Posted by: nhfalcon | August 9, 2010

J.A.R.M. v.8.9.10

* – why is Vanilla Ice still getting work?

* – Dee Snider gets a little sweet revenge on Al and Tipper Gore:

* – I, uh, think maybe this girl’s gonna have a hard time finding a lot of people who agree with her. Call me crazy…

* – I hope nobody out there lives in one of these cities.

* – do you know what the JournoList is? You should.

* – go, Virginia, GO!

* – jeez, Sarah, tell us how you really feel!

* – all right, Sharron Angle might be going a little too far with this.

* – genuine attempt by Obama to reign in government spending, or cheap political trick?

* – another rat leaves the sinking ship.

* – boy, that Obama sure knows how to make friends, doesn’t he:

* – this is how charity is supposed to work. Forty guys – all billionaires – volunteering to give the bulk of their money to charity when they die.

Reading this story reminds me of when Mrs Chili had a cow about Glenn Beck’s rant about the government beating us over the head about volunteerism. Upon first hearing or reading Beck’s comments, it was easy to assume (I nearly did so myself) that he was saying he was against volunteerism and charity. He is not, and that is not what he was saying. What he was saying was that he had a problem with the federal governement being so heavy-handed about it.

The United States is the most charitable country on the planet. Don’t take my word for it – look it up. And why are we the most charitable country on earth? After all, we’re a bunch of money-grubbing, greedy capitalists, aren’t we? It’s all about the Benjamins, isn’t it? You would think some socialist country with that wonderful “redistribute the wealth” mentality would be more charitable than America. But such is not the case.

The United States of America is the most charitable country on the face of the planet precisely because we are not a socialist nation. We don’t have the government telling what to do with our money (at least not with the money we get to keep after taxes). It is our choice, and that’s the way it should be. We can choose whether or not we’re going to give to charity. If we choose to do so, we get to choose who we’re going to give to. We also get to choose how much to give. These forty billionaires were not forced by the federal government to do what they are doing (at least, not to the best of my knowledge) – they are choosing to do it.

There’s nothing “voluntary” about volunteerism if you’re being browbeaten into doing it.

* – first Charlie Rangel, now Maxine Waters. So much for Nancy Pelosi “draining the swamp.”

* – speaking of Charlie, apparently he wanted to make a deal, but those mean ol’ nasty Republicans insisted on a trial.

You’re damn right they did, and anybody with a shred of honor in their bodies, political affiliation be damned, should have insisted upon a trial as well!

* – remember a few months back when a black politician claimed he had been spat upon and called racial slurs? Remember the hubub created by the media about it? Do you also remember Andrew Breitbart (he of the Shirley Sherod screwup, but also of the ACORN exposure) offering $100,000 to anybody who could provide proof of the black politician’s claims?

No? You don’t? Well, guess what – nobody stepped forward to claim the reward. Why not? Because it never happened.

Ask the New York Times.

* – can somebody please, PLEASE, PLEASE impeach Pete Stark or something?

* – so, has Iraq been worth it?

* – so, just what has the stimulus bill given us? Well, among other things, check this list of 100 items that made up part of the $787 billion tab.

* – I’ve mentioned Leonard Pitts, Jr. in the past. He’s an op-ed writer for the Miami Herald that I normally disagree with. Not this time, however.

* – I thought I had found a good article on the folly of the Chevy Volt last week, but Kemtee found a better one.

* – congratulations to the same-sex marriage supporters in California.

* – look, I’m sure the possibility of racism existed in Omar Thornton’s workplace, but isn’t it also possible that he got fired because he was stealing from his workplace?

* – is the First Lady a 21st-century Marie Antoinette? There are multiple articles asking the question. Check here, here, here, and here.


  1. Pete Stark is unassailable. He’ll lose his seat when he dies. That’s why he acts like that.

    How powerful would it have been for the Obamas to take their family vacation on the American Gulf Coast? for Michelle and Sasha to do so, instead of taking this ridiculous trip to Spain?

  2. I heard about Prop 8’s being overturned while I was away on vacation. I have to admit to a decided ignorance of what’s been going on in the world – I’ve been out of touch for about two weeks now – but I was delighted to hear that that wrong was righted. Slowly but surely…

  3. Hey, a blind pig finds an acorn every now and then…

    AG Cuccinelli has his own issues, but it’s good to know that he’s got the coglioni to stand up for this and continue to push it.

    Oh, and a happy “Let them eat arugula” to y’all, too. 😉

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