Posted by: nhfalcon | June 29, 2011

We Apologize For the Delay…

and now bring you back to our regularly scheduled J.A.R.D…

* – let’s start with a public service announcement – How to Speak Woman-ese 101:


* – I can’t wait for HBO’s Game of Thrones to come out on DVD (warning: link contains spoilers!).

* – RIP, Columbo.

* – RIP, Spiderman?

* – I didn’t even know Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz were dating! Congrats to them (if they have a family, those are going to be some good-looking kids!)!

* – might there be a Toy Story 4?

* – and coming from Pixar next summer…

* – why didn’t I have teachers like this when I was in school? 😉

* – Jennifer Aniston can “just go for it” with me any ol’ time she wants! 😉

* – am I the only one who finds a 51-year-old marrying a 16-year-old a little creepy?

* – is the internet ruining good sex?

* – yes, I find it amusing that a former intern of Hilary Clinton is now a porn star.

* – all right, I’ll admit it – yes, I’m disappointed Michelle Bachmann isn’t willing to mud-wrestle Sarah Palin. 🙂

* – way to go, New York!

* – now, suppose a conservative had done this to a liberal candidate:

Really, Jon Stewart (who, btw, I normally find quite funny, even when making fun of the Right)? Really?!

* – speaking of Jon Stewart and diversity…

How many black people do you see in that picture?

How about this one?:

Am I saying Jon Stewart and Keith Olbermann are racists? No. What I am saying is that they are hypocrites for calling anybody else a racist. Is Affirmative Action aware that Stewart apparently has no Blacks or Latinos or Asians working for him? What about the NAACP? Are they paying attention to Olbermann? There’s 40 people in that picture (including Olbermann) and only two of them are black. That can’t possibly be the liberal-approved ratio, can it?

* – not that the NAACP’s relevancy is exactly on the upswing lately (how about the pics in that article, huh? Black kids protesting the NAACP)…

* – “There is a class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs. There is a certain class of race-problem solvers who don’t want the patient to get well.” – Booker T. Washington

* – you know, maybe Archie Bunker wasn’t such a bad old guy after all… 🙂

* – any chance you got the opportunity to attend this, Bo?

* – what a silly question by Time magazine – of course the Constitution doesn’t matter anymore!


* – ah, the oh-so-loving, oh-so-peaceful, oh-so-accepting, oh-so-truthful Left

* – someday we’ll hear about something good the TSA has done (I’m not holding my breath, though).

* – hey, wait a minute – I thought the government was not going to be involved in the day-to-day operation of GM after the bailout (and notice how the people who lost their pensions were non-union employees).

* – hey, wait a minute – I thought the whole idea behind Obamacare was to make sure everybody got coverage, not lost it.

* – ‘cuz ya’ just can’t get enough Andrew Klavan…

(‘cuz that recovery is working out so well, isn’t it?)

* – nor can you get enough Chris Christie.

* – and as long as we’re talking about New Jersey, why is it that there’s something wrong with a business executive making a lot of money, but apparently there’s nothing wrong with a union leader making twice as much as a governor and ten times as much as the average American?

* – look, if you think unions are a good thing, that’s fine. If you want to teach your own children about them, that’s fine, too. If you think schools should teach about unions (as long as they do so in a nonpartisan fashion), I’m even ok with that.

But I think I’m going to draw the line at starting that education in kindergarten!

* – good for you, John Chiang!

* – good for the Republicans.

* – once upon a time, I used to respect Tom Hanks…

(the relevant piece is about 1:05 in)

* – by some estimates the War on Terror may wind up costing us $3.7 trillion (to say nothing of the cost in lives, both American and innocents of other nationalities).

Need any more reasons to bring the troops home from Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya?

* – you know, if I had awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor to somebody, I think I would remember whether or not that person was alive.

The CMoH is not a ceral box top. Not many of these things are given out, and they are given only to exceptional human beings. Awarding one to somebody should be something that remains fresh in your mind for the rest of your days!

Here endeth the lesson.

* – and it’s not like that’s the only gaffe The One has ever made.

* – ah, the Obama legacy…

* – oh, and btw, for those of you who think the Tea Party only cares about watching the Left:



  1. No, I didn’t know about that event. It was about 90 miles from here, besides.

    However, as I was driving back from lunch today, an Apache flew directly over my car—I mean, there was precise convergence of my car and the aircraft’s shadow—at maybe 200 feet. Do I get any cool points for that? 🙂 First thing I said to my passenger was “man, I wish my boys had been in the car for that.”

  2. After a shaky start, Game of Thrones really got its feet under it and ran the hell out of the latter half of the season. I enjoyed it a great deal. Also, I appreciated the makers for staying faithful to the book. Too bad I cannot share it with my son. He’d love the medieval competition, but that show is too bloody, sexual and disturbing for the kids.

  3. OMG. The tailgate of that truck just made me choke on my Cocoa Puffs.


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