Posted by: nhfalcon | November 18, 2010

J.A.R.D. v.11.17.10

* – and now, to get you in the holiday spirit, a Random Act of Culture:

(hat tip to Kemtee for that one)

* – add another celebrity hottie to the list of about-to-get-divorced.

* – and another one!

Where were these chicks when I was single?

* – oh, I will SO be first in line for this movie! 🙂

* – breast implants without the need for silicone or saline? All-natural breast enlargement?!

Excuse me for a second…

(“oh, honey…”)

* – speaking of which, I’ve gotta start watching the weather on the Spanish channel:

Ummm, DAMN!

* – jeez, I knew smartphones were making an impact on people’s lives, but not a destroying-entire-other-industries kind of impact.

* – your cell phone could replace your credit card?

* – you seen the movie. You’ve read the book. Now eat the cast of Watership Down:

* – five rising stars of the Republican party worth keeping an eye on.

* – this is a fairly decent list of things that might get the country back on track (though I don’t think the numbers are high enough on 3 and 4, I don’t agree with 8 at all, and I’d need to know ALL the details for 17 before I was anywhere near supportive of it).

* – cuz it just ain’t a J.A.R.D. without a little Chris Christie porn.

* – cuz there’s no such thing as too much Chris Christie porn.

* – What We Believe: Part 6 – Immigration

* – and now for some gratuitous adulation for our military and our country:

(hat tip to Seester and Bo for that one)

* – apparently der Fuhrer wasn’t to thrilled about the “shellacking” the Dems took on November 2nd…


* – apparently Tim Wise wasn’t, either.

Though new Congressman Allen West offers a decent rebuttal to Mr. Wise.

* – oh, so now you want to put technology in my vehicle that would prevent me from using my phone in my car, do you? Well, that’s not intrusive or overbearing at all, now is it?

I’ll turn the rest of the commentary on this issue over to Seester.

* – um, if you’re not a legal resident of this country, exactly how the hell do you qualify for in-STATE tuition?

* – exactly what the hell is so offensive about the “Fighting Sioux“? I’ll give you “Redskins.” I could see if the mascot was the “Savage Sioux” or the “Rampaging Sioux” or maybe even the “Screaming Sioux,” but the Fighting Sioux”? Really? REALLY?!

I don’t see or hear about a whole lot of Irish being pissed at Notre Dame, do you?

* – yeah, sure, I’m a dirtbag with multiple drunk driving convictions on my record. And, yeah, sure, I hit your 14-year-old boy and killed him. But, ummm… I’m gonna sue you now, cuz, see, it’s your fault your boy died. After all, why in the name of god would you let him ride his bike without a helmet? He might have survived my car hitting him at 83mph if he’d been wearing his helmet. It’s your fault he’s dead, not mine, and I deserve compensation for my emotional anguish.

You think I’m kidding right now, don’t you?

What the hell has happened to our country? How did the criminals become the victims?

* – I’m sorry, I thought this was the United States of America. Exactly when the hell did we EVER consider Sharia law when conducting our legal proceedings in the first place? 

If you want to live by Sharia law, go live in a country where it is the law of the land. Here in the United States of America, the law of the land is our Constitution.

* – I know this story has kinda fallen by the wayside, but don’t forget that we’re still trying to figure out what to do about KSM.

* – so, according to this story, if you’re only half-black, you don’t count to Jesse Jackson.

Did somebody forget to tell Jesse that Obama’s only half black?

* – yes, I’m glad Charlie Rangle was convicted of ethics violations. Although, of course, in his defense, I’m sure it was only because he could not afford and did not have the time to put together a defense team.

Spare me…

* – so, first America was stupid, then it was a dog, now it’s a crack baby.

The hits from Bill Maher just keep on coming…

* – oh, no, MSNBC never shills for left-wing candidates or causes…

They’re a nonpartisan news operation, after all.

* –

Sorry, I just couldn’t resist 🙂

* – wait a minute, I thought death panels and a VAT weren’t on the table. Did I miss something?



  1. Clearly, this weatherbabe has escaped from a Russ Meyer film.

    Man, I’ve watched/listened to that Gene Simmons video a dozen times. Isn’t it great? Gives me some hope we’re going to find our way out of this chasm of self-loathing and return to a time in which American exceptionalism is a mainstream view.

  2. The Watership Down Rabbits in the deli case? Yes! I would forever shop at that store. Forever.

    What’s really fascinating to me about the intrusions into our lives in the interest of “safety” is that it really seems to cross party/idealogue boundaries, doesn’t it? No one seems to have a problem with these things if they “perceive” extra safety from implementing them.

  3. Mmm. Rabbits. I’ve got a good ol’ Italian recipe for rabbit….

    ‘Seester’s right – as usual, I might add – about it all being perception. That’s what’s scariest to me.

    And I’m sorry, but I’m not buying a $400 smartphone – and the inflated contract that goes with it – to replace my $19 Timex. That’s just BS.

  4. ‘seester, I wholly agree that opposition to these measures crosses ideological lines. There are people all over the political spectrum who have major problems with this, and I’m glad to see that.

    However, my perception is that people who think these measures are really keen ideas–the supporters of apparently anything in the interest of our “safety”–tend to be the same old lockstep Mommy Government liberals who would be delighted for their elected officials to direct every aspect of their lives, no matter how trivial.

    Kelly said something recently about these kinds of people just being weak. I’m chewing on that idea. Whatever else you can say about following a million rules governing absolutely everything, you can say that it’s easy. Freedom requires regular creative thought, and maybe they’re just not up for it.

  5. Completely off-topic, but I saw this post title in my feed reader today, and almost had a heart attack. Then I realized it said “Falcon,” not “NHFalcon.”

    • BAHAHAHAHA!!!!

      That chick’s a little too plastic for even my taste (that being said, that’s not the best picture of her. I have seen her look better).

      Too bad it’s Kroy, who I otherwise really like. His stats don’t show it, but he’s a real cog in our “D”.

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