Posted by: nhfalcon | May 13, 2010

Hot Women

Come on now, ladies, you had your turn, so it’s only fair the guys have some fun, too.

However, in the interest of not being too over the top (it’s a phase I’m going through. Enjoy it while you can, because it’s starting to bore me), I’ll do my best to refrain from “bimbos” and “sluts” and exceptionally revealing pics.

Alyssa Milano – about the only reason I can think of to watch Charmed. 🙂

Alysson Hannigan – wow, I don’t remember her looking like this in Buffy or American Pie! I need to start watching How I Met Your Mother!

Catherine Zeta-Jones – how does somebody like Michael Douglas end up with a woman like this?

Chelsea Field – you probably don’t recognize her, do you? She played Bruce Willis’ wife in The Last Boy Scout, if that helps.

Emma Watson – talk about growing up!

Eva Longoria – how come I don’t know any desperate housewives who look like this?

Halle Berry – I’m pretty much just speechless here.

Jennifer Aniston – far and away the hottest Friend.

Kim Cattrall – for the record, I have never seen a single episode of Sex and the City, nor have I seen the movie. I have, however, seen Kim in other movies (like Big Trouble In Little China), and always found her attractive.

Lauren Holly – another one who might not be too well-known. I first saw her in an 80s movie called Band of the Hand. She was also in Down Periscope with Kelsey Grammer. Most of you will probably recognize her with Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber. She was also in a relationship with Carrey in real life, I believe.

Liz Hurley – any questions?

Meg Ryan – she looked so much better when she was younger (and pre-plastic surgery). She was probably at her best in terms of hotness in The Presidio.

Patricia Wettig – well, here’s one out of left field, huh? She was Billy Crystal’s wife in City Slickers. I don’t know why she appeals to me, but she does.

Rachel Weisz – at her hottest in The Mummy movies.

Rene Russo – still hot, but she was at her best in Major League.

Salma Hayek – Oh. My. GOD! Hot, hot hot, HOT, HAWT!!!

Shannon Elizabeth – my, my, Miss American Pie!

Thandie Newton – who? She played the thief recruited by Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible II.

Tia Carrere – who? You’ve seen her in a bunch of stuff, if you think about it. Wayne’s World. True Lies. Showdown in Little Tokyo (a movie probably only I know, but whatever…).



  1. Good list!

    Chelsea Field had a small part as a stewardess in Commando.

    Catherine Zeta-Jones first got my attention in that Zorro movie. She’s also the only thing that kept me watching the splendidly horrible movie Entrapment.

    Can you mention Kim Cattrall without mentioning Porky’s? 😉

    Was Lauren Holly that buxom in Dumb and Dumber? I don’t think she was.

    Jennifer Aniston has always been too thin to suit me.

    Halle Berry is very good. Salma Hayek is exceptional.

    Kept expecting to see Beyoncé on your list and never did. If there’s a sexier woman on the planet, I haven’t seen her.

    Other longstanding favorite hot celebs for me are Tori Amos, Maria McKee, Pam Grier, Sela Ward, Mary McDonnell, Sigourney Weaver, Uma Thurman, and Jodie Foster.

  2. I think Catherine Zeta-Jones is GORGEOUS. Always have. One that’s not on your list that always appealed to me was Isabella Rossellini. She’s purty.

  3. PS -and on the next post, I want to see the world’s hottest people in drag. mkay?

  4. Patricia Wettig had a role in the ensemble show Thirtysomething. I didn’t like her in that – her character was shrill and difficult – but I always thought she was strangely attractive.

    I’m totally in agreement with you on you Meg Ryan assessment.

    Halle Barry has ALWAYS done it for me.

  5. Generally like the list you put together.

    Lauren Holly was also in a tv show called Picket Fences with Tom Skerritt. She did have a serious relationship with Jim Carrey, and I believe she did have some appearance altererations (breasts? I think so…but I’m sure to men it probably doesn’t matter).

    Patricia Wettig is now in the abc drama, Brothers & Sisters.

    Loved Meg Ryan in Sleepless in Seattle.

    Loved Zeta-Jones in the Sean Connery movie, Entrapment.

  6. exlant

  7. Oh my goddd. how sexy she is looking. Halle is one of the sexiest actresses we have in Hollywood. I am a huge fan of her , she is looking hotter than all the celebs here.

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