Posted by: nhfalcon | March 15, 2010

J.A.R.M. v.3.15.10

* – look, ladies, I’m all for a neatly trimmed – if not completely bald – pussy (my apologies to those you offended by that word), but there’s a time and place for the trimming, and this isn’t it, ok?

* – this, ladies, is how you make a man look you in the eyes (kinda) instead of at your rack.

* – I’ve recently seen both Valkyrie and Where the Wild Things Are on DVD and unfortunately came away pretty unimpressed with both.

* – remember the little bit of bitching I did about Hollywood’s apparent lack of originality last week?

Well, it just keeps getting better – they’re going to remake fucking Barbarella?!

* – Leonardo Da Vinci: action hero?

* – can you imagine KISS as a kids’ tv show?

* – some of the biggest mistakes ever made by Hollywood stars.

* – exactly what fucking history books has Tom Hanks been reading?!

Just in case the video embedded with the link isn’t working, here’s a YouTube clip with the commentary in question:

The relevant quote kicks in around the 4:15 mark and lasts about thirty seconds.

You know, I used to respect that guy. Now I have about as much respect for him as I have for Whoopi Goldberg after she made her “rape-rape” commment regarding the whole Roman Polanski incident a while back.

* – gotta call a spade a spade: Republican moron.

* – my sincerest wishes for a speedy and full recovery for Senator Harry Reid’s wife and child.

* – here’s hopin’!

* – so, supposedly Obama’s all focused on jobs now, right? Unless, of course, those jobs involve upsetting the delicate balance of nature and hurting poor, defenseless animals.

You know, like fish.

In addition to how this bullshit is going to affect people who fish for a living, how about how it’s going to affect those who fish for fun? Or for subsistence? Remember the good ol’ days when Daddy or Grampy your big brother would take you down to the local watering hole to just hang out and go fishing? Yeah, if The One has his way, those days are gone. You’ll never be able to have them with your son or grandson or little brother.

* – whether Eric Massa is telling the truth or not (and that is certainly a matter for great debate), he’s certainly delivering some great quotes! 🙂



  1. Dude. I’m all for stepping out of the way and letting the lefties eat themselves.

    I’ve never had much respect for people who spend their entire lives getting their self-esteem boosted out of pretending to be someone else. Hollywood and all that goes with it – there’s very little good to come out of it, and real entertainment has gone the way of the dodo.

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