Posted by: nhfalcon | July 31, 2011

J.A.R.D. v.7.31.11

* – first and foremost, a most sincere and profound “Thank You” to Mrs. and Mr. Chili for inviting Little Man, Cookiemaker, and myself to their 15th wedding anniversary party. Whatever political and philosophical differences we may have, Mrs. C., it is an honor to be considered amongst your closest friends.

* – I would also like to thank the stupid effing summer cold I caught for waiting until after the aforementioned party to really kick in. 😦

* – I saw the following bumper sticker on a car as I was dropping Little Man off at daycare the other day: “My other toy has tits.”

Please forgive my sexism, but I got a good chuckle out of that one. 🙂

* – Pam Anderson still looks pretty damn good, huh?

* – like I need more reasons to have sex (warning: NSFW).

* – pole-dancing classes for 7-year-olds?! REALLY?! Look, in case you haven’t picked up on it yet, I’m about as big a pig as you’re gonna get, and even I’m offended by the idea of girls barely out of kindergarten learning how to pole-dance!

* – RIP, Linda Christian (the very first “Bond girl”).

* – I may not have agreed with all of his politics, but there is no denying George Carlin was utterly brilliant:

(somebody should put that to a backbeat and make millions!)

* – I’ll be honest with you: I really don’t care who the winners, losers, and heroes of the NFL lockout were – I’m just glad the lockout is OVER!

* – may Chad Ochocinco isn’t such a jerkwad, after all… 🙂

* – breast ironing? Breast ironing?! I can’t believe how vicously disrespectful this country is of people with vaginas. Imagine encouraging women to flatten their breasts to try to ward off unwanted sexual attention. I am deeply embrassed to be an American right now! I…

What? What’s that?

Breast ironing doesn’t happen in the U.S. of A.? It’s going on in Cameroon?

Oh, sorry. My bad…

* – I have absolutely no problem with the idea of female SEALs. If they can meet the same standards as the men, then welcome aboard!

* – let’s watch Glenn Beck dismantle al-Jazeera, shall we?

* – I thought the Lockerbie bomber as supposed to be dead by now?

* – dismantling the myth of Tea Party racism – by an African American woman!

* – this week’s entry into “Nanny-State Idiocy.”

* – remember when all of Scott Walker’s opponent’s said his treatment of public school unions in Wisconsin had nothing to do with money?

Looks like they were wrong.

* – ah, Andrew Klavan…

* – y’all know I’m not a fan of bigger government, right? That being said, I’m starting to think we need to pass a law that requires all male politicians, regardless of party affiliation, to leave their genitalia in the possession of their significant others at all times, the better to avoid incidents like this.

* – you wanna know why I don’t buy into the “climate change” hysteria?

How’s this?

Or what about this?


* – gaypatriot has been on an absolute ROLL the past several days:

On MSNBC’s hiring of Al Sharpton and what an utter hypocrite that buffoon is.

On the left’s Bush-hatred.

Who’s the narcissist?

An interesting piece of trivia.

On Rick Perry’s stance on gay marriage.

On liberal arrogance.

* – I like the way godfatherpolitics thinks!

* – I like the way Paul Brown thinks!

* – wow! I didn’t think I’d ever agree with Pete Stark about anything!

* – maybe Hillary Clinton wouldn’t have been so bad, after all…

* – it wasn’t a very good week for Jay Carney, was it?:

* – now, if somebody on Fox had called Harry Reid Obama’s “butt-buddy,” don’t’cha think there’d have just a little bit of an uproar? Don’t you think cries of “Homophobe!” and “Bigot!” would’ve been shouted from the rooftops?

Then how come nobody’s saying anything about Jared Bernstein calling Grover Norquist Newt Gingrich’s “butt-buddy” over on MSNBC?

I mean, I know nobody actually watches MSNBC anymore, but still…

* – brilliant piece of work by Sean Hannity here…

Oh, SNAP! OWNED, baby!

* – is there a dumber person in Congress than Sheila Jackson Lee?

* – Mrs. Chili posted the following graphic on her Facebook page the other day:

Forgive my arrogance, but I have a hunch that might have, in some way, been in response to the “Blame Bush” rant I went on last week. If I am wrong in that assumption, Mrs. C., please pardon my pomposity.

A mutual friend of Mrs. C. and myself then posted it on her Facebook page. In that individual’s posting the image was credited to Ezra Klein at the Washington Post. The Post, in turn, credits it to the New York Times. At the Times the chart (sourced from the Congressional Budget Office) is part of an article written by Teresa Tritch on 7/23/11 called “How the Deficit Got This Big.”

Now, if those numbers are accurate, I certainly need to reconsider my position. However (you knew that was coming, didn’t you?), if I may, allow me to ask a few questions…

1) Aren’t we being a little selective about using CBO figures? I seem to recall the CBO scoring of the Affordable Care Act consistently getting scorned by the left back when that was being debated, don’t you?

2) What are these projections into 2017 being based on? Is the CBO simply extrapolating what Obama has already done and multiplying it out into the remaining years between now and 2017? Is that really an accurate way to do this? For example, I’m pretty sure George W. Bush had no intention of spending $1.469 trillion on a multi-front war when he took office. What if Obama has to do something similar between now and the end of his theoretical second term? What if Obama views a re-election as a mandate to do whatever he wants between 2013 and 2017 and he decides to dust off Cap and Trade or something similarly moumental?

3) Speaking of the War on Terror, is that $1.469 trillion the cost of the War in total, or just during the Bush years? Either way, I think Obama needs to accept some financial responsibility for the War, too. I realize the chart is looking at the costs of new policies, not inherited ones, but the bottom line is that he could have gotten us out of Afghanistan and Iraq (indeed, he campaigned that he would) when he took office and thus far has chosen not to, so I think his financial responsibilities for the War should be on this chart.

According to the paper “The Cost of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Other Global War on Terror Operations Since 9/11” from the Congressional Research Service, page 3, table 1, the War has cost $1.283 trillion, not $1.469 trillion. Of that, $488.5 billion has already been spent by Obama, and he’s requested another $131.7 billion for FY 2012 (that number is not part of the $1.283 trillion figure). Therefore, Bush’s part of the cost for the War on Terror is actually $794.5 billion, not 1.469 trillion, and Obama’s share is $488.5 billion, not zero.

4) Am I the only one who’s sick and tired of the idea that tax cuts cost something? How does that happen? “Well, Falcon, that’s lost revenue. That’s money the governement could have been spending on something.” So when the revenue didn’t come in, the government should have stopped spending the money! If that figure is simply lost revenue, then it shouldn’t count, for Obama and for Bush. If you spend within your means, lost revenue doesn’t “cost” you anything.

Now, if that figure is the amount of money the goverment spent even though the money wasn’t there, that’s a different story…

5) Why does Bush get dinged for “TARP and other bailouts, but Obama doesn’t get dinged for the auto industry bailout? That’s around $80 billion that should count against Obama.

6) I’ve got a hard time with the figure of $152 billion for “health care reform.” The last time I checked, ten-year costs for Obamacare were in the $1 trillion range.

7) why isn’t “Cash for Clunkers” in here? That cost around $3 billion. I realize that’s chump change compared to the other stuff we’ve been talking about, but still…

* – for the record , the only reason I voted for John McCain was because he wasn’t Barack Obama. I thank Mr. McCain for his service to his country, and I respect him for being able to withstand the ordeal he went through as a POW, but after this little monologue, I no longer like him.

* – gee, Joe Scarborough, how do you really feel?

* – I get the feeling more and more major corporate CEO’s really don’t like Obama.

* – yes, Mr. President, I bet it is very tempting to just bypass congress and change the rules on your own.

* – go, Marco Rubio, go!:

* – Compromise has become a dirty word.” – Barack Obama.

It has become a dirty word, Mr. President, because, in the context of American politics, it no longer means two or more sides willing to sacrifice something dear to them for the sake of the greater good and finding common ground. In the context of American politics, sir, “compromise” means suckering the other side into believing ones lies long enough for one to stab said other side in the back.

* – even more unfortunate, I think, is that this…

has either become a dirty word, or a forgotten word.



  1. The knee-jerk reaction of saying “Bush did it. Bush did it worse,” does not even consider the fact that many of us are furious about that, too, and it does not make it okay to continue “doing it.”

  2. Wow, just imagine the figure-torturing and selection necessary to paint Obama as a spendthrift! But say this for people who truly live in a fantasy land: they are probably happier.

    The cost of Cash for Clunkers is ultimately much larger than the initial expenditure, and is yet another policy underscoring liberals’ contempt for the poor. Quoting myself at the time:

    –begin included text–
    Tell me something. Why is Cash for Clunkers not being decried as a merciless assault on the poor? It certainly looks like one to me. There are tens of millions of automobile consumers for whom $4500 is a lot of money. Are we doing them any favors, laying an artificial swath of destruction through their market segment? (Remember, the traded cars are destroyed!) Hell, I’ve never even come close to doubting where my next meal was coming from, and I didn’t own a car that was worth $4,500 until I was 28 years old.
    –end included text–

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