Posted by: nhfalcon | April 14, 2010

Just Start Rolling Your Eyes & Shaking Your Head Now, Mrs. Chili…


Because tomorrow I’m going to a tea party.

There are a bunch being thrown all over the country tomorrow, what with it being tax day and all, including at least two in the state I live in. I’ll be going to the one in my state capitol.

I’m actually going with the mentality of a neutral observer, or at least that’s what I’ll be trying to do. I’ve never been to one before, so I’ve only got what both sides of the aisle claim to be the truth about them, and I’d rather discover the reality for myself than blindly believe either Keith Olbermann or Glenn Beck.

Rest assured, I’ll be posting my observations on Friday, likely with pictures and also quite possibly videos.



  1. Sounds like fun. Our local event is right at the time I have to transfer children from piano lessons to soccer practice, no where nearby, or I’d take them to observe and see whazzup.

    link to a cute video taking ownership of the absurdly offensive teabagger terminology:

  2. Hey, as long as you’re going into it as neutral as you can possibly be, then I have no issue whatsoever with it (and even if I HAD an issue with it, it wouldn’t matter in the least; it’s YOUR choice we’re talking about here, not mine).

    I’m going to ask of you what I ask of my students (and myself); THINK. Think critically. Don’t just swallow wholesale what any/everyone tells you. Question the statistics, call people out to back up their claims, do your own research.

    I’ll be checking back on your report.

  3. I couldn’t swing the one in my area today. Last year it was midday, so a long lunch took care of it, but this year it’s after work. With lunatics talking about “infiltrating” with fake signs and what-not, I didn’t want to take the boys on the off-chance it got rowdy.

    I’m looking forward to hearing how it goes for you.

  4. Incidentally, Mrs. Chili, your second paragraph sounds like excellent advice for you as well.

  5. Hey man, where’s your report? I hope those damned dirty teabaggers didn’t rip you to shreds when they found out you didn’t hate black people and gay people like all good Americans should.

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