Posted by: nhfalcon | August 31, 2010

Oh Yeah, That Randomness Thing…

* – oh, btw, Alpha Protocol? Great game. Highly recommend it. Don’t believe the negative media reviews and the poor sales numbers. The game ROCKS! High, high, HIGH replay value.

* – Madden 2011, on the other hand, was very disappointing.

* – I love the fact that The Expendables was the #1 flick in the country for two weeks in a row.

* – do you really know these famous movie lines?

* – 10 years old, ladies and gentlemen, 10 frickin’ years old… :

* – not even 10 years old! :

* – gonna be kinda hard to build that mosque if the builders don’t want to build it.

(yes, I will be writing a post just on the Ground Zero Mosque controversy. Just give me some time, ok? I want to have all of my ducks in a row for that one.)

* – speaking of 9/11, I can’t believe I never saw the following ad until just recently:

Apparently Budweiser made the ad just after the attacks and aired it only once.

Nicely done.

* – so we’re halting the prosecution of the U.S.S. Cole bomber because… ?

* – are you fucking kidding me?! I thought we were done with this Ebonics shit. It’s not another language, people – IT’S BAD FUCKING ENGLISH!!! IT’S A SORRY-ASS EXCUSE FOR LAZY FUCKING PEOPLE TO NOT HAVE TO LEARN TO READ, WRITE, AND SPEAK THE LANGUAGE PROPERLY!!!


(bring on the cries of racism…)

* – NEWSFLASH TO ALL LIBS: Beck expresses remorse, regret, and humility!!!

* – I wish I could have been one of those not-so-whitelost souls” at Beck’s rally on August 28th.

* – so The One is blaming his own Congress now? Congressional inaction is holding back his policies? His party rules Congress. If stuff isn’t happening, it isn’t because those damn Republicans are stonewalling him – the Republicans don’t have the votes to stonewall him. If stuff isn’t happening it’s because there are enough members of his own party who don’t like what he’s trying to do.

* – “Stimulus Assessments Overly Optimistic” Oh, thank you Captain Obvious!

* – how’s that Obamacare workin’ out for ya?

* – are we sure Michael Bennett is a Democrat?

* – I thought the Lefties were above making death threats. I thought only right-wing nujob wackos did that kind of stuff. Weird…

* – “beat Whitey night?” I thought only whites could be racists. Weird…

* – the rumor of Conservatism’s death was greatly exaggerated

* – everything you know about the Right is wrong.



  1. Deep breath, Falcon. It’s not worth getting your shorts knotted over.

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