Posted by: nhfalcon | August 19, 2010

Does It Really Matter What Day the Randomness Happens?

It doesn’t? Good. ‘Cuz I’m obviously a few days late.

Anyway, on with the show…

* – nothing says “You’re not getting sex any time real soon” like feminine hygiene products lying around the master bathroom. Just sayin’…

* – give the above, maybe I should have Cookiemaker read this series of posts…

* – just what the hell is it about Cape Cod and great white sharks this summer?

* – at the risk of getting ‘Seester worked up, I hope Pat Kirwan is right about this. 🙂

* – ladies and gentlemen, for your endless entertainment and pleasure, the Calvin & Hobbes search engine.

* – oh, Laurence Fishburne can NOT be happy about this.

* – a handful of sneak-peeks for you Potter fans.

* – as a rabid fan of the over-the-top action films of the Eighties, I cannot express just how cool it is that The Expendables was the #1 flick in the country last weekend.

* – speaking of Sly’s new flick, when I first heard about it and who was in it,  I joked about it not also starring Steven Seagal and Jean-Claude Van Damme. Turns out they were asked.

* – I was rooting around in the storage unit the other day for something completely different (how often does that happen?) when I found my videotape of the movie Animalympics. I had to make Little Man sit down that night and watch it with me. What a great flick.

* – here’s one for the teachers out there:

* – if I ever become a teacher (which seems like a more and more remote possibility every day…), this will be in my classroom somewhere:

* – yes, I think “the n-word” is a heinous word, but I think Dr. Laura had a valid point.

* – an interesting little piece on the history of same-sex marriage.

* – my SSN may not be unique to me?! I’m sorry, WHAT?!

* – that’s it, Charlie, just keep talking. You’re only digging the hole deeper, so, by all means, keep talking.

* – Harry Reid and these Dems just don’t understand how stupid they come across as sometimes, do they? A little while ago it was the female Dem politician who opined that you can tell who’s a “real” woman unless you lift their skirts up, because some of them have the gall to vote Republican. Now Harry just can’t understand how any Hispanic could vote Republican.

* – and then there’s Robert Gibbs, a White House press secretary so bad that there are members of his own party wishing he would resign, who thinks that members of his own party who criticize “The One” should be drug tested.

* – and how about the New Hampshire lib who wished Sarah Palin was on the plane that crashed and killed Ted Stevens? Classy.

* – so, we’re going to buy our own debt now? Look, I know I’m no economics expert, but exactly how the fuck does one buy one’s own debt? Is that the federal government’s equivalent of using my MasterCard to pay my VISA?

* – speaking of robbing Peter to pay Paul, how about that “let’s borrow from the food stamps fund to pay off the teachers’ unions,” huh?

* – wait, haven’t the Left been telling us ever since the ’08 campaign season that they’re not socialists?

* – so, is the “Recovery Summer” gonna get the same sort of play from the press that “Mission Accomplished” did?

* – and just how is that “recovery” working for ya, anyway?

* – so, if that Arizona immigration law is so bad, then why are 22 other states consdering implementing it or something very similar to it?

* – well, of course Obama supports the 9/11 mosque. Did you really think he wouldn’t? C’mon, that’s the kind of thing Liberals get a tingle down their leg for – a grand opportunity to show how much they care, how open and accepting they are, how…

Sorry, I had to stop, my dinner was backing up on me there…

Look, I’m not going into details on where I stand on this mosque. Suffice it to say I’m against it. I think a line from Jurassic Park sums it up best: “Yeah, but your [guys] were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.” – Dr. Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) to John Hammond (Richard Attenborough)

* – actually, I’ll say one more thing about the mosque – I wish Rudy Giuliani would run for president.

* – GOD, but I miss Ronald Reagan! –

* – speaking of that all-accepting philosophy and how everybody should be treated the same and that nobody should be elevated over anybody else because we’re all special in our own little special way (don’t even get me started on when the military decided all personnel should get berets instead just the people who, you know, earned one), I think Mr. Incredible might be just a bit of a conservative (the pertinent part starts about six minutes in and lasts about thirty seconds):

* –

Um, NO, dumbass, a job is not a right – it is something you earn! If you’re not good enough to get the job you want, you don’t whine about it, you don’t sue for it, you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, bust your ass to make yourself better and then earn that job by being the best person available for that job!

* – oh, so Michelle Obama pulled a Marie Antionette because a friend of hers was grieving over the death of her father. Oh, well, that makes it ok, then. I mean, who wouldn’t jet off to Spain with the kids to meet royalty and stuff – much of it on the taxpayers’ dime – to help a friend in a time of need?

* – it’s like an addiction for Obama, isn’t it? The constant blaming of Bush. He just can’t help himself, can he?

* – so much for the most transparent presidency ever. “The One” deleted the position of ethics czar from his roster and shipped the guy holding that position off to the Czech Republic to ba an ambassador.

* – there’s only ten reasons why Obama’s presidency is in freefall? I was sure there were a hell of a lot more reasons that that!

* – I’m sorry, Dems, who’s extreme?

* – ok, yes, it’s great, imho, that Obama is widening the “shadow war” against international terrorism, but why do these strikes have to be done via smart bombs, cruise missiles, and drone attacks? Hello, people! Can anyone say “collateral damage?” When yo ukill innocents, even accidentally, nobody cares if you got some bad guys, they only care that you killed innocents. Special ops, people, special ops. Oy!



  1. Okay…You and I will always be friends…and I respect your viewpoint to no end…I really do. However, I do disagree with some of what you’ve commented on here, to be candid. I know it’s not shocking, but had to at least come out with that fact of disagreement. We can agree to disagree, for sure. As far as the Reagan years…the only thing I miss there was the awesome shoulder pads that women wore in their clothes…loved them! 🙂 Hugs! cheri

  2. I want to get worked up about the saints / falcons thing, but I have a yucky summer sore throat / cold thing. I’ll have to get back to you in a few days

  3. I’m sad about Dr. Laura. The entire time she’s had a national presence and career, she’s been just self-destructive enough to keep her brand damaged, and that’s a shame. The country badly needs to hear what she has to say about individual responsibility.

    Love your Jurassic Park quote on the Ground Zero mosque.

  4. Dude. Keep posting things like entries one and two and something tells me that the drought might last longer than the next few days….

    I’m just sayin’.

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