Posted by: nhfalcon | December 5, 2010

J.A.R.D. v.12.5.10

WARNING!!! This is a long one (I should try to do this more often, huh?) and there are a lot of videos, so brace yourselves…

* – I posted this on my Facebook page a while back, but it bears repeating – I am in love with this man:

And, yes, I am secure enough in my sexuality to say that. 🙂

* – the Red Sox land Adrian Gonzalez – YES!!!

* – in an effort to continue keeping you in the Christmas spirit, I offer you a couple of appropriately themed videos…

* – remember this rant of mine? Yeah, well, things haven’t gotten any better over the years. You want proof? OK, here:

Exhibit A (at least in this case somebody grew some balls later on)

Exhibit B

Fucking kill me.

* – ah, the ’90s

* – ah, Victoria’s Secret

* – show them to me…

Please? 🙂

* – now this is a mathematical formula I could study! –


* – anybody who’s been around here long enough knows I’m a Jeff Dunham fan, but this Terry Fator guy is pretty damn good, too…

* – the next Batman movie will be Christian Bale’s last?

* – sure, let’s remake Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the movie), why not?

* – RIP, Leslie Nielsen.

* – another J.A.R.D., another hot celebrity chick gets a divorce.

Wow, have I got timing or what? 🙂

* – having a Master’s Degree in Education, and having done a teaching internship, and having a mother-in-law and multiple friends who are teachers make this just that much more hilarious…

(hat tip to Mrs. Chili for that one)

* – well, this is one way to learn about the Battle of Hastings…

* – Dennis Miller was on the Craig Ferguson Show? This oughtta be interesting…

* – considering he was on “The View,” I thought Glenn Beck held his own here pretty well:

* – remember “I Touch Myself” by the Divinyls? Well, courtesy of Sean Hannity, now there’s a parody of it regarding the current TSA controversy. Check it out.

* – this really doesn’t help the TSA’s case, either.

* – Al Sharpton would like the FCC to ban Rush Limbaugh.

Because that’s what the government is for, isn’t “Reverend”? To censor people who disagree with you.

What a great Ameican (pardon me while I puke…).

* – now Big Brother is getting bigger with our internet.

* – oh, and now Big Brother wants to regulate school bake sales.



* – oh, and, of course, all of our cars HAVE to have backward-facing cameras by 2014.

The Nanny State just keeps getting bigger.


* – a rebuttal to Progressives who want us to play nice.

* – the final installment (which I’m sure relieves the Lefties out there to no end 🙂 ) of What We Believe:

* – yep, “The One” sure can pick ’em, can’t he?

* – “The Appropriations Committee, which has been a great plum (emphasis mine), is now going to be a great pain in the ass…” – Barney Frank, D, MA.

Oh, I’m soooo sorry to inconvenience you, Senator Frank (you prick…).

* – yes, Libs, this is (one reason) why you’ve been thrown out of power.

* – this is how bad the dollar is getting, folks. Brace yourselves, because it’s likely only going to get worse before it gets better (if it ever gets better…).

* – could you actually balance the federal budget by 2020 without raising taxes?

* – exactly why the fuck are we even remotely considering giving $980 billion as a bailout to the European Union? Did we somehow solve all of our own problems when I wasn’t looking? And where did we get the $980 billion from? Last time I checked we were trillions of dollars in debt! WTF?!

* – oh, good – a proposed constitution for a “New Socialist Republic of North America.”

I was having trouble sleeping lately…

* – is it time for school choice?

* – buh-bye, Senator Dodd. Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya!

* – can’t say I’ll really miss Hillary, either.

* – this would be one reason why I’m not a big fan of Mitt Romney.

* – I can’t really agree with the way Sarah Palin handled this moment, either.

* – that being said, Sarah’s daughter Bristol apparently can be quite the little firecracker. You go, girl!

* – and now for the regularly scheduled “Chris Christie porn” portion of our program:

I don’t think Christie finds Jimmy Fallon very funny.

I don’t think he finds the NJEA very funny, either (although he’s fairly comedic himself on occasion).

* – I’ll leave you with this:



  1. I just got around to listening to the “Show them To Me,” song. Funny.

    I’m not the most endowed gal in the world (actually since I had babies and gained a bunch of weight, I am almost up to a B cup – yay fat?). When I was in college in New Orleans, I was almost an A cup (yay?), but at mardi gras, I just stood next to my very well endowed friend. The beads rained down on her, but since my hands were free not holding up my top and all, I raked them in, baby.

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