Posted by: nhfalcon | April 3, 2011

J.A.R.M. v.4.3.11

* – this, ladies, would be why we don’t ask for directions:

* – ladies and gentlemen, the Opening Day 40-man roster for your 2011 Boston Red Sox.

(not that it’s worked out too well for the first three games…)

* – RIP, Lou Gorman (the GM who built the ’86 Red Sox – and also traded Jeff Bagwell for Larry Andersen, but let’s not dwell on that…)

* – and you thought you’d be safe if you stayed out of the water.

* – think again.

* – this might not have been the smartest thing to do…

* – the current NFL lockout got you down? No worries – there’s always lingerie football!

* – this will be the new Lois Lane in the upcoming Superman flick.


* – suddenly I’m a big Pepsi fan…

* – if I were to run with this map, I would assume Vergara was from Scandinavia or Russia, not Colombia. 

* – ahh, college…

* – speaking of the pillow mentioned above…

I am now very concerned about what the toy sperm whale my son owns might lead to…

* – yeah, I’ve had a girlfriend or two I’ve wanted to do this to…

And more than a few of them have probably wanted to do it to me, so, you know, fair’s fair.

* – these are some of the most applicable charts I’ve ever seen in my life:

* – maybe MSNBC and CNN would boost their ratings if they got these kinds of anchors. 🙂

* – NEWSFLASH!!! More Obama hypocrisy!

Falcon, you’re kidding me! Really?!

Yes, citizen, really. Apparently Obama feels his limo and scurity vehicles should not be held to the same “green” standard that your car or my car should be held to. You’re shocked, I know.

* – yes, Rep. McDermott, reading the Constitution is silly…

I mean, it’s not as if you swore an oath to protect and defend the silly thing, or anything silly like that…

* – no, there’s no left-wing bias in American institutions of higher learning. None at all

For the record, I think the screaming about all the public school teachers in this country indoctrinating our children in left-wing ideaology is wildly overblown. My mother-in-law is a teacher. Four friends of mine are teachers. I myself hold a Master’s Degree in Education and did a teaching internship at a New England high school back in the 2006 – 2007 school year. My mother-in-law and at least one of those friends lean pretty far to the left politically. Yet I personally have yet to witness blatant indoctrination. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen at all, just that I have yet to personally witness it, and therefore I always do a bit of an eye-roll whenever I hear the likes of Beck or Limbaugh start to rant about it.

* – if this is real, it’s freaking AWESOME!!!:

Even if it’s fake, it’s still pretty cool.

* – this pretty much says it all for me:


Hat tip to Mrs Chili for that one.

* – those “Tax the rich!” folks should ask California how that’s working out.

* – yeah, how’s that taxing the rich working for ya?:

(GOD, but I love Bill Whittle!)

* – well said, Colonel West.

* – I’m less sure of Herman Cain now as a Republican candidate for President in 2011. His comments about Muslims disturb me just a tad.

* – is it just me, or do the words uttered by Barack  Obama in 2002 in protest of a war in Iraq have the same resonance for Libya in 2011?

* – I think I just fell in love with Michael Scheuer a little bit (particularly at  6:15 in the clip).

* – I’m sorry, but can somebody explain to me why Louis Farrakhan has any relevance whatsoever?

* – if only the Democrats care about blacks, then why – according to the latest census figures – are they leaving blue states en masse to go to red ones?

* – apparently Bill Maher really likes the taste of shoe leather.

* – speaking of Bill, I wonder if he and Bernie Sanders have seen what Europe’s been like lately. That’s what you two want America to become? Really?

* – yup, those Republicans are the only ones who smear their opponents and stuff like that.

* – yes, we still have a ways to go towards respecting women fully in this country. Yes, wrong is wrong, and all wrongs need to be righted.

But at least things like this do not happen in the United States of America.

* – there is progress being made in regards to the wage difference between men and women in this country, as well. The most recent statistics indicate women, on average, now make 81.2% of what men make. In 2008 that number was 77%. In 1982 the number was 66%.

It’s still wrong. It’s still 18.8% away from being right. It’s still a fight that needs to be fought. But at least progress is being made.

* – I don’t even know what to say to this:

I am truly at a loss for words here.

* – after that, I just had to finish on a lighter note:

Um, oops! 🙂



  1. Our esteemed president is going to generate something hypocritical every day. Remember all of Obama’s gasbagging about Bush’s conduct of the War on Terror? Well, guess what? He’s fighting it exactly the same way. Pledge after ridiculous pledge has fallen. As Krauthammer pointed out last night, that’s excellent testimony to just how right the Bush administration got it out of the gate, with essentially no precedent for guidance.

    (As he also pointed out, good luck getting any acknowledgment of that from The One’s lips.)

    Of course, a certain portion of Obama’s base is enraged, but said rage is about as politically irrelevant as it gets. Where the hell else would they go?

  2. Falcon, I thought of you reading this Wall Street Journal editorial yesterday:

    It touches on the data and interrelationships, showing how quickly they get complex when you start talking about what men are paid vs. what women are paid. Any mantra that simply says “women are paid x% of what men are paid” is essentially meaningless, because the only way to get a good, shriekable number there is brute force calculation, discarding all context.

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