Posted by: nhfalcon | May 11, 2010

Hot Guys – Edited*

Yes, you read that right. No, I’m not going to go bat for the other team.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that

I’ve just seen a couple of “Hot People” posts out there in the blogosphere lately, and I thought I’d take a shot at it, and I thought I’d start with one for the ladies.

I also thought it was time for a change of pace from the political stuff for a bit.

Now, to paraphrase Dennis Miller, I’m sure a guy’s opinion on whether or not another guy is hot is about as reliable as an M-16 in the mud, but here’s a dozen guys I think the women out there might find attractive…

Adrian Paul – I miss the Highlander tv show. Am I the only one?

Andy Garcia – he doesn’t look nearly this good now. What happened to him, anyway? When he did Black Rain, and The Untouchables, and When A Man Loves A Woman, I thought he was going to be Hollywood’s next big leading man.

Bruce Willis – now this guy, on the other hand, I think has gotten better-looking as he’s gotten older. Ladies? Yes? No? Maybe?

Colin Farrell – nothing wrong with a little bit of bad boy, is there girls?

Daniel Craig – he can work it impeccably dressed, or barely dressed. What more do you want?

Daniel Radcliffe – what do you think, ladies – has he grown up nicely?

Gerard Butler – admit it – you were hoping for the 300 abs, weren’t you?

Hugh Jackman – do these abs make up for missing out on Gerard?

Ioan Gruffudd – thought I’d throw one from left field in here. Hit or miss?

Mark Dacascos – bad actor, but really good martial artist.

Sean Bean – he’s seemingly always second fiddle to somebody else (Viggo Mortensen, Harrison Ford, Robert DeNiro…), but he’s really quite talented in his own right.

Viggo Mortensen – admit it – he made all of you jealous of Arwen, didn’t he? 🙂

* – I forgot to be ethnically diverse – except for Cuban Andy Garcia – so…

Dennis Haysbert – he’s done a bunch of good stuff, but I’ll always think of him as Pedro Cerrano from Major League (say it with me, Mrs. Chili: “If you no help me now, I say FUCK YOU Jobu – I do it myself!”).

Chow-Yun Fat – I can watch Replacement Killers over and over and over again.

Benjamin Bratt – he’s half Native American (his mother is a  Quechua Indian).



  1. Only one in that bunch that trips the trigger is Mr. Craig. The rest need a shave and a haircut. And their egos deflated.

    Me, I’m a boy-next-door sort of woman. Oh, and they have to be able to cook, too.

  2. Yes, No, No, Yes, No, Definitely No, No, uh-uh, nope, no way, no, yes

  3. So far that M-16 in the mud is more reliable…

  4. I’m clearly in the minority here (as I usually am); I’m going to say that you hit most of them. I’m still not sure how I feel about Colin Farrell, and I’ve never been attracted to Sean Bean, but I’m going to give you thumbs up for the rest of them (and yes, I’ll freely admit it; I WAS jealous of Arwen. Sigh…)

  5. That lying shit Craig has been using that shot of his head on my body for I don’t know how long now.

  6. …oh, and plus, you’re a racist.

  7. I know what you mean, Bo – I’ve been having the same problem with Jackman forever and a day now…

  8. Oooh – good point. No black guys, no Native Americans, no Asians.

    I do have a Latino, though – Garcia is Cuban (I think).

    Let me work on that…

  9. Good. Chop chop. Make sure one of ’em’s in a wheelchair, too.

  10. All right now, Bo, don’t push it. 🙂

  11. love Andy Garcia too! Viggo M. from Lord of the Rings…Yummmeeeee…I do like Chow Yun Fat too…something sexy there…as far as Colin Farrell…he’d be fun for one night of wild fun, hehe, and that’d be about all I could handle of him, hehehe….Colin would be fun to party with, have lots of sex with, and say goodbye to. hehe.

  12. […] while back I did a couple of “hot people” posts – one of guys for all the ladies in the house, and later one of women for the men. As part of her comment for the […]

  13. Andy Garcia is definitely a sexy man 😉 Especially in The Untouchables. Nothing beats those eyes and smooth moves x)

    Through the list though: no, yes (all night), yes, no, yes, no, yes, yes, no, no, no, yes, no, no, no

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