Posted by: nhfalcon | June 22, 2011

Just A Quick FYI…

I published the page I’d been working on. It’s by no means a finished product, but I felt it was good enough to put up for public consumption. Click on “What I Stand For” up above and feel free to comment at will…



  1. I have a little trouble with this sort of content for myself. I’ve done that kind of post before, but I can read back through it and find tweaks to make as some of my positions have evolved.

    I’ve started and stopped The Abortion Post so many times. I’m not pro-life enough or pro-choice enough to make anyone happy. I do know that no issues are more in need of rational discussion (or, alas, less likely to get it). I think it’s a deep, abiding, generational shame that we can’t agree on some sensible guidelines for late-term procedures. Come on, people. Really.

    I vacillate on term limits. I understand very well what supporters see in them, but another side of me says “we have term limits. They’re called elections.” But, for the unfortunate money game DC has become, perhaps they’re a decent salve.

    All over it with you on DHS and TSA. I howled long and loud when Bush announced DHS. Close those offices.

    You know I support gay marriage. I’d rather the path on that be government exit it altogether, though.

    More later, I’m sure. Perhaps I’ll put together another one for my 2012 presidential run. 🙂

  2. Oh, believe me, Bo, that page is nowhere near complete. This is definitely a work in progress…

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