Posted by: nhfalcon | August 28, 2011

J.A.R.D. 8.28.11

* – I swear on everything I hold sacred, this not me and/or my motorcycle:

* – I think I DJ’ed for this girl back in my glory days…

* – I think I want to become Jewish…

* – gotta give a guy credit for multitasking, I guess…

* – OH. MY. GOD!!! You cannot make this shit up!

(WARNING! Do not read the above if you have a weak constitution!)

* – remind me to eat more dark chocolate, watermelon, and tomatoes. ūüėČ

* – how come this never happens when I fly?

* – damn! This is pretty damn good for being 56!

* I may or may not be guilty of some of the things on this list ( like, say, #s 3, 5, 6, 8, & 9).

* I was randomly flipping through stations on the way into work the other day and heard this:

I don’t much care for the band’s name (“Five Finger Death Punch”? Really?), but that’s pretty damn good stuff.

* – via my sister from Facebook:

How come I’d never heard of this guy before?

* – Ghost Rider 2? Really?

* – Ghostbusters 3? Possibly without Bill Murray? Really?

* – a remake of Romancing the Stone? Really?

* – Star Trek? Again? REALLY?!

* – RIP, Mike Flanagan.

* – ah, Klavan on the Culture…

* – we’re gonna ban religion at the 9/11 10th anniversary ceremony? Really? Come on, people. Look, I’m an atheist, too, but this anti-religious shit has got to stop. If you were that worried about pissing somebody off, Mayor Bloomberg, wouldn’t it have made more sense to allow multiple brief religious ceremonies? Let the Christians have their say, then the Jews, then the Muslims, etc… Wouldn’t that have been more “inclusive?”

To all my fellow atheists out there: grow some thicker fucking skin, will ya? Whether you like it or not, there are FAR more people who do believe in one religion or another than who don’t believe in any one at all, and we’re not winning anybody over to our side by being pissy little whiners. Grow up. Get a pair of cajones. Put on some big-boy or big-girl pants and move the fuck on.

I mean, really, exactly how the fuck are you being hurt by somebody wanting to say a prayer to any diety on any day?


* – something tells me when and where to break wind is the least of a Marine’s worries in Afghanistan.

* – now this is a Marine!

* – sayonara, asshole!

* – just wee bit of a typo here…

Either that or someone needs to take some more geography classes.

* – November 2012 is looking better and better all the time…

* – ah, the “peaceful” Arab Spring

* – what? Our rights should come with responsibilities? God, that Glenn Beck is such a douche bag, isn’t he?

* – more evidence of the wonder that was the stimulus plan.

* – let’s do some basic math, shall we? We’ll use Illinois as an example, here: higher taxes = higher unemployment.

Got it?

* – basic math, part DUH!!!: increased regulations = higher cost to the consumer.

* – maybe DC should follow the Virginia example, huh?

* – a corporate tax holiday would raise $9 billion in revenue over 10 years. So says a leftist think tank in a report co-authored by a Clinton administration official.

* – oh, so this is where our wealth is being redistributed to:

I feel so much better now, don’t you?

* – so, in only one-third of the time, Obama has added nearly 80% of what GW did to the national debt. Let’s put that another way: Bush averaged $51 billion a month of new debt.

Obama averages $129 billion.


* – is it only a matter of time before Michelle Obama tells us to eat cake?

* – a very interesting piece by Stu Burguiere (one of Glenn Beck’s co-hosts) on Obama’s approval numbers and the media coverage thereof.

Of particular interest is this graph:

The red line is George W. Bush’s approval ratings for the 2.5 years after the Iraq war. The blue line is Barack H. Obama’s approval ratings for the 2.5 years he’s been president.

Notice any similarities?

So why is it the press hounded Bush when his approval ratings dropped, but have said nary a word about Obama?


* – well, at least Obama still has the unions in his corner.

Oh, wait

* – exactly wtf is the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, how is it constitutional, and why is it necessary?

* – I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I miss you, Ronnie:

* – interesting proposals from Herman Cain.

* – there are black Tea Party leaders?! No. Way! Who knew?

* – nice to see Congress gives a damn about what their constituents have to say.


* – “… the best ideas… in education… are never going to come from… anyone… in Washington.”

“Washington can never run public education…”

“… education… should be at the local level…”

current Education Secretary Arne Duncan

* – should my sexual orientation give me a leg up in getting into college?

* – I saw this “letter to the editor” in the opinion section of the local paper of the town I work in the other day:

“When the Maine Heritage Policy Center gave vocal support to James O’Keefe’s videos of fraudulent welfare applications, it essentially raised the Jolly Roger.

These were staged episodes of harassment, designed not to catch a scandal but to create one. In neither case was there concern for the embarassment or harm done to the two civil servants. They were expendable, just pawns in a larger game. It is a moral wrong to deceive and use an innocent person in this way, regardless of the intended good to society or political cause.

Religious leaders and others concerned with civility and ethics, especially conservatives, have now an obligation to disassociate themselves with the Maine Heritage Policy Center. If they cannot, they are obliged to use their influence to return it to safer moral waters.

It is not a time for silence.”

Really? No, REALLY?!

The author of the above letter admits right out of the gate that the issue is “fraudulent welfare applications,” but then starts wailing about the harm done to “an innocent person.” Where’s the innocence? If¬†individuals¬†are committing a fraudulent act, then they’re not innocent, are they? If a fraudulent act is being committed, then the individuals perpetrating the fraud are the ones creating the scandal, not the individuals reporting it, correct?

If the two civil servants in question had displayed some common sense and integrity, the issue would never have seen the light of day. There was no “harassment” here, just investigative reporting – you know, the kind of thing professional journalists used to do. If these civil servants¬†wanted to avoid “embarassment or harm…” then they should not have committed fraudulent acts. Regarding the “moral wrong” done to these “innocent” civil servants, what about the moral wrong¬†done by people like them giving taxpayer money to people who don’t deserve it?

These two individuals are indeed pawns, but they’re not being manipulated by the side of the board the author of the above letter thinks they are.

The Maine Heritage Policy Center didn’t raise the Jolly Roger, they turned on the klieg lights, and the only obligation anybody with a¬†properly functioning moral compass has is to make sure those lights continue to scatter the cockroaches.


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