Posted by: nhfalcon | January 1, 2011

The First J.A.R.D. of 2011

* – do lesbian squirrels eat nuts?

Just asking. 🙂

* – well, 2010 was pretty good in at least 10 ways. 😉

* – if only…

* – tell me this isn’t a real product:

* – um, I don’t remember this side of ALF, do you?

* – a talented collegiate athlete forgoes millions to stay in school and get an education?!

Maybe there’s some hope in the world, after all.

* – be alert out there, Android users.

* – I personally think opening the next Congress by reading the Constitution is a GREAT idea!

* – yes, Reverend Sharpton, imagine the arrogance of allowing people to say what they want to say.

I mean, it’s not like free speech is a fundmental right in the country or anything crazy like that…

* – so, apparently you’re not an authentic homosexual if you’re a conservative homosexual.

* – I think Planter’s is going to be the next company targeted for being racially insensitive:

* – want a reason for the death penalty? How about this?

* – death panels? What death panels?

* – Some new Congressmen are refusing their government-provided health-care? GOOD FOR THEM!

* – put this in your pipe and smoke it, global-warming crowd.

* – and this.

Hmmm? What’s that? Resolutions?

Oh, yes, it is New Year’s, isn’t it? Well, I do need to get into better shape. I’m shooting for hitting the exercise bike in the basement for at least 20 – 30 minutes a night, along with maybe 20 or so push-ups and the same number of crunches every other day or so. I’ve got two books in my head that have been languishing for far too long, as well as a board game idea, so I’d like to try to pop out a page or two a night from at least one of them per night. I could probably stand to be a better husband and father, too, so I’ll work on that.

How about you?

Happy New Year!



  1. Happy new year. I resolve to step up my activity level at least past “slug”

  2. It’s the guy in the penguin suit that worries me.

    I’m thinking if I’m really good, I’ll be able to get off the couch a little more often.

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