how hypocritical is it that Michael Moore identifies himself as one of the 99%? AYFKM?!

Harvard students who sympathize with OWS protest their economics class.

How appropriate.

‘Cuz, ya know, if they went to that class, they might learn how economics actually works.

So, why is OWS denying homeless people food? Aren’t the homeless the epitome of “the 99%”?

And why the hell would this anti-capitalist movement be applying for trademark protection? Certainly not to create merchandise to sell and make a profit off of, right? Certainly not that!

Alliance for Global Justice, the company that sponsors Occupy Wall Street, is tax exempt. How’s that for irony?

Are you smarter than one of the 99%?

One member of OWS admits that Glenn Beck has a pretty damn good idea of where this movement could go.

With winter coming on, the OWS are preparing for their “Valley Forge” moment.


These spoiled, ungrateful little shits have no fucking clue what Valley Forge was really like, and they never will. They at least will have the option of returning to their parents’ basement to sit on the sofa and blog on their iPads while sipping their Starbucks mochachinos and watching MSNBC if their LL Bean coats and UGG boots don’t keep their precious little keisters warm enough.

The men at Valley Forge never had that option.


More evidence of how just oh-so-peaceful the OWS movement is.

Jaywalking, burned American flags, trashed ATMs, ports shut down, shoving cops… yeah, these folks are just like Tea Partiers (eyeroll…).

Don’t forget breaking windows, occupying abandoned buildings, spraying graffiti, and setting fires.

Also knocking down old women, blocking traffic and freaking out if a McDonald’s doesn’t hand out free food.

Oh, and the rapes, of course. Don’t forget the rapes. The rapes OWS would rather handle internally instead of reporting ot the police.

Found at Occupy Phoenix – “When Is It OK To Shoot A Cop.” Lovely.

Even Michael Bloomberg is getting sick of these people.

Meanwhile, in Atlanta, a Tea Party group is being denied the same rights the Occupy movement there received. Yeah, that’s fair and balanced.

Hey, Larry O’Donnell? If you’re going to ask leading questions, you’d best know the answer first, ok? Just a tip to keep you from looking from a complete jackass next time. You’re welcome.

Now, as much as I may disagree with the “Occupy” folks (really, Falcon, you do?!), I find things like this totally unacceptable!

Finally, this is who supports the “Occupy” movement.

And you’re ok with this?! Really? REALLY?!?!?!

* – and now for some political humor:

Yeah, that Beck sure is a loon, isn’t he?

That just about sums it up, doesn’t it?

That’s where the US currently ranks economically, folks. Not really something to be proud of, is it?

* – I’ll finish with this…

Any questions?



  1. Thanks for the goodbye mention. It’s run it’s course, but all you guys are in my reader forever.

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