Posted by: nhfalcon | October 5, 2011

Been A While, Huh?

Sorry about that. You know, life and stuff. Work, friends, funerals, football, etc…

Anyway, when last we left our intrepid hero…

* – let’s start with a little non-political humor, shall we?

That was almost worth a snort of morning coffee out the nose.

I pray this will never be me and my son. Not only for the sake of me and my son, but also for the sake of my wife and my neighbors.

Damn, why didn’t I think of that?!

I refuse to comment on whether or not the above may or may not be a representation of my marriage.

Yes, that will be me when I’m that age.

Oh, hell, who am I kidding? That might be me on the flight down to Disney later this month!

Trivia time! Who gets that reference?

Another coffee-snorter.

Now that’s just frickin’ awesome! 🙂

I don’t care if Betty White really said that or not, that is some funny shit!

Don’t worry, folks, there will be political humor later on…

* – imagine an alarm clock that woke you up not with sound but with smell. And not just any smell – the smell of BACON!

You think I’m shitting you, don’t you?

Think again

* – I hope nobody was holding their breath for the iPhone 5.

* – am I the only person here who finds dinosaurs fascinating?

* – I am so NOT looking forward to this Super Bowl’s halftime show.

* – I’m not holding Terry Francona 100% blameless for the collapse of the Boston Red Sox this year, but he deserved better than this.

* – a very classy move here by the Texas Rangers, but this had to have been a heart-wrenching day.

* – RIP, Orlando Brown.

* – RIP, Mike Heimerdinger.

* – RIP, Steve Jobs.

* – RIP, Arch West (who? The developer of the Dorito, that’s who!).

* – note to self: wash down some Doritos in memory of Mr. West with these beers.

* – another hottie hits the market. Yes!

* – say hello to the new Bond girl.

* – farewell, Andy Rooney. You will be missed.

* – another reason to like Jeff Dunham.

* – you know, I used to like Morgan Freeman.

* – brilliant commentary from Kemtee (like she ever does any other kind of commentary?) about Mr. Freeman.

* – a nice piece by Saintseeter on all the cry-wolf racism that’s been going on lately.

* – is it possible that the founder of Black Entertainment Television is racist? I mean, he’s criticizing the president, so…

* – I’ve never liked Roseanne Barr, and this didn’t change my mind about her.

* – now this person, on the other hand, is somebody to aspire to be like. Somebody to be admired. This person is a Marine!

* – the Israelis are the bad guys in the Palestinian question? Really? When was the last time you heard about an Israeli doing something like this?

* – the Israelis are engaging in ethnic cleansing?! Really? Funny, the last time I checked Muslims living in Israel were free to practice their religion, own land, vote, etc., with no interference from that Israeli government.

Can any Arab nation say the same about any Jews that may be living in their country?

* – it’s a start, Saudi Arabia, it’s a start.

* – why are American taxpayers paying for a new U.N. building?

For that matter, why is the U.S. even involved with the U.N. anymore? When was the last time the U.N. ever did anything for us?

* – go, Herman, go!

* – ladies and gentlemen, one of my heroes, Chris Christie:

* – as much as I admire Governor Christie, however, I believe he made a wise choice to not run for President in 2012.

* – a wise choice by Sarah Palin, as well. I like her. I like her policies and her principles. I think she’s a valuable voice for conservatism and is wildly misrepresented in the press. However, the press did achieve its mission of convinving enough of the American population that she has no business being a President or Vice President, and, therefore, if she had run and gotten the Republican nomination, she only would have lost the general election, guaranteeing us another four years of Obama.

* – another one of my heroes, Dennis Miller.

* – Glenn Beck’s take on a now infamous (at least within my little world) quote by Elizabeth Warren.

* – here’s a great retort to Ms. Warren.

* – speaking of Beck, would he run for president?

Oh, wouldn’t that just freak some people right the fuck out!

* – Warren Buffett lying?! No way!

* – speaking of Buffett, I wonder what his secretary’s tax rate really is?

* – so, how many of the Forbes 400 are speculators and financiers, as opposed to company owners (you know – job creators)?

* – remember Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally on 8/28/10? How many people showed up for that? Thousands? Tens of thousands? Maybe even more?

How many of them got arrested? Do you even remember anybody getting arrested on that day?

Now, let’s take a look at the “Occupy Wall Street” protesters, shall we?

700 arrested over this past weekend.

Just sayin’…

* – welfare reform is one of the biggest reasons why I voted for Paul LePage.

* – more evidence of the “civil discourse” of the Left.

* – and of course Bill Maher would be the epitome of that “civil discourse.”

* – oh, look – morecivil discourse!”

* – “We’d rather slander the Tea Party than debate them.” – Mary Frances Berry.

I really don’t need to elaborate on that, do I?

* – the ACLU is defending prayer in school?!

Oh, wait – it’s not Christian prayer, so that makes it ok. Got it.

* – so, what good has the Department of Education done again?

* – Let Me Rise – 30 minutes about school choice well worth your while.

* – this is awesome. Kid uses Glenn Beck as a source, teacher discredits him and makes him rewrite his paper. Kid uses exact same sources Beck use to write his book, leaves Beck’s name out of it, and virtually the same paper is now brilliant.

Nope, there’s no prejudice in academia. Absolutely none.

* – personally, I think we need more teachers like this guy.

* – “For the first time in history, women are better educated, more ambitious and arguably more successful than men.” – William J. Bennett, CNN.

Wait, but I thought this country was viciously disrespectful towards women? What did I miss?

* – do unions hurt women?

* – hey, UAW, how are things going for you?

* – over half a billion dollars given out in benefits to dead people?! Yeah, how’s that stopping waste, fraud, and abuse working out for ya?

* – bring on the nanny state!

* – is it just me, or is the EPA as a whole looking more and more like Walter Peck from Ghostbusters?

* – not like the EPA would cut corners or anything. Nah…

* – so, isn’t affirmative action just a form of racial profiling?

* – “In other words, the Democrats are constantly telling the Republicans that it’s  the Democrats’ way or no way while at the same time criticizing the Republicans  for doing the very same thing.”

Yeah, that seems about right.

* – I’m sure this Democrat was just joking about suspending congressional elections for two years. I’m sure she was.

* – I’m pretty sure this Democrat isn’t joking about wanting less democracy.

* – some pretty good proposals about how to handle our oil situation.

* – I love it when the other side fights amongst themslves.

* – thank you for the lesson in conservative judo, Sensei Schlichter

* – I need to remember this:

* – look, I’m (obviously) no fan of Obama, either, but there’s absolutely no call for this.

* – and now for the political humor…


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