Posted by: nhfalcon | September 22, 2010

J.A.R.D.* v.9.22.10

* – the “D” stands for “Day,” seeing as I can’t remember the last time I actually kept to schedule and did one of these things on a Monday. I honestly don’t know how Mrs. Chili – with a job, a husband, two kids, and a yoga gig – can keep to the daily posting schedule she does.

* – let’s start off with something a little different, shall we? How about a book recommendation? Read Take Your Eye Off the Ball by Pat Kirwan. Whether you consider yourself a beginner football fan or an expert one, you will learn something (more than likely, quite a bit more than just “something”) you didn’t know about professional American football by reading this book. Highly recommended!

* – this was not the smartest headling the Philadelphia Daily News could have come up with regarding Michael Vick keeping his starting job:

“Top Dog?” D’oh!

* – well, my fantasy team rebounded nicely from an opening day loss to Mrs Chili’s husband. So far I’m 1 – 1.

* – my Falcons are 1 – 1, as well, recovering from a disappointing overtime loss to the Steelers to railroad the Cardinals, 41 – 7. Next up: Seester’s Saints. (I think we’ll have to keep some distance from each other for the time being, huh, Seester? 🙂 )

* – I know it’s a joke, but it wouldn’t have shocked me if this had been the actual 911 call when Tom Brady had his traffic accident:

* – football: it’s not a touchie-feelie kinda sport, ok?:

* – leave it to Texas to come up with fried beer!

* – so the National Organization for Women has its panties all in a bunch because Kentucky Fried Chicken is paying pretty college girls to wear sweatpants with “Double Down” plastered across the ass to sell their new sandwich.


Look, I’m not denying that women get objectified all the time in society nowadays, and have been for quite some time, but get over it already. How is this any different than the Victoria’s Secret sweats that have “Pink” across the ass? Or any other company that advertises in the same way? If you don’t like it, don’t look at it. Don’t forget – these women are getting $500 to do this, and they can say no. This isn’t slavery. Move on.

* – oh, good – I love weather extremes in the wintertime – NOT!

* – well, I’ve gotta say, with the exception of the next installment of the Harry Potter franchise, I am less then impressed with this fall’s offering of movies.

* – it’s a sad day when something like this has to happen. 🙂

* – we’re grateful for them, too, Sofia. 🙂

* – yeah, Brian Austin Green, your life is real hard!

* – RIP, Rudolph, you little red-nosed nut, you.

* – and you RIP, too, Edwin Newman.

* – ah, this was not the smartest thing the Pope could’ve said.

* – is there a particular reason why nobody has called out Bill Maher for being the racist, hypocritical asshole that he is?

* – we’re not gonna take it!

* – really? A British kid gets banned from the USA because he called Obama a “prick?” If that’s all there is to it, that’s just fucking sad.

However, if there’s more to this story and I’ve missed it, somebody please fill me in.

* – did George W. Bush stray far – very far – from the fiscally conservative priciples that the Republican party is supposed to believe in? Yes, he did. However, did you know that Obama has added more to the national debt than every president from Washington through Reagan COMBINED?!

* – “How to Kill An Economy 101” by the Obama Administration.

* – the recession ended back in June of ’09? Really? Dammit, why didn’t somebody tell me?! I missed it completely!

* – cuz, y’know, there’s just no such thing as too many taxes!

* – even the liberal elite admits than Obama is blowing it.

* – sic ’em, Andrew, sic ’em!

* – another example of “If Sarah Palin had said this, everybody would be screaming about howdumb she is, but because Barrack Obama said it…”

* – time for Obama to remind the world of his agenda?! Has he allowed anyone to forget it?

* – Obama faults himself for not selling healthcare?! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! Exactly what the fuck was he doing all that time, then?



  1. I will have to check out that football book; I will also recommend The Blind Side (the book, not the film) for its intensive exploration of how football has evolved to the point where that particular player position is so important. It was fascinating.

  2. PS – I am going to the falcons game next weekend and have extra tix if you want to fly down and join us (for a hefty fee, of course). We can be friends.

  3. Why, thank you, Seester! I appreciate that. Unfortunately, I cannot take you up on that offer, but that is really nice of you.

  4. You really should make an effort to keep more current, nhfalcon. The rebellion of hateful intolerant extremists needs you, man.

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