Posted by: nhfalcon | November 2, 2011

I’m A Glutton For Punishment, Ain’t I?

posting every two or three weeks or more instead of weekly, I mean. A crapload of material piles up over three-plus weeks, ya know. Oh well…

Let’ start off with the humor, shall we?

Ladies and gentlemen, the new world’s record holder for the kneeling high jump is…

Hey, now wait a minute! I enjoy slaying an umber hulk with a +5 holy avenger as much as the next guy!

Ya gotta admit, there’s a valid point there…

This makes me feel better about being so out of shape.


Who gets this reference? Anyone?


The stuff nightmares are made of.

What’s sad is that this is probably based on something that happened in real life!

Ladies? Any commentary here?

You don’t have to be a Star Wars fan to appreciate this one!

“And if you look to your left, you’ll see…”

I say this to the back of at least one customer a day.

* – this is just frickin’ hilarious! Especially if you’re an English major. Seriously. Read this. You’ll love it!

* – what if T-rex was actually bigger than we originally thought? Holy crap!

* – after starting the fantasy football season off with two straight losses, I was not encouraged. Somehow, however, I’ve rebounded with five straight wins (before losing this past weekend). What’s even more remarkable is that I’ve done that with Matt Schaub, Rex Grossman, and Jason Cambell – the week he was injured, no less – starting games for me at QB. Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good, I guess.

* – Don’t even get me started on my Falcons.

* – or the collapse of the Red Sox, either.

* – remind me not to play golf here.

* – RIP, Charles Napier.

* – RIP, Al Davis.

* – RIP, Kent Hull.

* – congratulations, Thomas Ian Nicholas.

* – yeah, I’m pretty sure I want to see this when it comes out in February:

* – oh, and May is a given, too, obviously…

* – the current pope is “a Nazi.” Thank you for that brilliant commentary, Susan Sarandon.


* – sing it, Clement Yastrzemski III, sing it!

* – more guns = fewer murders.

Huh! Who knew?

* – more good news about Obamacare! Oh, goodie!

* – introducing legislation to seal presidential records after the president has left office. What have you go to hide, Barry?

* – “Americans ‘do not have a fundamental right to consume the milk from their own cow‘”?!

Holy fucking nanny-state, Batman!

* – look, I’m no fan of cyber-bullying – or any kind of bullying, for that matter – but using that to try to redefine the First Amendment just doesn’t cut it with me.

* – 2:06 in.


It’s no secret that the late, great Mr. Jobs identified himself as a liberal. However, that quote above is a perfect example of how Mr. Jobs was a quintessential capitalist. There are those who believe it is demand and only demand that drives an economy. Horse puckey. The iPhone is a textbook example of how an entrepeneur can create something that there is apparently no demand for whatsoever and get filthy stinking rich off selling it. Do smart companies make a lot of money meeting consumer demand? Of course they do. The really smart companies make enormous amounts of money, however, by creating demand.

Here endeth the lesson.

* – a nice piece here by Michelle Malkin about Jobs and his contributions to capitalism.

* – another part of free-market capitalism is innovation and the entrpeneurial spirit. Take this idea, for example. Something like this does not happen in a socialist economy. And if this succeeds, it truly creates jobs (as opposed to a certain someone’s “shovel-ready” ideas).

* – oh, and by the way, Jobs favored school choice. Just sayin’.

* – look, even I think defense spending needs to be cut, but if you think doing just that solves all of our problems, you’re deluded.

* – nope, nothing to worry about from the Iranians, nothing at all. Move along…

* – first Libya, now Uganda. Uganda? WTF are we doing in Uganda?! How the hell does Obama get a Peace Prize when he’s constantly sticking our national nose in places in has no business being? Oy, vey!

* – ladies and gentlemen, Andrew Klavan and his Very Serious Commentary:

and more serious commentary.

and Mr. Klavan’s conversation with the Green Jobs Answer Man:

* – a house built entirely from products made in America – and it cost about the same as a house made from foriegn products. Go figure.

* – Obama’s presidency, by the numbers:

God, but I can’t wait for November 2012!

* – “I have always been an advocate of racial equality… What I don’t like is when members of any ethnic group scream and holler for racial equality when in fact what they want is preferential racial treatment.”

Well said, Godfather Politics, well said.

* – now, if a conservative pundit had asked whether any liberal politician or candidate was “authentically black, don’t you think there would be a massive outcry of “RACIST!!!“?

So then why is it ok when Al Sharpton does it? Or Cornell West?

* – and now for the more politically oriented humor and graphics…

Just a something a little seasonally appropriate. 🙂


The irony here is delicious, isn’t it?

BTW, how many blacks do you see in this picture? Three? Four? Out of how many? If this were a picture of a Tea Party rally, do you think we’d be hearing outcries of “RACIST!!!“?

The differences are subtle, I know, but work with me…

YEAH! What he said!

As long as we’re on the “Occupy Whatever” section of this post, I would like to emphasize that I am not the 99%. I am the 53%, thank you very much!

And if this is all about protesting “the 1%,” then why the hell are some of the 1% at the protests? What are they protesting about?

They’re certainly eating like they’re part of the 1%.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Kemtee has chimed in brilliantly regarding these protests.

You knew Bill Whittle would have something to say, too, didn’t you?

Rep. Allen West had a pointed word or two about OWS (among other things), as well.

My God, are these people just mindless fucking drones or what?!

I mean, Jesus, they don’t even know why they’re there!

Oh, you just want your tuition paid for. Just because. OK, fine. Moving on…

Because apparently they think their student loans are “gifts,” not, you know, loans.

Oh, and they’re very polite and peace-loving, too. I mean, who doesn’t want to spit on members of the Coast Guard, right?

And they’ve also been oh-so-clean, hygienic, and respectful, too.

Haven’t they?


What’s sad is that this is pretty much the truth nowadays.

Well said. VERY well said.


And to answer the question that has to be burning in your brain right now – no, I never thought I’d quote Eminem here.



Um, yeah… Somebody want to explain that one to me?

I may have to get that sign when I buy a house.

Don’t really need to say anything, do I?



  1. Totally agree about the D&D fantasy football thing. Where did that come from?

  2. One of my friends on Facebook had posted it. I don’t know where he had found it.

    Welcome to the Eyrie, btw.

  3. Hello! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be ok. I’m undoubtedly enjoying your blog and look forward to new posts.

    • I am not on Twitter, Michael. Sorry. 😦 Feel free to continue to follow along here, though.

  4. Okay, I spit yogurt at the screen over the Culture Club reference. Thanks a pantload.

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