Posted by: nhfalcon | September 12, 2011

J.A.R.D. v.9.12.11

* – RIP, Cliff Robertson.

Sorry, folks, but from here on out this one is all politics.

* – not only were no clergy invited to the 9/11 memorial services, neither were any first responders! Absolutely inexcusable.

* – I really don’t think the Libs get it about 9/11.

Case in point.

Gotta point out one quote from the above litany, obviously meant as a jab at Bush, Cheney, Rove, Haliburton, the Right in general, etc.: “They (children born since September 11, 2001) have never had a single day where they weren’t told to hate their neighbors and to report them if they don’t seem patriotic enough.”

Oh, you mean like how the White House – under OBAMA – set up an email address in case you overheard anyone who seemed to be critical of The Regime? Like that?!

* – a great counter to the above point of view by Charles Krauthammer.

* – and another by Mark Steyn.

* – here’s a great episode of PJTV’s Trifecta on why if young people actually wanted to rebel against the system and rage against the machine, they’d become conservatives:

* – there are those who wondered why there were conservatives who weren’t willing to at least listen to what The One had to say in his jobs speech on the 8th.

I’ll tell you why.

Because we’ve heard it all before. That speech was full of the same crap we’ve been hearing for the last 32 months. There was absolutely nothing new, nothing original, in the entire proposal, and we knew that was going to be the case.

Maybe you all are ok with listening to a record with a stuck needle, but I’ve got better things to do with my time.

* – after all, as my brother-in-law’s brother said, “What have you done with the last trillion we gave you, messiah?”

* – there are those who would tell you that none of those taxes we conservatives we were about when Obama took office have actually been passed.

Oh, really?

What do you call these?

* – so Social Security has spent over $40 million – on dead people.

So much for dealing with waste in government, huh, Mr. President?

* – I wonder if the above article has anything to do with why the US is now only the 5th most competitive economy in the world, behind the likes of Switzerland, Singapore, Sweden, and Finland.

* – “Do as we say, not as we do.” – the mantra of Liberals?

* – case in point:

So, given your record to date, B.O., does that mean you’re even more irresponsible and even more unpatriotic?

* – pssst! Mr. President? Abraham Lincoln was not the founder of the Republican party. Just sayin’…

Now, if Sarah Palin had said that, she would’ve been fried by the press (you know, like she was about Paul Revere?). If Michelle Bachmann had said that, the press would shrieked about that, too (you know, like they did about Elvis’ birthday?). But for some strange reason, nobody calls the Lightbringer on his gaffs.


* – I think maybe Godfather Politics has it right – maybe it’s time for a C student as president.

* – you know what all this education spending has gotten us? Not more teachers. Not better paid teachers. Not better student performance.

Give up.

It’s gotten us more bureacracy. More admin pukes (to use military slang). More bean counters.

Exactly how the fuck does that make my son better educated?

* – I’m thinking maybe I should move to Kansas


* – now this is a Democrat I’d vote for!:

* – I’m not a big Ron Paul fan, but this was just too good…



  1. Okay, the grades thing just cracks me up because you know Obama’s transcripts are littered with mediocre grades, incompletes turned into something else, and “special topics” classes to fill in hours needed to graduate. At least, that is what I have to assume since we can’t see them.

    I’ll take an honest, hard-working C student over a straight A conniver any day of the week.

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