Posted by: nhfalcon | May 1, 2011

J.A.R.D. v.5.1.11

* – can’t blame Prince William, can you? I mean, if my new bride had a body like this…

* – man, I love fishing:

* – only in America.

God, I love this country! 🙂

* – ok, ok, enough of the puerile humor. Let’s try something a little more sentimental, shall we?

I’m sure that’ll be Cookiemaker and I in about ten years or so.

* – it’s just not a J.A.R.M. without news of Hollywood resorting to making a big-screen version of an Eighties’ TV show, is it?

* – or a comic book (not that I’m not looking forward to this one)?

* – now this is a diet!

* – remember this when you think your job is really shitty:

* – ladies and gentlemen, the 2011 Bugatti Veyron – the world’s fastest car.

* – American society has kinda devolved to this point, hasn’t it?

* – oh, where, oh, where was this book when Little Man was younger?

* – amazing catch:

Too bad it’s fake.

* – I hate seeing stories like this.

All I can think of is that infant never getting to know her mother – probably not even ever having any memories of her – and it tears me up.

* – one of the better episodes of News Busted:

* – now here’s an uplifting sight.

All the best, Mrs. Giffords.

* – it’s nice to be among the majority once in a while…

* – or even twice in a while (so to speak).

* – I have a bad feeling I’m gonna be able to find examples of nanny-state idiocy on a regular basis from now on.

* – oh, goody – more nanny-state idiocy (at least it’s in England this time).

* – what’s this? Even more idiocy? You”re kidding?!

* – this takes the idiocy to a whole new level.

We’re busting the Amish now? Really?

* – a beautiful piece of smackdown on Joy Behar by Elisabeth Hasselbeck:

* – it is worth knowing where our president came from (symbolically speaking, not literally – I am not, and have never been, a birther), isn’t it?

* – whether it be via a Fair Tax or a Flat Tax, we do need to get rid of this complex tax code, don’t we?

Yes, that’s a rhetorical question.

* – read it and weep, tax-and-spend fanatics.

* – ah, youth…

I quote the Chez Quis maitre d’ from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – “I weep for the future.”

* – Keynes vs Hayek: Round Two

* – I miss Margaret Thatcher

* – yeah, I’d be all for this!

* – so, how come when this happened in Wisconsin at the behest of a Republican governor the press freaked out, but when it happens in Massachusetts at the behest of Democrats nary a peep is heard?

* – so, Obamacare is supposed keep people out of the ER and reduce waiting times and costs, right?

Yeah, good luck with that. I’m pretty sure the American College of Emergency Physicians would disagree.

* – “We do not have time for this kind of silliness.”

For once, Mr. President, I agree with you.

* – now, you would think that now that Obama has released his birth certificate the Birthers would just let go and move on, right?

Oh, no.


There’s more out there, believe me. You don’t have to look very hard.


* – if Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination for president, I might actually vote for Obama.

Yes, I’m serious.

At this stage in the game I’m rooting for either Gary Johnson or Herman Cain.



  1. I dunno. I’d vote for Mickey F*cking Mouse before I’d hand the country another four years of Obama.

    And though I’m not offended by much, that book does in fact press a trigger button in me.

    • My apologies, Kemtee. To offend was not the intent.

  2. That crazy catch video was making the rounds a year or two ago. Funny that its resurfaced.

    One of the only benefits of being cut off from communications with the outside world is that there has been absolutely no screaming pundits on our radio.

  3. Donald Trump will not win the Republican nomination.

    And there are no circumstances under which you’d vote for Obama.

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