Posted by: nhfalcon | April 17, 2011

J.A.R.D. v.4.17.11

* – “gentle giant” or not, I’m not sure I’d have the cojones to do this.

* – beware the ta-tas!

* – a porn film in 3D? Really? I don’t think even I’m that far gone…

* – ah, the joy that was 80’s T&A flicks

* – speaking of the 80’s:

Clever. 🙂

* – wrong Gene Simmons, dumbass…

* – well, little Ginny Weasley has grown up, hasn’t she?

* – welcome back, Mr. Bond.

* – get well soon, Ms. Zeta-Jones.

* – hey, it’s my blog, so if I wanna pimp one of my favorite players from my favorite NFL team, I can, all right?

* – there’s always a way out…

* – April 15th wasn’t just Tax Day, ladies and gentlemen, it was also Jackie Robinson Day. Let’s remember what he did for racial equality in this country, shall we? 

* – there is nothing funny about this. What it is is heinous, disgusting, and contemptible, and I applaud the Orange County GOP for publicly speaking out against it.

* – I stole this from a recent episode of Glenn Beck’s radio show:

Pastor Terry Jones –

Foghorn Leghorn –

Listen to their voices – separated at birth?

* – all hail the wonder that is Kemtee!

* – really?: 

They’re fucking Easter Eggs, all right? If somebody out there has a problem with that, they don’t have to celebrate the fucking holiday, ok? But don’t tell me how I have to celebrate it.


* – are you fucking kidding me? Can you say “nanny-state mentality”? Hey, newsflash, Little Village Academy – it’s your job to teach my kid, not raise him. I mean, I appreciate the offer and everything (NOT!), but if I wanted somebody to raise my kid for me, I would’ve given him up for adoption at birth.

* – so the town I work in just approved giving each one of its kindergarteners their own iPad 2. Yes, you read that correctly. Now, on the one hand, I don’t necessarily have an issue with this. After all, it’s fairly common knowledge that the human brain is at its most absorbent and most retentive in its earliest stages of development, so if you’re going to teach somebody something, you should do it asap.

On the other hand, this little program is going to cost the town $200,000. $200,000 that the town has already admitted it doesn’t have! Now I have a problem with this idea. One of the morning show personalities on the local conservative talk radio station summed this boondoggle up pretty well when he said, “If they go through with this, I don’t want to hear one more complaint from a teacher about anything. If you’re going to spend $200,000 you don’t have on iPads for five-years-olds, I don’t want to anybody whining about having to spend their own money to buy pencils and paper for their students or not getting raises or not making what their worth or anything else.”


* – ‘cuz it’s doing such a great job…

* – hey, all you teachers unions supporters, you might want to tell the California Federation of Teachers that they are not helping your cause. Publicly and stridently endorsing a convicted cop-killer is not going to help people believe your unions are cute and fuzzy and kindly and only do what they do “for the children,” ok?

* – ‘cuz ya just can’t get enough Chris Christie…

* – do not mess with Allen West!

* – I wish I’d been in New Hampshire on April 15th.

* – what you must believe if you believe in gun control.

* – nope, no left-wing bias in Michigan. Just move along, folks, there’s nothing to see here…

* – ah, the Left. They’re so warm and fuzzy and tolerant and accepting and never, EVER use hateful or violent rhetoric.

You are picking up on the sarcasm there, right?

* – I’m trying to decide who the bigger asshole is – Bill Maher or Keith Olbermann?

* – here’s an interesting take on the pay gap between men and women in America. 

* – this is not going to make me any friends amongst the FemiNazis out there, but I can’t resist:


* – ah, Tax Day…

* – sure, let’s make sure that no matter where you go to shop on the internet, you’ll get taxed. Why not? Great idea! Right?

* – so, who are the bigger tax cheats – Democrats or Republicans?

Shocked, aren’t you? 🙂

* – tax cuts vs tax hikes – just a little food for thought.

* – hey, buddy, can you spare a trillion bucks. I got some interest payments to make…

* – so, essentially, Mr. President, what you’re saying is that America was not a great country until 1965.

Are kidding me? I’d say that’s when we started to fall from greatness.

* – so, was Obama duped into intervening in Libya?

* –

The hypocrisy of this president is staggering, is it not?

* – let’s have some more, shall we?

* – I stole this from a recent episode of PJTV’s Trifecta. Ladies and gentlemen, Obama’s re-election campaign slogan:

* – speaking of hypocrisy. Really? Really?! Unless it’s your people who win the election, right, Nancy?


* – hey, Rahm, newsflash – if you’re gonna be a politician, you’re gonna get criticized. Now grow up and deal with it.

* – as much as I am admittedly experiencing quite a bit of Schadenfreude over this, let’s remember “innocent until proven guilty,” folks.



  1. Heh.

    I don’t even trust my 2nd grader with a DSi. I’m sure as hell not giving a kindergartener with an iPad that’s going to end up in the bottom of a bookbag, lost, covered in sticky stuff, stepped on, or otherwise not functioning at the end of a school year.

    One more reason for me to send La Principessa to private – and well functioning – school.

  2. This wage gap crap has been bothering me for quite a while because, as the article you linked points out so well, just looking at wages per gender does not capture an accurate distribution of monies. I earn more than my male counterparts where I am because I choose not to take benefits. Therefore, the money I make is falsely inflated when compared to theirs.

  3. I never thought of it that way, well put!

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