Posted by: nhfalcon | February 20, 2011

J.A.R.D. v.2.20.11

* – Whitesnake’s back, baby!

The new album, Forevermore, hits the shelves on March 29th.

* – no way!

* – um, the LPGA might want to rethink the trophies they hand out…

Just sayin’.

* – contrary to what may be popular belief, this is not the baby monitor Cookiemaker and I had in Little Man’s room:


* – we lost a couple of good character actors this past week:

RIP, Kenneth Mars.

RIP, Len Lessers.

* – meet the new Wonder Woman.


* – now I might actually regret not having HBO. A Game of Thrones is the first book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R. R. Martin. These are, in my humble opinion, excellent fantasy novels. Very gritty and realistic (as realistic as fantasy can get, anyway). There’s a minimum of magic and fantastical creatures, and when such elements are used they’re done so fairly subtly. Martin himself has stated that he’s based the overall plot line on the Wars of the Roses and Ivanhoe.

Anybody wanna record this series for me?

* – did Sam Kinison have a daughter?

* – ladies and gentlemen, the first 3D smartphone.

* – ladies and gentlemen, the Playstation phone.

* – and finally, to round out our cell phone discussion for the week, the latest iPhone 5 rumors.

* – here’s a good reason to keep reading newspapers instead of relying on tablets:

* – ABC wonders if Obama is creating a state-run media.

This coming from the network that gave Obama his own 1-hour show to pimp his healthcare plan and refused to allow an ad that refuted The One’s claims to air during that show.


* – then again, if this Jake Tapper clip is any indication, maybe ABC is truly coming around.

* – WMDs have been found by US Customs agents?! WTF?!?!?!

* – oh, and btw, the FBI believes the chance of us suffering a WMD attack is 100%.

* – robot spy drones that look like hummingbirds? Part of that is kinda scary, but part of it is also kinda cool.

The story actually reminds me of a book series I used to read when I was a kid called Danny Dunn. Anybody remember that series? Danny was a junior high school kid who loved science. His father apparently had passed away when he was a little boy, so he and his mother lived with a sterotypical absent-minded professor who taught science at the local university. All the stories in the series were based around various scientific discoveries Danny and/or the professor made, and one of these books was about a remote controlled robot that looked exactly like a dragonfly. The intent was to use the invention to observe wildlife, but somehow the military found out about it and wanted to use it for spying. 

The series has been out of print for a while, but if you’re interested I’m sure you could find it on the internet somewhere. I highly recommend it.

* – by now you’ve likely heard about the teacher who’s been suspended for the disparaging remarks she made about her students on her blog.

The question now is: was her suspension deserved?

* – the suspension doesn’t seem to have stopped her from blogging, though.

* – yes, Chris Matthews, Egypt has the Panama Canal:

(about 1:20 into the clip)

Do I think Chris Matthews is that stupid? Do I really think he thinks the Panama Canal is in Egypt? No, I don’t. I’m sure it was just a slip of the tongue (he corrected himself about 15 seconds later). That’s not the point, though. What do you think the reaction would have been if George W. Bush had said that? Or Sarah Palin? You know the Left and the media (that’s kind of redundant, isn’t it?) would’ve had a field day. So why aren’t they having a field day with Matthews?

You don’t have to answer that. I think we all know why.

* – I’m sure by now you’ve heard of Lara Logan, the journalist who was sexually assaulted while covering the events in Egypt.

But, did you hear about NYU fellow Nir Rosen and his disgusting tweets regarding Logan’s ordeal?

At least Rosen had the good sense to apologize and resign.

* – it pains me greatly to say it, but I actually agree with Bill Maher here:

(excuse me, I have to go throw up now because I agreed with Bill Maher…)

* – another dumbass who thinks he can get away with stupid shit  just because he’s black.

* – apparently The One really didn’t pay attention when he was “shellacked” back on November 2. Otherwise, why would he have proposed a $3.73 trillion budget?

* – a budget that brings back many previously rejected tax increases, for a net of $330 billion in tax increases.

* – here’s a breakdown of those tax increases. 

* – we can kill Obamacare without a single Democrat vote simply by voting to not raise the debt ceiling? Well, I call that killing two birds with one stone! Let’s do it!!!

* – or we could simply defund it.

* – it’s about time we started seriously taking about getting rid of all these czars.

* – and now for this week’s Chris Christie porn:

The GOP holds up his record as a model.

Christie’s speech at the American Enterprise Institute.

Here’s the transcript of that speech.

Well, Governor, as much as I like you, I might have to disagree with you slightly here:

Some people are ready to hear the truth.

* – and, hey – if I’m gonna give you Chris Christie porn, I gotta give you Bill Whittle porn, too, so…

Obama’s foreign policy: the result of incompetence, inexperience, or ideology?

* – god, but I miss Ronald Reagan…

* – I do so loves me some Allen West, too.

* – do not forget the victims of Major Nidal Hasan, and – more importantly – do not forget the reality of why they died.

* – any wonder why some people have a bad opinion of unions?

* – and finally, let’s talk about what’s going on in Wisconsin, shall we?

From Americans for Prosperity, here’s a breakdown of what Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s (R) Budget Repair Bill will do:

“Ask government workers to pay half the cost of their pensions – still less than private employees pay for their pensions.

Ask government workers to pay 12% of their own health insurance premiums – the national average for the private sector is over 20%.

End collective bargaining for government unions for pensions and benefits. Allow bargaining only for raises that are less than inflation.

End forced union dues, collected by the state. Union dues would become voluntary.

Union members get to vote yearly on whether to keep their union.” 

Don’t’cha love the courage being displayed by all those Democratic lawmakers who ran away rather than allowing the vote to take place?


Look, I actually have no problem with teachers taking students to protests IF they’re teachers of a relevant subject (history, social studies, civics, etc…) and IF the point of bringing the students is to teach them about how they’re government works. 

However, if the students have no clue as to why they are there and the only point of bringing them is to use them as pawns, then I think every single one of those teachers should be fired.

These doctors should be fired, too:

Nope, no hateful and/or violent rhetoric coming from the Left here. Just move along. Nothing to see here…

This quote from Tea Party Patriots (a group of which I am a member) sums things up pretty well, I think:

”In the current situation in Wisconsin, we see Democratic politicians and their constituency standing against democracy. Instead of responding to the will of the people, Democratic legislators are in hiding, and refusing to show for a vote which they are certain to lose. teachers have closed down the schools. Union thugs have overrun the capitol and are damaging property, and carrying signs with crude abuse and threats. Meanwhile, instead of acting “Presidential” and calling for a restoration of the democratic process, civility, and decency, the President and his Organizing for America are actually standing against democracy in Wisconsin.

In summary, here is what we see in Wisconsin: Democratic legislators in hiding and not legislating, teaches on sick-out and not teaching, and students out of school and not learning. Most importantly, we see our President, who is supposed to be a leaer, not “leading.” Is it any wonder that public opinion has turned against the President, the Democrats, public employee unions and their thugs?”



  1. You know…I wasn’t surprised that you’re a tea party guy! 🙂 Loved reading your thoughts! :-)!! …I’m a democrat by nature, sorry! hehehehe!

  2. I love that Scott Walker’s not blinking.

    This stalemate (caused by Democrats in dereliction of duty, never forget) is prompting many thoughtful examinations of public unions and their ultimate destructive and non-viable nature. That can only be a good thing. I hope they stay gone a good while longer.

    Meanwhile, in our nation’s capital, did you see the Communication Workers of America protester hit a young woman today?

    He must be confused. He must think he’s attending one of those ultra-violent, blood-soaked Tea Party rallies.

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