Posted by: nhfalcon | October 9, 2010

Oh, Yeah! I Have A Blog! Huh! Who Knew?!

Sorry about the break, there. Life has a really nasty habit of interfering with one’s blogging schedule, ya’ know? Work, family, friends, hobbies, sleep, food – it’s a real pain in the ass, ain’t it?

Enough whining. Let’s get back to our regularly scheduled program, shall we?

* – OK, you know what’s going on in this scene from Cinderella, and I know what’s going on in this scene from Cinderella, but if you were somebody who didn’t know…:

* – on one last personal note, life is slowly improving here at the Eyrie. Cookiemaker recently got a promotion, which included a 14% raise. I just narrowly missed out on a promotion myself, but am being told that I should see a different one by the end of the month.

* – Mrs. Chili recently interviewed me over on her site. Feel free to give it a read if you like.

* – my Falcons are now 3 – 1 after nailbiter wins over the Saints (sorry, Seester) and the Niners. I gotta admit, though, they were lucky to win either game. It took a missed chip-shot field goal to beat New Orleans and a careless interception return to beat ‘Frisco. Atlanta better have it more together against the Browns this weekend.

* – so Brett Favre, a man who has been married for 14 years, allegedly sent voicemails to a member of the New York media while he played for the Jets inviting her to his hotel room. When that didn’t work, he allegedly sent her picture messages of his penis.

Really? I mean, the infidelity aside for a moment, exactly what made him think that some shots of his junk was going to seal the deal? The last time I checked, most women were not turned on by the sight of a penis, no matter its size, shape, color, or state of arousal. Am I missing something here? 

Not that I condone his behavior, but I will admit that he has good taste in potential mistresses.

* – so, is your car made in America?

* – sigh… another “Verizon is gonna sell the iPhone” rumor. Newsflash, folks – when Verizon makes the announcement, then you can believe it. Until then, it’s just so much B.S.

* – hey, whaddaya know – my old stomping ground is considered the best state to retire in!

* – awww, yeah, boy-eee! S’all ’bout the Dad Life:

* – I always wondered what happened to Elisha Dushku after Buffy… 

* – RIP, Tony Curtis.

* – RIP, Stephen J. Cannell.

* – oh, sure, now Nancy Wilson (guitarist / vocalist for Heart) gets divorced. Where were ya back when I was single, Nancy?

* – miss the Rush Limbaugh episode of Family Guy the other night?

Well, I’m here for ya: check it out.

* – you want to know why I’m a conservative? Why I’m a Tea Party member? Here let me let Bill Whittle explain it for you:

* – ladies and gentlemen, Chris Christie’s greatest hits.

* – ladies and gentlemen, John Kerry, arrogant liberal prick.

* – I may have to move to Missouri.

* – so, now, what do you suppose would happen if some Tea Party member was caught on camera by MSNBC calling some liberal group “fuckers”? There’d be quite a hubbub, don’t’cha think?

So why is it you’ve probably heard nothing at all about Chris Redfern, the head of the Ohio Democratic Party, calling Tea Partiers “fuckers”?


* – you know, time and again I have my left-leaning friends and family members try to take me to task for believing in a political philosophy that has generated some real scumbags and some really slimy philosophies. There have been, after all, some right-wing criminals, adulterers, racists, homophobes, and bigots out there (and I like to think I’ve done a fairly decent job of shining the ol’ kleig lights on them when they’ve been exposed). These few lefties that can stand to be around me always cry out about how “The Right” never steps up to the plate and publicly denounces these dirtbags when their nefariousness sees the light of day.

All right, fine, you want to play that game, let’s play that game. I want to know right here and now how come I’m not hearing a massive outcry about Alan Grayson. This piece of whale shit (and there’s nothing lower than whale shit because it’s at the bottom of the ocean) has released one of the most blatantly untrue political ads of all time, and when he’s caught doing it, he denies that he’s taken his opponent’s words out of context! He defends the ad! Check it out:

Grayson’s ad:

Webster’s real, unedited, in-context, words:

OK? Got that? Where are you, Libs? Where’s your outcry? Where are you demanding this man apologize for such a blatant lie? Where are you saying, “You know what, I’m embarassed to share political beliefs with this man. I’m embarassed to be in the same political party with this man.” 

Where are you?

* – while I’m on a roll, let me call out the global warming crowd for this little beauty:

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! These people actually think that kind of ad is going to get folks to sympathize with them and want to join their ranks? Who was the genius behind this campaign?! This is what Rush Limbaugh is talking about when he uses the words “environmentalist wackos,” folks.

So, just like with Grayson above, where are YOU in calling these psychos out for the whackjobs they are, my Leftist friends?

* – welcome to America, aka Entitlement Nation.

* – “Some conservative legal thinkers like Justice Scalia and Justice Thomas think that the Constitution means what it originally meant.  That means we should understand the document by going into a kind of ‘Time Machine’ and capturing the public understanding of the public that ratified the document a century or more than a century ago.” – Cass Sunstein

Let me repeat that first sentence again: “Some conservative legal thinkers like Justice Scalia and Justice Thomas think that the Constitution means what it originally meant.”

Well, exactly what the fuck else would it mean, Cass?

Seriously?! These are the people our president has surrounded himself with, folks. WAKE UP!!!

* – how’s that health care working out for ya? Thanx to Obamacare, McDonald’s may have to take away the healthcare coverage of 30,000 employees.

Rock on!

* – oh, look – more problems with Obamacare.

Color me shocked

(wait – if I say “color” in the same story with “Obamacare”, does that make me racist?)

* – I think the list of those staying with Obama is now officially shorter than the list of those leaving.

* – oh, look, there goes another one.

* – this is how far we’ve fallen, America. We’ve turned Congress into a stage for a fucking comedian, and we’ve done so at the invitation of a member of Congress.


* – the economic recovery is going to take years? But, but, in my last post I told all my faithful readers (all four of them 🙂 ) that the recession was over! I’m confused. Can we get a consensus on this one way or the other, please? I’m looking pretty foolish over here. 

* – you want a reason why I think the U.S. should withdraw from the United Nations? How about because that “august body” applauds Mahmood-fucking-Ahmadinejad, huh? How’s that for starters?

* – remember Faisal Shahzad? You know, the guy who almost blew up an SUV in Times Square? He’s been sentenced to life in prison for that, btw. Remember how we were told that even if the bomb had gone off, it wouldn’t have been that bad? That it was relatively poorly made, etc.?

Watch this.

Imagine the carnage if that thing had gone off that day.



  1. The Grayson ad was infuriatingly stupid, but I am sure his constituents don’t really care. I’d hate to see my talks to my students being edited that far out of context!

    And, you are a Real Fan ™ – you never have to apologize for a win. I just wish it wasn’t the game we went to in person this year!

  2. Just another thing Favre can’t make up his mind about….

  3. Falcon, I hope your question is rhetorical, re: where is the outrage from the left. That myopia has been carefully fed and nurtured for generations, and once entrenched, relatively few escape its seduction.

    The least self-aware (and consequently the least ideologically tolerant) person in the room tends to be the modern liberal.

    (I say “modern liberal” to distinguish from “classical liberal,” which is an altogether different and more desirable creature.) They hijacked the word, and now that it’s become an epithet, they’re trying to substitute “progressive” instead. Don’t let ’em. Liberal. Liberal, liberal, liberal. Liberal. 🙂

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