Posted by: nhfalcon | December 15, 2010

J.A.R.D. v.12.15.10

* – I drive past a pizza shop every day on my way into work that touts in bright, multicolored lights that it sells spanakopita.

WTF is that?! It’s a food? It sounds like something I do all by myself in the privacy of my own house while I’m looking at Boobie Blog. 🙂

* – First Adrian Gonzalez, now Carl Crawford.

I think next year is going to be a pretty good year for the Red Sox.

* – I shoulda been a baseball player

* – people are overlooking Matty Ice? That’s ok, I don’t mind. I know how good my man-crush is.

* – I love these two commercials:

* – I’ll now quote Mr. Floppy from Unhappily Ever After – “That’s beautiful, Jack!”

* – and now for this issue’s Hotties That Have Become Single segment:

Elizabeth Hurley

Vanessa Hudgens

Scarlett Johansson

* – you know who I find strangely attractive?

Jane Krakowski, she of 30 Rock and Ally McBeal fame. I’m not really sure why. I wasn’t an Ally fan, and I’m not a 30 Rock fan. There’s something undefinably odd about her face, and she’s thinner and flatter-chested than I usually like, but nevertheless I find her quite striking.

* – I realize he’s 61 now, but Sonny Crockett ain’t looking too good.

* – RIP, Dandy Don.

* – more casting news for The Hobbit, including the return of Cate Blanchett as Galadriel!

* – yes, I am embarassed to ask this (because I should know the answer), but I have to: what does “(sic)” mean? I’m always confused whenever I see that in an article or an interview.

* – so I went Christmas shopping for Cookiemaker and Little Man today. Nature called while I was in the mall, so I hit the public men’s room. The air dryer they have to dry your hands off after washing them is something I’ve never seen before. It had a space for each hand to be inserted open-palmed and the directions then said for me to move my hands up and down while the air was blowing to dry them off.

I felt like I was fisting the thing, fer crissakes! 🙂

* – and now for this issue’s installments of Politically Correct Grinches:

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

* – now that that crap is over, allow me to try to get you back into the Christmas spirit…

Only I could combine Christmas with the honorable Governor Christopher Christie:

These guys Straight No Chaser are pretty good:

My friend Celtic Writer posted this on his Facebook page:

Merry Christmas, bitch!

If you’ve ever given or received a chocolate fish for Christmas…

… you might be a redneck.

I’d like to trim this tree:

Merry Christmas from your president:


* – god, the super-rich are such greedy bastards, aren’t they? All they do is sit on their money, using it to light their cigars and wipe their asses.


* – well, Rep. Anthony Weiner (D – NY) is quite the dillbag, isn’t he?

So, let me get this straight – it’s ok to tax any money I’ve earned that I want to pass on to Little Man AGAIN because I’ll be dead. Because it’s “unearned income.”


* – go Condoleeza Rice, go!

* – we all remember what a horrible president GW was, don’t we?

Well, at least he had higher approval numbers than Obama.

* – and apparently more people now think they were better off under GW than “The One.”

Geez, the American people are so stupid, aren’t they? Why can’t they just recognize Obama’s omnipotence? Why can’t they understand his genius? Why…

Sorry, I had to stop. I could feel that spanakopita backing up on me…

* – what do you think – maybe in fifty years or so we’ll be grateful we had Obama?

* – I think there are a few too many people in this country who went to the same Economics classes as Nancy Pelosi:



  1. Oh my there! I do enjoy reading what you write! Hugs to ya ole friend!

  2. (sic) is a proofreading term that basically means that the person you’re quoting effed up his grammar/usage/spelling/etc. and you’re going to out him as the idiot he is instead of correcting the error all in the name of accuracy.

    And some of us LIKE spanikopita, and didn’t need that visual, thankyouverymuch!!! 😉

  3. Spanakopita is a Greek pastry of spinach, feta, and onions, and good spanakopita is so tasty you can easily make yourself sick eating it.

    I continue to have tremendous affection for Condi Rice, and she’s one of very few people in the world who might render me starstruck (read: slack-jawed stupid) in person.

    Watch for a Dyson hand dryer. That thing’ll pancake the skin on the back of your hands. It’s disconcerting.

    Three cheers for R. Lee Ermey. Three strong pours more Ermey and three less Dr. Phil in most of these maggots would make a huge positive difference in our country. Do you know that he was eventually brought to the set of Full Metal Jacket only as an advisor, and Kubrick cast him when he delivered 15 straight minutes of DI insult/abuse without flinching or repeating himself, despite being pelted with tennis balls and oranges?

    You know Jane Krakowski was Cousin Vicky in National Lampoon’s Vacation, right?

  4. “Originally,” not “eventually.”

  5. I dod not know that about Krakowski, Bo. To be honest, I am not a big fan of the “Vacation” movies.

  6. Vacation (first one) and Christmas Vacation (third one) are worthy. Trash the rest.

  7. Merry Christmas!

    Love Spanikopita. Wish I had half the energy Gov. Christie seems to possess. I sat in Dr. Rice’s chair on Air Force One. *tingles*

  8. Hi Rick
    It means either “Spelling In Correct” or Syntax In correct” that’s the only part of comment # 2 by Kelly that I can add to.
    Looking forward to seeing you on the 26th or thereabouts.

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