Posted by: nhfalcon | May 10, 2010

J.A.R.M. v.5.10.10

On time, no less. Woot, woot!

* – three weeks from tomorrow, baby!

* – you know that guy who goes through the container of salted mixed nuts just to eat all the cashews?

Yeah, I’m that guy. 😦

* – speaking of cashews, did you know there’s such a thing as cashew butter? That’s right – just like peanut butter, but made out of cashews instead. It’s twice as expensive as peanut butter, but we grabbed a jar the other day. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ll get back to you about it.

* – “All that I am or hope to be I owe to my mother.” – Abraham Lincoln.

Happy belated Mother’s Day  to all you moms out there.

* – speaking of Mother’s Day, I would like to state for the record that I did not buy any of these for Cookiemaker.

So what did I get her? A gift pack of foofy smelly things from Bath & Body Works in Japanese Cherry Blossom. She said she liked liked them, so my work here is done.

Until our anniversary, anyway.

* – I can personally attest to the effectiveness of #2 here. I’m pretty sure I remember #5, as well.

I think I had #6’s hairdo during high school. 

* – the perfect Tom-Tom voice for all the Star Wars geeks out there.

* – hey, when Racquel Welch talks about sex, I listen! 🙂

In all seriousness, it’s a well-done piece (the article, I mean, not her. Well, she’s a well-done piece, too, but… Oh, never mind…)

* – RIP, Lena Horne.

* – way to go, L.T. – NOT!

* – and a genuine tip of the hat to Russian naval special ops.

And now for the Arizona Immigration Law portion of our show…

* – no one’s laughing, Barry:

* – cuz we want people like this guy (a UCLA professor, mind you) coming into our country illegally:

It’s bad enough this one’s here legally.

Oh, and how come this isn’t on the “news”? Are you hearing what this guy is spewing?

* – yeah, what he said.

* – I realize it was Cinco de Mayo, but is this America or Mexico? I’m confused.

* – No matter what, however, something like this is unacceptable.

* – as is this (and I don’t mean the suspension).

* – hate to break it to you, all you anti-SB 1070 folks, but Arizona might just be the tip of the iceberg.

And now back to regular political stuff…

* – way beyond unacceptable here.

* – takin’ out the trash.

* – aaaand another’s gone, another one’s gone, another one bites the dust-ah.

* – I think I’d be ok with this.

* – so, yeah, um, just how serious are we about women’s rights?

US Fails to Thwart Iran’s ‘Serious Threat’ to Women’s Rights

Just days after Iranian clerics attacked “immodest dress” by women and threatened suntanned women with arrest, Iran won a seat on a United Nations women’s rights commission.

The American delegation could easily have thwarted the move by raising an objection. But U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice was not on hand for the vote. In fact, she wasn’t even at the U.N.

“Wouldn’t you think that a female American ambassador would understand the importance of standing up against a country that has some of the world’s most hostile laws toward women?” Richard Grenell, who served as spokesman for four U.S. ambassadors to the U.N., wrote in National Review. “Shouldn’t Rice want to use the opportunity to highlight the regime’s record on women’s rights?”

Iran has become infamous for its treatment of women. On April 19, Ayatollah Kazem Sedighi, a leading cleric in Tehran, said that immodest dress and behavior by women disturbed young men and was to blame for an increase in earthquakes.

Shortly thereafter, Tehran’s police chief, Hossein Sajedinia, warned that suntanned women will be arrested as part of a new drive to enforce the Islamic dress code, The Telegraph in Britain reported.

Then at an April 28 meeting of the U.N.’s 54-member Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), Iran was nominated for a seat on the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW). If the United States or any other Western country in the ECOSOC protested, a secret ballot would have been required and Iran might well have not received a majority of 28 votes.

But the United States, Canada, Australia, and 10 European nations raised no objection, and Iran was therefore given the seat “by acclamation,” according to CNS News.

Beginning in 2011, Iran will help set U.N. policy on gender equality and women’s rights.

Iranian women’s rights activists sent a letter to the U.N. saying that Iranian membership in the CSW would pose a “serious threat” to the body’s “goals and mission,” and warned that the Iranian government would use it “to curtail progress and the advancement of women.”

A U.S. State Department report released in March stated that “provisions in the Islamic civil and penal codes, particularly sections dealing with family and property law, discriminate against women.” And CNS reported that members of the National Iranian American Council charged that the Iranian government “has taken every conceivable step to deter women’s progress and institute a regressive regime against gender equality.”

According to Grenell, Rice’s failure to act is not surprising. “For Rice, this silence is becoming a pattern,” he wrote. “Rice has been routinely unavailable to reporters, absent from daily U.N. meetings, and all too often silent when the American people needed a strong voice to speak out on an important issue. From Iran to Zimbabwe to Sudan to Cuba, Rice consistently stays silent.

“It’s no wonder other countries at the U.N. think the Obama administration is so easy to work with. And it also explains why we haven’t had one single Security Council resolution on Iran since Rice arrived.””

Iran is now on the UN’s women’s rights commission? Any wonder why I think the US ought to pull out of the UN?



  1. As far as stripping citizenship, I would only support it in cases of conviction, not just suspicion.

    And on the sad love songs, The Dance is just a plain-old favorite of mine. I always stop and listen when I hear it on the radio.

    As a nation, we are leaving the border states out to hang, because we are not addressing the border security issue at all. That must be done before we can even worry about what to do with the illegals. Administration, after administration, has basically ignored the problem and treated it as a minor nuisance, rather that the severe security threat it really is.

  2. Absolutely, ‘Seester – only after a CONVICTION.

  3. El profesor necesita una patada en el culo.

    But then again, so do a lot of people.

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