Posted by: nhfalcon | June 28, 2010

Two Weeks Worth of J.A.R.M.

brace yourselves… 🙂

* – happy belated Father’s Day.

* – Megan Fox. ‘Nuff said.

* – this one‘s for Bo. 😉

* – ok, ladies, I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that those wedding gowns can be a bitch to get in and out of, but bridal diapers? Really?!

* – beware, NFC South – here comes the return of the Burner!

* – so what will the Harry Potter kids do now that filming is over?

* – speaking of the Hogwarts gang, here’s some more info on the new theme park that opened recently.

* – Gandalf goes to the World Cup:

* – Bigfoot in N.C.? Hey, I’m a little into cryptozoology. Shoot me.

* – are these the Top 100 classic rock songs of all time?

* – of these 20 sexiest scenes in televsion, I’ve seen #s 11, 9, 7, 3, and 1.

* – “Life is about building bridges, not walls” – Elton John, on why accepted the invitation to perform at Rush Limbaugh’s wedding.

* – feminism- that was then, this is now.

* – oh, it’s not about whether or not you have “indoor plumbing,” it’s your politics that determines whether or not you’re a woman. Got’cha.

* – case in point. Here’s a woman, who, if she wins in November, will be the first female governor of her state. She would also be only the second Indian-American (after Louisiana’s Bobby Jindal – also a Republican) to become a governor. So where’s the hoopla? Where’s the women’s rights group hailing her as a role-model, as an example of what any woman can do in America? Where are the social activists praising a member of a minority lifting to such lofty heights?

Oh, right, sorry – she’s a Republican. Not just any Republican, but one with – ewwww – Tea Party backing.

That just wouldn’t fit the narrative, now, would it?

* – can a pro-life woman also be a feminist?

* – you won’t be able to see this unless your a PJTV subscriber, but it’s worth it.

* – don’t hold anything back, there, Jon Voight.

* – don’t pull your punches, there, Senator Kyl.

* – are you fucking kidding me?!?!?!

* – please tell me that even Obama wouldn’t consider this.

* – good. He should.

* – the irony here is staggering.

* – I’ll just let Governor Brewer take it from here:

* – I’m still waiting for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to say something I don’t like:

I’m not gonna hold my breath.

* – oh, yes, please, let’s give the federal government total control over the internet.

(if you can’t read the sarcasm there, it’s your first time to the Eyrie)

* – ohhhh, we need to monitor the internet to fight homegrown terrorism. Well, that makes it ok, then.

Now that Obama is in office.

Cuz if Bush had tried to pull this… well, do I really need to go on?

* – with the Elena Kagan confirmation hearings beginning shortly, some might find it interesting that at one point she felt the NRA was similar to the KKK.


* – ohpleaseohpleaseohpleaseohplease

* – first Van Jones, then possibly Rahm Emanuel (see the link immediately above), soon Peter Orszag… How’s that sinking ship feeling, Barry?

* – there’s Joe “I’m really Dan Quayle in disguise” Biden at it again.

* – “The primary responsibility of Congress under the Constitution is to pass a budget for the federal government.”

Except this year.

* – cuz, you know, the Obama homeowners’ mortgage modification plan has worked so well

* – is the Deepwater Horizon spill Obama’s Katrina? According to one poll, a majority of people think Bush handled Katrina better than Obama’s handled The Spill.

And I’d agree with them.

* – maybe if the Feds would just get the fuck out of the way, Obama’s ratings would be higher.

* – I’ll say it again – get the fuck out of the way!

* – Governor Crist! Shame on you! 😉


* – careful what you say…



  1. You forgot one point: Nikki Haley’s also pretty. THAT alone makes her a target from liberal chicks.

  2. Republican wimmins are hawt! I love the Gandalf goes to the World Cup bit, this morning. Made me smile after a long, hard week.

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