Posted by: nhfalcon | March 8, 2010

J.A.R.M. v.3.8.10

* – why is it that it only takes a split second for your feet to get freezing cold, but it takes forever and a day to get them to warm up again?

(this thought occurred to me after getting up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom…)

* – they’re going to make a Smurfs movie?!

(they’ve already done a Smurfs opera?!?!?!)

* – they’re going to make a 21 Jump Street movie?

* – they’re going to make another Conan movie?

* – they’re going to make a Hawaii Five-Oh movie?

* – they’re going to make another Police Academy movie?

(for fuck’s sake, can anyone in Hollywood come up with an original screenplay nowadays?)

* – congrats to all of last night’s Oscar winners.

* – sweet!!! I’m within reasonable distance of two or three of the best beer-drinking cities in the world!

* – because there’s no such thing as too much Pamela Anderson!

* – speaking of Stripperella, er, I mean, Barb Wire, er, I mean, Pam, here are 15 things you may not have known about breasts.

* – not that I condone thievery, but if you’re gonna be a criminal, be this good.

* – Good! This is what we all should be doing with all these pirate motherf#*kers.

* – smooth move, Republicans (oy…)

* – really?! Making it illegal to intentionally induce a miscarriage is somehow anti-choice? Somehow denies a woman her rights? Really?

Help me, people, because this one I just don’t get.

* – jeez, these Dems are dropping like flies.

I wonder why?

* – great. Now, is he sincere, or is he just setting them up for blame should the whole thing pass and then fail spectacularly?

* – go, Paul Ryan, go:

* – oh, btw, for those who think all doctors are rich – filthy rich, mind you – and are therefore part of the health care “problem” in this country, read this.



  1. Re the “intentional miscarriage” statute – I do not know, because I haven’t read up on it, but they may well be trying to criminalize RU486, the so-called “abortion pill.”

    RU486 is a steroid that disrupts/blocks progesterone in the body. Progesterone is necessary for the maintenance of pregnancy. Block progesterone, and the pregnancy will miscarry.

    In my humble opinion, this measure IS anti-choice. Anything that tells a woman she cannot terminate a pregnancy is anti-choice, really.

  2. Thank you Mrs. Chili for summing up. I couldn’t have written that and still made it sound coherent.

    Your feet get cold incrementally. (You know, kind of like how socialism gains hold of a formerly free society.). Warm the core of the body and the feet will warm incrementally.

    Or learn to knit socks. MY feet are plenty warm. 😉

  3. The first thing that went through my head when I read the “intentionally miscarriage” article was, ‘Why would you pay somebody $150 to beat you to the point where you have a miscarriage when you live in a state where abortion is legal?’

    Then I did a little reading and found out that not only is it legal, it’s legal to have one up to 20 weeks after you’ve missed your period ( So, you’ve missed your period, then spent roughly 5 months considering your options, and then you decide that the best thing to do is pay somebody to kick your ass.

    HUH? What the hell kind of a “choice” is that?

    Re: the “morning after” pill; it may surprise you to know that I actually have no issue with that pill (I think it’s a bit of stretch to think the legislation in question will eventually lead to outlawing that pill, but whatever…). I don’t have a problem with it because, unlike my more radical pro-life brethren, I don’t believe a fetus is a human being immediately upon conception. My understanding of RU486 is that it’s designed to end a pregnancy of less than 50 – 60 days. At that point in development, I’m willing to consider a fetus to simply be a tissue mass.

    “Well, then, Falcon,” you may ask, “when does a fetus become a human being, in your not-so-humble opinion?” To which I would answer, “When it has at least a 50% of surviving outside of its mothers womb if it had to.” You wouldn’t abort a preemie after birth, would you? Why not? The only difference we’re talking about here is whether it’s inside or outside of the womb. Look at any preemie an tell me that’s not a human being. Look me in the eye and say to my face. The most recent info I could find says that after 24 weeks of gestation a fetus has at least a 50% chance of survival out of the womb. So, that’s where I draw my line.

    That’s my opinion, and it is only an opinion.

  4. The miscarriage law, like many other laws, has the intentions of good, but too much room for dire and serious abuse.

    The goal is to, perhaps, convict someone of beating up their lover, who then miscarries. The problem is the law will be applied against women who miscarry by accident. Drank too much coffee during your pregnancy?? — CONVICTED. The morality police are going to trap perfectly innocent women with laws like this one.

    It’s a terrible law.

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