Posted by: nhfalcon | June 19, 2011

J.A.R.D. v.6.19.11

* – Happy Father’s Day!

* – so I went and saw Jimmy Buffett at Great Woods / the Tweeter Center / the Comcast Center / whatever-the-hell-they’re-calling-it-now, and now I’ve got this song stuck in my head:

Not that that is a bad thing. 🙂

It was a good time. Plenty of food, booze, friends, music, and laughs. I’m always amazed at how much of Buffett’s music I recognize yet never realize it’s him when I hear it on the radio. He did the above song last night, along with “Margaritaville,” “Fins,” “A Pirate At 40,” “He Went to Paris,” “Cheeseburger In Paradise,” “Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes,” “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere,” “Come Monday,” a cover of “Brown-Eyed Girl,” a cover of “Southern Cross,” and a bunch of stuff he said was from his first album that I didn’t recognize.

* – did you realize that most of the top pop hits of the last forty years all used the same four chords? Don’t believe me… ?

* – RIP, Clarence Clemons.

* – congratulations to the Boston Bruins!

BTW, is there some obscure NHL regulation that makes it against the rule to shave? 🙂

* – let’s see how you do on this movie tag line quiz.

* – a couple for you Harry Potter fans…

* – do NOT mess with Sean Bean!

Can’t say that I blame Sean for his chivalry, seeing as this:

(relevant part starts 3:45 or so into the clip)

is who he stood up for.

* – I’ll apologize ahead of time for the cheesy background music, but these are some pretty entertaining swordfight scenes:

* – I don’t care what you make it taste like, I will never eat this!

* – this would be Cookiemaker and I in a similar situation:

* – explain to me again what a disability is. is it what somebody else tells you it is, or is it what you decide it is (or, more importantly, isn’t)?

* – How to Fix Anything 101:

* – this? Simply leads to this:

(the relevant line is 3:53 into the clip)

* – nice to see that occasionally nanny-state idiots can be brought to see their idiocy.

* – these nanny-state idiots, on the other hand…

* – “The arts are simply too important to be dependent on the government (emphasis mine).” – Lawrence Reed, economist with the Foundation for Economic Education

* – so, mainstream media, how did that digging through thousands of Sarah Palin emails work out for you? Didn’t find a “smoking gun,”  did you? Happy now? Happy you spent all that time and effort? Happy you asked for volunteers to help you dig through it all?

Too bad you didn’t spend that much effort researching out current president. Maybe researching his relationship with self-admitted terrorist Bill Ayers – you know, the guy who recently was refused admission into Canada because of his background? Maybe researching his relationship with Reverend “God-damn America” Wright? Maybe researching his nearly non-existent voting record while he was a senator?

Don’t tell me the majority of the “mainstream” media in this country doesn’t have a left-wing bias. Sorry, but I call bullshit on that one.

* – ok, CNN, you just lost some points with me…

* – what would you expect from a President Michelle Bachmann (sidenote – I think I like Godfather Politics)?

* – I’m certainly ok with her tax policy.

* – I’m liking Herman Cain a bit more, now.

* – well, well, well – looks like the AARP is starting to see the light.

* – ya know, in a way last Monday’s Republican presidential-hopeful debate was such a joke. Exactly where the fuck did some of those questions come from?! Leno or Conan?! iPhone or Blackberry?! American Idol or Dancing With the Stars?!

How about, “WHO GIVES A FLYING FUCK?” How about taking the time you wasted asking those dumbass questions to either give the candidates more time to answer the questions that actually mattered or to ask other questions that actually mattered?

John King is lucky I wasn’t one of the candidates up on stage that night. I would’ve ripped him apart. My answer to the first one of those questions would’ve been, “Seriously? Did you seriously just ask that question of people with legitimate aspirations to the most powerful job in the world? We have 9% unemployment, we’re $14 trillion in debt, we’re engaged in three wars, our southern border is a sieve, and you’re asking us about American-fucking-Idol?! Seriously?!?!?!”

If and when there’s a Democratic Presidential debate (will there be one? Will any Dem bother to throw his / her hat in the ring against The One?), they better get asked similarly useless questions, or I’ll bullshit on the “there’s no liberal media” again.

* – you wanna know why I stand for a smaller federal government?

Well, one reason would be because I believe a smaller, more streamlined, more accountable government would be less likely to lose $6.6 billion than the current, bloated, less-efficient government.

Just sayin’.

* – ah, I miss Ronald Reagan…

* – and the hits from Andrew Klavan just keep on coming…

* – is it possible that Obama is stopping handing out healthcare waivers just because he’s run out of friends to give them to?

* – jeez, Tony Katz, don’t hold back like that, ok? It’s not healthy. 🙂

* – more evidence that some climate change proponents have been cooking the books.

* – remember, it’s only conservatives who hate women. Democrats would never want to smack a woman around…

Oh. Um… whoopsie?

* – ah, I’m thinking American women should be grateful they don’t live in Malaysia

* – you wanna know why women make less money than men? Here, I’ll let Bill Burr explain…


* – apparently Affirmative Action is only a one-way street:

* – reverse racism!


* – I think I like Texas State Senator Chris Harris.

* – what’s that bit about Godwin’s Law again?

* – ‘cuz that Christie is such a scumbag, isn’t he?

* – so the army has ditched giving everyone a beret.


I didn’t like the idea when it was first announced. I’m so sick of this “we have to treat everyone like equals” shit. No, we don’t. Army Special Forces and Rangers and Night Stalkers wore berets when everybody else didn’t for a reason. They were special. They were better than everybody else. They could do things no one else in the army could. They deserved to wear those berets. The berets weren’t handed to them – they earned them.

You want to wear a beret? EARN IT!

Here endeth the lesson.

* – war in Libya? What war in Libya?

* – so now we’re giving the Israelis ultimatums on when they’re to resume peace talks with the Palestinians? Excuse me? Exactly who the fuck are we to tell other countries – especially our allies – what to do? Isn’t this what so many people say is the reason why the rest of the world hates us?

Hey, Mr. President, we’ve got enough of our problems right here at home (in no small part because of you, imho), so how about we just mind our own business and let Israel take care of itself, ok?

* – this is how you deal with pirates!:


* – this Anthony Weiner stuff just keeps getting better and better all the time…

First and foremost, of course, the resignation address was just awesome! 🙂

But at least we know he’ll be able to find another line of work. 🙂

So much for him not doing this shit on the government dime.

You know, when a porn star “can’t have much faith” in you…

See? He’d be great at porn. He knows to pull out for the cumshot. Ba-dum-dum! 🙂

Now, to be fair, all men do this, and any one who tells you he doesn’t is lying, ok? 🙂

* – for the record, the majority of my enjoyment of Weiner’s downfall does not come from the fact that he is a Democrat. Sure, that’s part of the enjoyment, but it’s a relatively small part. If this had happened to Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, or Joe Biden, sure, I’d get a chuckle out of it, but that would be it.

I revel in this because it’s happening to Weiner specifically. Because every single time I’ve ever heard or seen him speak he has struck me as such an arrogant, conceited, contemptible, narcissitic, supercilious ASSHOLE, and I love seeing people like that get their comeuppance.

Now if only something similar would happen to Bill Maher, Charlie Rangel, Barney Frank, Alan Grayson, Pete Stark…



  1. I only remember one Buffett concert… I know I went to two….

    And PLEASE don’t tell me you’ve never heard of the playoff beard. You have to have a playoff beard. Just like you don’t touch the Cup if you’ve never won it.

  2. This was my third one, Kelly, though I hadn’t been to one in a decade or so.

    I was not aware of the playoff beard. I’m not a big hockey fan. I only paid attention this year because the Bruins were in the Cup.

  3. Nice round up this week!

  4. Why, thank you, Seester! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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