Posted by: nhfalcon | October 25, 2010

J.A.R.D. v.10.25.10

* – brace yourself, kids, this is a long one…

* – OMG, this had to hurt!:

* – as they head into their bye, my Falcons are 5 – 2 and in first place in their division. There are some obvious weaknesses with this team (the pass defense, most notably), but I can’t complain.

* – a hat tip to the local sports pub, Winners. I went there to watch the Falcons – Eagles game back on the 17th. It was SRO for a good chunk of the day. That being said, I was a little miffed at nobody so much as asking me if I’d like a beer by the time halftime rolled around. By that time I had figured out who the owner was, so when he walked by me, I got his attention and complained. Not loudly, not obnoxiously, not profanely, but firmly. He apologized profusely and got me taken care of immediately. When I asked for my check at the end of the day, he told me not to worry about it, that my meal and my drinks were free because of the trouble. I told him he didn’t have to do that, but he insisted. I thanked him, we shook hands, and what had started out as a bad experience ended as a good one.

I will be going back.

* – I know it happened over a year ago, but I wish I’d been there to see this.

* – cars that drive themselves. What next?

* – first Nancy Wilson, now Christina Aguilera. Hmm… who’s the next hot singer who’d gonna be back on the market?

* – bet’cha didn’t know Michael J. Fox wasn’t the orginal Marty McFly.

* – YES!!! The Hobbit has finally been green-lit. Not only that, but a fair-sized chunk of it has been cast.

* – a new Hulk tv series?

* – RIP, Mrs. Cleaver.

* – RIP, Mr. Cunningham.

* – DAMN! For 64, Suzanne Somers looks good! She can come and knock on my door any time! 😉

* – speaking of sexy and 60

and fabulous and 50

and foxy and 40

* – a Top Gun sequel? Really?

* – well, you can add John Cusack to the list of celebrities (like Whoopi Goldberg and Tom Hanks) that I used to like and now have absolutely no respect for.

* – how much of a Lefty moonbat do you have to be to find Disney’s Secretariat a “(g)orgeous, creepy American myth” and “master-race propaganda” and “Tea Party-flavored”?

Really? REALLY?!  

* – I love this commercial:

* – I think more schools need to follow the lead of Mount Olive, NJ.

* – more from Bill Whittle and What We (conservatives) Believe:

* – when I first heard about this I thought to myself, “Look, I don’t like the guy, either, but throwing a book at him is unacceptable.”

(turns out the person who threw the book also wrote the book and was an Obama supporter who was hoping the president would see it and read it)

* – so, let’s go back to my last post and the Lefties I know who demand that I denounce the Right whenever somebody on the Right screws up, and who also not only disagree with Glenn Beck, but who also think he’s somehow dangerous to the country. I want those people to go here and watch the three video clips embedded with the story.

Go ahead, I’ll wait…

There – are you happy now? There’s Glenn Beck denouncing conservative individuals, religious individuals, and even Tea Party individuals because those individuals have at least obliquely endorsed violence as a possible solution to Obama and his congress.

Can you at least get on board with that?

* – here’s a great piece by Saintseester about the Juan Williams brouhaha.

* – I’m still waiting for Chris Christie to disappoint me…

My face is turing blue. 🙂

* – you know, when Bob Schieffer has to ask you, “Is that the best you got?” you should realize that you’re pretty effing desperate:

* – is this the best you’ve got, Harry Reid?:

* – Massachusetts Democrat Jim McGovern: “I think the Constitution is wrong.”

Any questions?

* – should Republicans “man up” and ask blacks, “Are you better off?”

* – so if a white Republican had slapped a black Democrat’s hand on live TV, you’d have freaked out, right? And deservedly so. So how come nobody’s freaking out when a white Democrat slapped a black Republican’s hand on live TV? Hmmm…

* – well done, Florida! Way to go in the fight for GLBTQ equal rights!

* – just another reason to ask, “so, how’s that Obamacare working out for ya?”

* – here’s a rather surprising look at the rate teachers being hired versus the number of students enrolling in our schools.

And yet our educational system continues to either stagnate or degrade. Hmmm – can anybody say quality over quantity?

* – so just where does all of that governement spending go?

* – “After years of historic deficits, this 110th Congress will commit itself to a higher standard: Pay as you go, no new deficit spending. Our new America will provide unlimited opportunity for future generations, not burden them with mountains of debt.” – Nancy Pelosi

Yeah, how’s that working out for ya?

* – economics can be nightmarish, can’t it?


* – does gun control work?

* – speaking of guns, we will now take a break from our regularly-scheduled programming for a bit of right-wing gun-nut fantasizing:

* – I wonder how many of us were prescient enough to think of this video clip when Obama was done with his inauguration speech:



  1. Thanks for the hattip.

    While your Falcons sit atop our mutual division, I will take a moment to be soothed by the fact that my Auburn Tigers sit at the top of the BCS rankings for the time being. Whether or not they stay there, it’s been a helluva entertaining season watching Cam Newton play.

  2. ‘seester, War Eagle. I need y’all to be 11-0 come November 26. It’s a critical piece of the path that gets the Tide to Glendale.

    NHFalcon, Eric Stoltz is a subtle but consistent favorite of mine, so actually I did know that. Love the M4 poster. God bless big guns.

    (BTW, you deserve a reply to your considered comment re: Juan Williams and news organizations at Blue Door, but I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for it. The comment is Polemically Inconvenient, and shall therefore remain forever orphaned.) 🙂

  3. Bo, Falcon and I HAVE discussed his comment on my blog, we just did it in private.

  4. It’s a shame you didn’t do so in public, so that the conversation is preserved. When you publish something potentially contentious to the world, I think much of the value (and learning opportunity) is in the disagreement and resulting dialog, as opposed to the concurrence. Ubiquitous head-nodding is rarely an engine for growth and understanding.

    But perhaps we differ on that.

  5. I miss Bloom County.

  6. In the interest of full disclosure, folks, I initiated the private conversation between Mrs. Chili and I about the Juan Williams stuff.

  7. That doesn’t surprise me. That means you didn’t get a reply, just like I said.

  8. In the interest of full(er) disclosure, I texted Mrs. C. to apologize if the tone of my response had seemed over the top. She replied that my passion had caught her off guard, but that she understood my frustration, and that her intent was not to come across as morally superior to me.

    I stand by what I said, and I do disagree with her take on the whole J.W. situation, but her and I disagreeing about stuff is nothing new. 🙂

  9. I’m glad to hear that, but why is her blog audience not entitled to see her understanding your frustration, as well as her not wishing to come across as morally superior to you?

    Making a public stand, then making any concessions to opponents of said stand privately, is cowardly. If you’re going to jump out there and start something – and if you’re publishing to a blog viewable by the public, that’s exactly what you’re doing – then be ready for it to come back, and be ready to return it. That’s even more important if you profess academic openness to a wide variety of views, as she does.

    Wouldn’t bother me at all if she just labeled herself as a hard-left ideologue and was done with it. But see, that’s not having it both ways, so that’ll never happen.

    Truly, to the extent that it even bothers me any more at all, it only does so out of inertia. I have no confidence she’ll ever have the self-awareness to see that she is, in many ways, exactly what she claims to despise.

    All right, I’m done. I apologize for the length and acrimony.

  10. I miss Bloom County, too.

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